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E28 Carpet removal

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See below a rehash of a post i made years ago about carpet removal ( with credit to Jonah for the procedure) to which i added my observations doing the job.




Doing it again so thought i'd make it a sticky.

• Remove the front seats. you can leave the rears, seats use 17mm bolts, note the seat belt fixes to the seat.

Remove sill covers.

Remove the handbrake surround - unclip the brush from around the handbrake lever, put your hand inside and push out the 2 plastic blanks at the rear of the surround for access to the 2 fasteners. (7mm bolts)

Remove glovebox - remove 3 fasteners on the hinge underneath, plastic clips on the 2 straps and rechargeable torch wiring.

8mm bolts, careful not to loose the flat plates on the top of the hinge that the screws fix into, remove glove box cover flappy thing too – note you might want to remove glove box bulb to avoid a flat battery.

Remove drivers kick panel - remove 6 screws, temperature sensor tube and window isolator switch wiring.

Remove centre console - removing the glovebox and drivers kick panel will have exposed 2 fasteners holding the top of the centre console, you will find 2 more under the ashtray and 1 behind the gearlever under the gaiter. When these are removed, pull the console back about an inch to expose the top of the heater controls where you will find 2 screws that will need removing, with these removed the heater controls can be lifted away from the console which should now be free to be removed. You will need to remove your radio etc but the wiring should just pull out from the rear as you remove the console.

8mm bolts with one 10mm under the gaitor - bit of a pig to wrestle over the handbrake and gear knob - lots of wiring to carefully thread out (windows, cigarette lighter)

Remove the large foam pad underneath the heater and the 2 elbow ducts that fit between the heater and the ducts to the rear floor. The elbows are held in with expanding plastic rivets and you need to push the centre of the rivet in to remove them.

• Remove the circlip from the top of the the accelerator pedal and disconnect the linkage, then unbolt the linkage where it pivots on the bulkhead. This will leave the plastic pedal still attached to the floor, but the carpet can be pulled over it and it should be easier to remove the pedal once the carpet is out of the way

Personally I would also remove the 2 front speakers and the small sections of carpet that surround them, although I don't think it's essential to get the main carpet out. There are a couple of tabs on the bulkhead which may need bending back but the carpet should now be free to be removed.

Then remove water sodden sound deadening.

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To add if it's just the jacking point repair you can get away with removing the glove box, kick panel under the steering wheel and cill trims. Then peel back the carpets and underseal.

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