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Found 7 results

  1. ljonny18

    Twin Vanos

    Hi all, I am trying to sort our some emission details with my car regarding the German emissions (plackette) system: http://www.blaue-plakette.de/en.html anyway, a question that arose is if my car has "Twin Vanos" or not - how can I tell? (sorry for the novice question) Cheers, Jon.
  2. Having had the touring for a couple of weeks I'm slowly building up a "must look at" list, like we all do with a new-old car. Any suggestions for popular faults and fixes gratefully appreciated! Car is a '99 520i SE Auto with 135k miles if it makes any difference. PDC (rear only) - when bought, I just got the solid 5 second bleep. Quick check of the "listen for the clicking" suggested the RH outer sensor was U/S. Bought one from GSF, fitted it, tested and working - for all of a day. I don't get anything now - no solid bleep, no nothing. Has the "new" (pattern) sensor killed the unit? VANOS - I know the 520i isn't a ball of fire but I was expecting a bit more "go". If I hit the boards and invoke kickdown it's not too bad. A quick google suggested that unless I have a receipt otherwise, assume the VANOS is duff at this mileage but aside from a little bit of rattle if the revs go over about 2500rpm when its still cold, I don't have the other symptoms of it sounding like a sewing machine at idle, or a poor/rough/surging idle. Is it worth rebuilding it with new seals anyway, and are the kits the rattle rings necessary or will the "basic" kit do? When coming to a stop, I get a feeling of a pitching fore and aft as soon as I actually come to a stop about 3 or 4 times, but at a quicker frequency than I'd expect from duff dampers? The pitching is at about 1Hz frequency. It's the first car I've ever had with airbags on the back so don't know if its a peculiarity of the system or something is a bit "sloppy". I think there's a squeak from the back end as well when the rear suspension moves but not all of the time. I think the PO didn't have a clue on about cars in general - he might have sent it in for a service once a year but I think he was taken for a ride. Plugs were a right state, as was the air filter and the oil filter came out in 3 parts (top, bottom and the actual element came out as a 6-foot length). Add in the fact it's running on a mismatched set of chinese ditchfinder tyres maybe I should have seen the warning signs but it does drive nice and the engine is (generally) quiet and very smooth with no shimmy from the steering and aside from some peeling lacquer I've only found 2 small spots of any rust (tailgate and a bit of brown on one rear arch so took a punt and think it's OK in general - just want to catch any problems before they become major issues. It's recently had a new rad, alternator and ABS controller - those 3 probably bring me up to the purchase price so I shouldn't complain..
  3. Hiya I've got an M62 engine and its done about 150,000 miles. Its getting a little rattle on start up ,not all the time but more often now and Im looking to sort it out. A few weeks ago I changed the cam cover gaskets as there was a slight leak and knowing they hadn't been changed thought it would cure the misfiring issue. I was right and the misfiring stopped ( little oil down spark plug ) Now if you haven seen the inside of a 150k cam cover which (not owner from new) hasn't had the best service, you can imagine the crud that's collected. The oil breather pipe was also well blocked with crud. The worst thing I could have done was to scrape out the crap from the cover as I would not have had everything to hand to get all the bit outs and could have caused a bigger issue with floating debris. so planned to do this at a later date. I've been advised that on start up, the bottom end rattle could be a lazy oil pump. the crud at the top will almost certainly be at the bottom, clogging everything up so I wouldn't be surprised if the pump is a bit clogged Taking the covers off isn't a big job and while the covers are being cleaning I was looking at taking the sump off and also having this cleaned. at this point I though, well Vanos, im sure this could do with sorting out and not fussed about working on this engine thought id tackle it (going to change water pump and bleed power steering as well) So Vanos. I've seen a few places that sell the kits...but... do you have any recommendations, links or experience in doing this. Im after a kit list, everything to over hall the vanos including seals and press tools (if required) any alignment tools for the cams also. I know its not a 5 minute job but best to tackle everything in one go. Any advise? Cheers...John
  4. Hi chaps, My E39 M5 has developed an intermittent problem whereby you can be driving along and all of a sudden the exhaust note changes to a burble (like it's not firing on all cylinders), engine light comes on and it's down on power. However, sometimes by switching the engine off and turning it back on all is well again? I've hooked it up to DIS/GT1 and these were the codes: A2 DME: Camshaft sensor, bank 2: Synchronisation to crankshaft0B DEM: Signal, camshaft sensor, exhaust, bank 2 Is this indicating that 1 sensor is faulty which is throwing the other out or could it be something more sinister? I'm just getting a quote to replace all 4 CPS now.
  5. Hello there, so I have my 2002 e39 525d.........does my car have VANOS? I understand that it's most probably a very silly question,but I just couldn't find any info about it. Was there ever a VANOS on a diesel engine or is it only a petrol engine thing? Thanks, Alex
  6. I've been thinking about getting both my vanos units overhauled, the car runs fine and pulls well but from hot or cold starts make the usual grumbling / ticking noises which isn't the sound a high performance car should make. I think also the chain tensioners might not be 100% either as sometimes you get a bit of what sounds like chain clatter, nothing too serious sounding but just noisy for about half a second after ignition? This doesn't always happen, in fact if you leave the car overnight it fires up without the noise at all, but fire it up after a short journey then the clatter is apparent - failed vanos accumulator perhaps? I've tried calling / emailing CPC performance engineering, spoke to his receptionist twice to get a quote for works but never get a call back or response to my emails, anyone else have this problem? I've also tried Mr Vanos but again he's notoriously hard to get hold of also. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. jimfisher

    My 520i engine observations

    Hi, it's mid 2000 (pre facelift) 520i touring manual, 175k miles. I managed to get inpa running and the only fault is '65 signal camshaft error intake' . Most of the time the car runs perfectly well, with decent power and economy, and starts on the button. Occasionally though it will take quite a few turns to start, and when it does this it will run with much less power, the car is really sluggish and bogged down at low revs. I've learned not to let it start like this - if it doesn't fire up right away I switch off and try again. Does this problem sound related to the error? As it's sporadic and manageable I'm no too bothered but if it's an easy fix I'd get it done next service. Thanks all, J.