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Found 44 results

  1. Hi all, so as the title says, my work horse E39 will be up for sale in a month's time or so. I will pay the money to advertise on here in due course (having major surgery in next couple of weeks) What I wanted to ask, is that there are a couple of bits that need doing to the car, and would i be better off doing them and then selling, or should i leave them for the buyer to do. The temp sensor (engine temp is fine, but dash reading shows -40 degrees regardless of weather) PDC - (had a light front end miscommunication with a motorbike at standstill traffic and insurance replaced the front bumper, but PDC gives a long beep when in reverse but no repeated beeps when i get close to anything) Front wheels vibrate over 60mph (been told that the front wheels are either off an E38 or i have E60 hubs on. Balancing is fine, but there is no 'ridge' on the inside barrel of the wheel) - I have some spigot rings that i haven't had time to fit, no point buying new wheels if the car is being sold and the outlay wouldn't increase the sale price enough i don't think. Self Levelling suspension - this was removed by a previous owner and has shocks and springs on but the SLS light on the dash is present and not been cleared. Have a Full SLS kit from a breaker ready to be fitted should the new owner wish to do so. (F.O.C to new buyer) New wipers and rear brake bulbs will be fitted this weekend, and will be having an inspection II at Birds before sale. Door Lock needs replacing as upon depressing the relevant buttons on the keyfob the drivers door is still unlocked. have a new lock and actuator ready to be fitted Passenger Mirror lens broken - Have power mirrors ready to go on, just waiting for them to come back from a friend who is spraying them for me for a donation of beer tokens. It's an Automatic Titan Silver sport on a 53 plate with just shy of 208k on the clock (I've done 3k since October). Always been on Shell V-Power. Looking to list it at £2000 [what i paid], and don't really want any less than that, unless a purchaser has an E39 M5 to sell, in which case I've got some cash i've squirreled away and will be tempted to do a deal, but again for that my budget will only stretch to a pre-facelift. If you guys have any advice, that would be appreciated, given this is my first E39, and i'm in no shape to do much work to it that would require specialist tools, or jacking the car up, as i have no space (sloped drive) on which to do it, nor ability. Thanks! Deepan
  2. Hi all, I'm after a touring rear window hatch. Just the glass if possible, as my wiper mechanism is broken/seized and i'm unable to remove the existing mechanism, by the looks of things without breaking the glass, so ideally need a new glass, or full rear door with wiring loom in Titan Silver. Muchos Gracias Deepan.
  3. Morning all, So this morning i started the car as normal, and the usual lights come up. Rear O/S Brake bulb is out, Air Suspension light (no self-levelling) and Airbag (either tensioner, or i still have to book in for the recall on the steering wheel airbag) I started driving away from my driveway and obviously the engine is cold. A bit of a hearty shove to the end of my road, and then the gearbox light has come on. kick down is pretty harsh. can't use my phone and there's nowhere to stop. I carry on to work, (20 minute drive) park up in the carpark, and turn the car off. turn it back on again straight away, and the light was still there. I'll go back and check in a couple of hours when i get a chance to sneak away from my desk, but.... IF it's still on, what does that mean? needs oil or do i need a new gearbox? If it goes, is all well or should i get it inspected or top up the gearbox oil anyway? Would this be the opportunity to do a manual ox swap if anyone has the parts to sell? Thanks in advance. Deepan
  4. Hi guys, can i get a quote on the following items. Body colour is Titan-Silver ( TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) ) 51168165115 51168165116 - Do these come painted, or just primed and need to be painted? 51218235098 66206989081 (x2) 66202180149 (x6) Much appreciated. Deepan
  5. Hi, a certain owner 'suggested' i buy an E39 once my previous lease vehicle went back to the dealership (F21 120d M-Sport), so here i am. I've got myself a '53 plate 530d sport touring in Silver. probably paid a tad too much for it, considering the amount of rust bubbles it has however it drives well and is a factory sport, so it'll carry value well. 205K miles on the clock so far. I've designated it as a daily work horse, however already started buying parts and such like. My other car is an pre-facelift (chromie) E30 M20b25 Turbo. Thanks. Deepan
  6. 2002, 52 reg 330i full factory M-Sport touring. 161k miles, full 12months MOT (no advisories), individual electric adj & hearing leather sports seats, electric mirrors, 5 speed auto and semi auto box, massive spec car. 3 keys plus valet & skeleton keys. Recently fitted 4 brand new Nankang utrasoorts 2's, brand new MAF, starter motor, CCV & hoses, main belt & pulleys. When I first got the car all the intake rubber boots were replaced. Car drives perfectly, everything works as it should and A/C is nice and cold. Interior is in very good condition with none of the usual wear you'd expect, ie no worn seat bolsters etc. just had all airbags replaced by BMW recall. Only down side is a couple of tiny bits of bubbling paint on the arches, but nothing a few hundred quid at a paintshop wouldn't fix. All wheels were refurbished, but the wife has managed to add some minor curbing to Bought this car a couple of years ago to use whilst I spent a year restored my M5. Kept it even though the e39 was finished as such a nice car, but now have 3 cars, so sadly I'm going to let this go. I'm in West Sussex, near Gatwick and would advise looking at other ones before viewing this, as it really is that much better than most out there. £2495
  7. Good evening all Sadly for me, but luckily for another enthusiast - the time has come to part ways with what has probably been the most reliable and driveable car i have ever owned. In the two years i have owned this car, it has rarely needed anything with the exception of small wear and tear parts. I travelled to buy this car as it was such a good example, and to this day i consider it to be one of the very best E39 Tourings available for the money, and reading on you will see why. This car needs to go to another enthusiast to be appreciated, and i would love to see someone else look after it as much as i have. The only reason for selling is that i have purchased an E60 M5 and cant justify keeping them both. In all honesty - i think part of me enjoys driving the E39 more than the M5 at times as it is just such a good, balanced, effortless and solid car to drive. Anyways, down to the all important stuff, and details. The car is a February 1999 BMW E39 540iA Touring with Steptronic Gearbox. 4.4 litre V8 Engine M62/TU Speclist from factory was as follows:- M62/TU COSMOSSCHWARTZ METALLIC (303) STANDARDLEDER/LICHTGELB (07LG) 302 - Alarm System 339 - Satin Chrome (dechromed) 352 - Double Glazing 386 - Roof Rail 428 - Warning Triangle 431 - Interior RR Veiw Mirrir with AUT Anti Dazzle 441 - Smokers Package 481 - Sports Seat Driver / Frt Passenger 500 - Headlight Washer Sys / Intensive Cleaner 508 - Park Distance Control (PDC) 609 - Navigation System Professional 670 - Radio BMW Professional 672 - CD Changer BMW for 6 CDs 710 - M Leather Steering Wheel 773 - Wood Trim 812 - England Version 850 - Add Fuel Tank filling for export 863 - Europe Dealer Directory 877 - Deletion Cross-Over Operation 880 - English / On Board Documentation Optional Extras 202 - Steptronic 210 - Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 220 - Self Levelling Suspension 280 - LT/ALY Wheels Spoke Styling 473 - Armrest Front 520 - Foglights 534 - Automatic Air Conditioning 540 - Cruise Control 555 - On Board Computer 853 - Language Version English I have the Original Quote and also the original genuine Bill of Sale from Sytner totalling a staggering £49936.63 complete with all options added pre delivery. The car has a full service history, a mix of SYTNER, HR Owen, and some other BMW Specialists. There are 3 overflowing folders full of receipts and invoices and the amount of money spent on this car by the first and second owners is staggering The car has wanted for nothing all of its life, and receipts for £1200, £897, £1289.40, £1089.89 are commonplace within these folders. THE most important receipt which any prospective V8 E39 Owner should look for is one for £1933.37 which was only 3 years ago for the timing chain replacement. This is a VERY costly job and the fact this was done only a few years ago and only 20k miles ago, is a huge peace of mind for anyone buying this car. Parts included and changed include:- Timing Chain Gasket Seal V Belt Guide Rails Gasket Sets Rails x 2 Chain Tensioner Breather Block etc etc This played a huge part in me myself buying the car as it had only been done a year before me buying it, and a £2k bill and the peace of mind its been done are a huge plus. The car has so many receipts its impossible for me to list them, brake pipes, belts, tyres, radiator, oil cooler, air con rad, bushes, brake pipes, mountings, and absolutely stacks more, there are approximately £17000 of receipts and invoices in there. All original handbooks, manuals, original sales brochure with dealer card, radio card, and 2 keys are present. First aid kit is present and complete Fire extinguisher etc. The car itself:- The car i believe (correct me if i am wrong) is an SE Spec The M Sport front bumper, kick plates and updated LED rear lights with proper control module were added by a previous owner. Facelift Angel Eye headlights Semi tinted windows from pass rear windows back Black carpets Leather door cards with full leather interior. Vavona wood trim has been wrapped with 3M Carbon Dynoc wrap which looks miles better and compliments the black paintwork (modern) (Ignore the wooden gearknob trim this is now black) Style 37 Parallel Alloy wheels 8x18 front and 9 x18 rear Self levelling fully functional air suspension at rear (professionally lowered 15mm with BMW Software by BMW Master Tech) Eibach front springs which level the car out perfectly The car bodywork is impeccable. Dont get me wrong there are a couple of marks here and there, and if i am being hugely fussy there is a TINY spot of rust at the back passenger wheel arch where it meets the bumper about the size of your pinky fingernail, and a small spot about a 20p piece size inside the inner edge of the bootlid. Other than that the paintwork is outstanding for a car 17 years old. Dont expect a brand new car, it has small blemishes here and there but nothing at all that detract from the car and i am confident enough to say it is one of the best around at this price, and you can see from the photos that compared to almost every other E39 touring on the market just now it is outstanding. I recently a week ago had the car into the bodyshop to have the front bumper removed and completely resprayed (stone chip rash) at the same time i also had the side sills resprayed as they were also stone chip rashed. Both now are absolutely spotless and i drove the car home at 20mph to avoid stone chips! The bootlid is a weak spot on these, and the very lower edge was showing signs of rust a few months ago so before it got too bad, i had it stripped down, rubbed back, and fully treated primed and resprayed also. New 540 badge added to bootlid at the time. Other than the two small spots mentioned above thats pretty much it bodywise. There is a very minor scratch on the wing which has been touched in but again thats me being fussy. The car runs faultlessly. No issues, no lights, no rattles or bangs, no smoke, doesnt burn excessive oil and doesnt use water, everything works as it should including the elctric mirrors, windows, and central locking. The undertray was a bit tatty when i got the car so i eventually tracked down a V8 one on ebay (different shape and mounting points) and fitted. It even has the small metal support bar beside the oil drain hatch!! Ignore the speaker in the rear boot panel this has been removed and replaced with a new genuine inner boot trim panel. There is so much more i have probably forgotten about this car but its late at night so any questions please feel free to ask. In a nutshell, other than a few blemishes the bodywork is outstanding. Not like new.... but outstanding. Three of the wheels could prob do with a refurb if i am honest as they have the usual water under the lacquer, and some light scuffs to the edges which were there when i got the car. To be honest i planned to have this done in addition to all the paintwork at the bodyshop, but where do you stop spending when you are selling?. I am selling the car and a wheel refurb isnt the end of the world if the new buyer sees the need but the uk weather we get i didnt ever feel the need to have the wheels re diamond cut and only ever intended to have them powder coated in high power silver once i got round to it. Diamond Cut just doesnt last on UK roads. I have a brand new front Diamond Cut (boxed brand new unused) Style 37 parallel wheel which i will give to the new owner for free if i get as close to the asking price as possible. Brand new and boxed. Only other thing i can possibly even think of being 100% honest is the front window rubber is looking a little bit brittle at top, but doesnt leak or anything, but again thats me being niggly and picking up on everything i can mention. The tyres at rear have just been put back on for winter, Vredestein Wintrac which have about 5-6mm on them Front tyres are good, Eagle F1 if i remember correct with about 3mm on them. Brakes are all good, and all fluids are fairly recent. The current mileage is 161k, but i genuinly assure you that the car drives and looks like it has 61k on it. The car has to be seen to be believed and appreciated, anyone who comes to see the car will realise it drives like it is only a few years old. No rattles or creaks or bangs, and it has been meticulously looked after all of its life with receipts to astonish at the amount of money spent on it through main dealers and specialists. MOT is until end of march next year. Condition wise i have not seen a better one for sale currently that isnt priced at £8/9/10k ! This is an honest car with honest history and all receipts to back it up as far back as day 1 with its original bill of sale and invoice. Copy of original reg document and Sytner Paperwork and Brochure. I will have forgotten loads that i havent mentioned, but please feel free to ask. Car is located in Aberdeen, 15mins from Railway Station and 25mins from Aberdeen Airport. I can collect buyer from either. Photos show how good a car it is. But anyone who drives it will appreciate it drives like its a quarter of its age. Probably one of the most reliable and best cars i have ever owned in terms of simplicity, comfort, and it has good power from the 4.4 V8 to boot. I am looking for £3995 or as close to it as very possible, I would love to see the car go to another enthusiast who will touch up the small bits and keep it in great condition. I am open to sensible offers around the asking price Thanks for looking.
  8. Very nice E34 520i Touring with Throwing Stars. Met in the Gulf petrol station a month or so ago whilst I was washing down the E38 and the Z3. Turned out to be quite a collection as there was you and an E31 too. Anyway looked good going southbound this morning on Holloway Road whilst I was going North
  9. Hi, For sale is my diecast 1:43 scale E39 5-Series Touring Model. Description : This is a collectors model with a presentation box. This is a very rare model and was only available from the dealers - P/N : 80429420695 - these are very hard to come by if not impossible to find these days. Condition : The model is in overall excellent condition. It comes with all the original dealer packaging. The plastic presentation stand and case is also in good condition with no cracks. The outer cardboard box is also in overall very good condition. Colour : Dark Blue Scale : 1/43 Features are : Opening Front Doors Opening Tailgate Free rolling wheels Presentation Case Price : £45 including insured postage (Royal Mail Recorded Delivery) Feedback : Please feel free to check my feedback on here. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hello, I thought it was time to start a log of my car and it's progress. I brought this car on 24th May 2016. I looked at cars as far north as Middlesborough and as far south as London and ended up buying a car 10 minutes away from me in Leicester! I'm the third owner of the car, with the mileage currently on 161,600! It runs sweet, has full BMW service history and has had no faults that I'm aware of! It already had tinted windows and the shadowline/black grills. The previous owner also installed Ice white halo's. My plans are: - Full detail incl. Gtechniq C1 sealant - Low profile roof rack and roof box (May include wrapping the roof for protection) - Fix stone chipped bumper - Upgrade sat-nav - Done - Maybe a detachable towbar - Remap after 6 months (want to gauge condition of everything) - iDrive interface with reverse camera? - Dash camera Here are some pictures
  11. Hello, i have been browsing for a couple of days now. Im located in Derbyshire, here is my newly aquired BMW E39 530D MSport Auto: Not the best of photo's but hey-ho! , Im looking at tidying the car up a little. First of all i will just be tidying the rust up, changing the termostat as this sticks open sometimes and servicing the car for now. I have previously owned an E36 Saloon 323i in blue and an E36 Coupe 323i in hellrot red. The car has done 160k miles with full service history, however none of these mention a gearbox service which worries me a little so i am also looking at getting this done, but overall i am really impressed with the car. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, i am all ears . Anyway i won't bore you all with anymore information about me! Cheers
  12. Hi I'm Dan I'm new here but have owned a 2002 540i m-sport touring for about a year. Id like to say its been a great year of V8 motoring but In this short amount of time I have had to spend a small fortune in repairs including: -Slow coolant leak due to a cracked alternator casing. (repaired/welded) -Sudden loss of entire coolant due to burst coolant hose (replaced) -sudden loss of all power and electrics whilst driving due to knackered alternator (replaced) -Water pump failure (replaced along with entire coolant system) Despite all of the above ( with all but the cracked alt housing happening in the last two months) I still really like the car, especially when I get to drive it. having spent so much on the damn thing I want to get my moneys worth out of it now, so fingers crossed the worst is behind me. Things still to do include: - replacing the rear bush mounts, the ride has become slightly unbearable on certain roads, with all sorts of knocks, creeks and moans coming from the back. (I will be tackling this myself if anyone has any pointers) - full respray as the body work is pretty poor with rust seeming to pop up on a daily basis - get the bm54 unit repaired/upgraded as only have sound out of the front drivers side speakers - get spacers and have it slightly lowered Overall its a cracking car to drive and I'm sure someone can confirm or correct me, seems to be quite rare in this spec? Cheers, Dan.
  13. just a quick question all rear calipers saloon and touring are they the same ??
  14. Last summer I bought a really rough E39 535i for the princely sum of £450. It had MOT for 9 months, so I've been running it for as long as possible, spending as little as possible on it. It really is not worth fixing, too much wrong with it, but I love the drive so have put a deposit down on a 540i Touring. Here are the ebay pics. Picking it up on Wednesday and can't wait.
  15. Afternoon all. Thought it was long over due i shared some photos of my E39 540iA Touring Bought the car about a year ago from another forum member, and drove her back from London to Bonnie Scotland The carbon interior trims i did myself with Genuine 3M Di-Noc Carbon and they look a million times better on a black car than the Vavona Wood Trim! Gave her a good wash and scrub up last weekend and this Friday past, just need to find somewhere close to me up here that can fix the polished lips on a couple of the wheels and she will be all good, Ready for Summer Sunday Road Trips!
  16. E39 525i SE Touring 2002 Orient Blue

    From the album E39 525i SE Touring 2002


  17. Evening all, about time I get on here as I'm damn sure its going to be useful. So I reluctantly sold my first car, a 1996 MX5, owned for the last 1 and a half years its done me good but I needed something to lug my bicycles around the country and abroad so I went in search of something larger... Which has thus landed me with this 1995 525 touring. Being only 21, my colleagues and friends are disgusted by the fact i've bought an estate and despite my reasoning they persist in calling me an "old man" they just dont understand . Regardless I picked this because of the m50 lump and manual box which was what I'd been waiting for. Previous owner swapped in a set of heated sport seats which im not complaining about at all and despite the usual roof lining sag the inside interior pretty sound. Exterior is good for the age imo with the only real grumbles for me being the scabby roof rails, crack in bumper and the rust around the filler cap, all of which should be fixed over time. Now the unfortunate part, no MOT ... I carted it from Birmingham to Norfolk and I now need it MOT'd, it failed on 1 tyre being below the limit, corroded brake lines front to rear n/s and worn drop link. So not really any major probelmos. Having fallen into the metric tyre trap I didn't really fancy the idea of £150 a corner on old rubber and i've picked up a meaty set of style 66's saving my wallet a wedge there. And thats really the story so far. Next on priority list is sorrting the lines and drop link for the MOT and then who knows.
  18. Hi all, My 530i V8 is hesitating at high revs (4k plus) which as many of you will know is where it comes alive. It feels like fuel starvation so I'm thinking maybe a knackered pump, or is this a symptom of sulfur from the fuel affecting the dreaded Nikasil lining? It will rev up to the red line, but the burps along the way at high revs are a little disconcerting. Any ideas? Thanks, Rafe
  19. Hi folks, Just returned to this message board having ran a magazine featured E28 525e with a Fritz manual conversion a couple of years ago. I'm never far from my next BMW purchase despite having dalliances with 2 Porsches (944 and 928) and a (knackered) Alfa 3.0 24V 166 in between. Having left my full time job of 15 years to set up my own Wedding and Portrait Photography business, I needed something practical, interesting and relatively cheap to buy and run, so the 928 had to go! Great car though, and would have gone up in value had I held onto it. So it needed to be a Touring, and as good as E39's are - they're still too common a sight for me and not the classic good looker that the E34 is. I wanted something 20+ years old so I could take it to a few local classic car shows come summer, and condition needed to be such that I wouldn't embarrass myself doing so! As much as I would have loved the 540i engine, I wanted a manual, and it needed to be a Touring. The one E34 540i Touring Manual for sale looked like it needed serious ££££ committing to it and wasn't exactly being given away as the owner clearly knew how few were left. So at the same time, my 530i Touring Manual was up for sale privately in bloody Aberdeen of all places, so I booked a one way flight from Luton and bought it sight unseen. The car drove me home 507 miles without any problem and the description on the eBay ad was honest enough, with the bodywork being the best I've seen on an E34 Touring. It needed the front ant roll bar reattaching, and it's now booked in for an Inspection 2 service as it hasn't been used much this past year (123k from new, full service history, and 1 owner up to late 2013!). There are so few unmodified cherished examples of these cars and I feel blessed to have one of them, despite having only paid £1450 for it! Yes the power of the 540i would have been nice but I couldn't afford to restore one, and the good ones are no doubt being kept by their owners. Rafe
  20. I'm looking at 2 cars, very interested in both for different reasons. They are both in pretty good condition, perhaps exceptionally good, at least from a body work perspective. The '99 528i SE has the single vanos M52B28 100k miles and is a saloon. I know more about the history of this car, including recent work (rad replaced, rocker gasket replaced). The other car is an '02 520i Msport touring with 180k miles and the double vanos M52B28, and is £600 more expensive. The engine was a replacement and has a claimed 130k miles. Any advice on these two, particularly regarding the engines? Apart from that, it's a very close call for me, so looking for any and all advice.
  21. Used to have a build thread but deleted it.. so here's the new one, it's long so grab a seat. Had the car since Dec 2011 & She's come a very long way. After being offered RM1's Malachite green touring, we took the opportunity and drove down and picked it up. We were originally going to break it and use the bits for our other touring, but this one's in a lot better condition and needs less work so all plans have been moved on to this one. What we've done: 2.5 TDS Engine 5 Stud conversion Black Leather Seats (Front's are E36) Black Carpet Boost, ETG and water temp gauge with carbon fibre effect gauge pillar gauge pod Borbet A's 16x9s all round (Already got. being resprayed graphite bmw silver) / 16x8 et9 Aluline B's E36 M3 Steering rack Grey Kidney Grills HID's Pressed Plates Purple Dice Dustcaps TVR Exhaust So pics, these were the ones we were sent. Ready for the trip home Pics at home with her new sister Hoping to start work on it at the weekend, going to get the seats removed and replaced with the black leather. Ordered some engine mounts and carpet dye, they came today so work should hopefully start soon. We've resprayed the carpets black, more to do though. Last night John fitted the rear carpet and seatbelts & started fitting rear seats and rear boot carpet. I would recommend this lady ( on ebay though for the dye. Comes next day delivery and quite good prices. Looks really good inside, part of the boot carpet, rear seat carpet and this bit is done but couldn't get a decent pic apart from this one. More black bits Last night I had a go at spraying the interior and was impressed with how it looked. We also removed the rear washer pipes and changed over the trim to black. John also tried the e36 front seat positioning. Tonight we are welding in the brackets for the e36 front seats and respraying some more bits. The whole rear wiper is being removed and also the wiper washers. I'm also going to remove the headlights and grill to change over and respray Preparing for engine out... Brackets welded in for the E36 seats & also some holes were welded and primered. Black carpet
  22. Morning gents (and ladies), It has been a while! I'm currently running a clean W202 C250TD Sport (OM605 Engine, 5 Cylinders) which has and is still being a bloody good car, enjoyable to drive, and has been the first car I've actually bonded with and 'got along with' since my E34 which is certainly saying something! However, I would like a bit more space so an estate is looking increasingly likely to come onto the scene. I'm looking at E39's, mainly 525i's, 530i's and 530d's. I would love a 530d but after reading and seeing reliability issues I know I would have to put in a substantial amount of time and effort even after buying one with FSH. I'm also familiar with the M54's weak points, mainly the rocker cover gasket leaking (My mum's E39 needs its' one doing soon), and the ABS module throwing a wobbly (done on my mum's one last year for £340 at BMWBitz Ltd). What else should I consider when looking at these motors? I realise that they are 'old' vehicles now so I'm not going to get a concourse one unless I pay a LOT of money, however I can't help but thinking I could pick up an M54 engined E39 which would be in better condition than many 530d's which will have been fiddled with but will be overpriced. Cheers, H
  23. Time to show off a little of what's possible with some time and patience, 15 hours in total so far... Poor old Montreal Blue paintwork, Dirty, contaminated, etched, swirled and scratched... So on with the two bucket wash system, grit guard and safe wash implements: Lower body iron decontamination: Door shuts attacked: Body cleaned and dried: While those pictures show an improvement, up close and personal there was a lot left to be desired: F**king seagulls! Protectant on the alloys still doing it's job Taped up and digging for dirt: And on we go with with the correction: Obvious RDS: Protection applied: And toweled off: Some further RDS to eliminate at a later time, the roof may well be wet-sanded: Day one at an end: Day two, Sunshine, and additional LSP applied: Note that the rear bumper hasn't been touched as it will be replaced in due course: Sooo much scrap... So from: To: Flakes be a-popping! Thanks for looking, Note that I am a gun for hire and should you require detailing services in the East anglia area I'm happy to discuss and quote!
  24. Hi all, Finally found an E39 sport touring manual 530d!!!!! Very happy with it so far but there are a few things I would like to have on it that it doesn't have - electric folding mirrors being one of those things. The main problem is it needs the off side rear wheel bearing replacing. Can anyone on the forum do this as I would rather keep the money "in the family" as it were. I have seen a video on you tube of a guy doing it - think he is Canadian possibly - he likes using his snap on air hammer! Can anyone give me any advise on how much I should be paying at a garage and or recommend an independent garage? Many thanks in advance
  25. As title. Not seen it mentioned so here you go. He clearly states could be put back on the road but breaking ???