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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I am after advice on how I go about buying the right aftermarket rear shock absorbers for my car, that will match the OE Spec and Standards (not after an upgrade). I have already going down the OE Road via Cotsworld but its still to expensive (£124.93 - Each). With my car being an e46 330i Sports Touring, I would assume that it was built with M Sport Suspension setup and possibly also designed to carry extra load compared to the Saloon or Coupe version. I know I could just go on ECP or GSF and enter my reg number and they would recommend some shocks and then all I would have to do is choose from a range of brands and prices, but from past experience this does not always guarantee perfect OE replacement and fitting. Particularly with my car being a sports model, I would like to replace them with sport equivalent shocks and not accidentally buy SE. Therefore, I would very much appreciate if someone could teach me the method of identifying the direct replacement aftermarket for OE fitment? as I am sure this won't be the last time I find myself in this situation, even with a different car. I would still appreciate it if someone brainy just send me the links to what I need, as it would save me time on this occasion? but I would still like to learn the method. On ECP I am tempted to go with this https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_3+Series_3.0_2002/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/shock-absorber/?635110010&1&ae0359dfa1ab9aa71a1ba60ff10d1e6b87049ef5&000925 Thanks to All.
  2. Hello, I'm going to replace the shocks on my E39 525 TDS and I found a nice offer from a brand I've never heard of. - Does anyone know Bergh Europe shock absorbers? They're from Poland. I'm also considering Kayaba but it's price is higher. Thanks.
  3. hi i have a 2009 E61 520d that has now done 110k miles. Ride has been fine until recently when i have noticed it become less composed on uneven roads and most recently when i can feel the front wheels kind of drum and pull the steering when going over rough sections of road or pot holes an MOT a while back reported slight misting of oil on one of the shocks - as an advisory - and another mentioned slight softness of anti-dive bushes - again advisory - but nothing on subsequent ones. has been my plan to do a bit of a refresh to seem me through another year of ownership - without going overboard as the car is just for economical motoring my questions are as follows 1, who has fitted the inexpensive shocks from places like Euro-car Parts - and are they any good - plese share your experiences 2, what else is worth doing at the same time - i see some of these parts are referred to with different names - so would be really handy if someone could post the parts diagram so we know which parts we are talking about 3, does the geometry need setting up after fitting shocks - and other bits - if so is it easy enough for any competent mechanic - or does it need a BMW specialist 4, anything else i should know ? much appreciated! garz
  4. jstone

    525e rear shocks

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to source the correct rear shocks for my 525e. According to RealOEM and the BMW classic parts shop the correct part number is 33521125770 and fits models up to 04/86 - my car was manufactured 12/85. The part number for models from 04/86 onwards is different and I think there might have been a change to the rear semi-trailing arm, so the design of the bottom eye may be different. I'm on a budget as I'm restoring an E30 at the moment (I know, I know, I hang my head in shame...) so I opted for a set of KYB shocks (part no. 441089 for models up to 04/86) but they've turned up and the bottom eye looks wrong. Compare the above with a generic 33521125770 shock. Ideally I'd like to fit a Sachs shock but I'm consistently told that the only available Sachs part (105732) doesn't fit my car! Any idea what's going on here? At the moment I seem to have only two choices: buy from a main dealer or the classic parts store (I'd need to sell a kidney) or try a Monroe shock (part no. 26624) instead and hope for the best. Neither option is particularly appealing. I rang my local main dealer on the off chance they could confirm the correct part number for my car but they refused to help! Jim
  5. RiccardoG

    Front shock absorbers

    Hi, One of my front shocks is weeping very slightly and I was advised, a few months ago now, that it wouldn't pass the MOT like this. First of all, is this for sure? Does even a small leak residue automatically fail the MOT? Either way, I'd like to replace the front shock absorbers, they are now 11 years old and on 60k miles. Car is SE spec. I am considering going for the OEM Sachs (~£100 each from Motormec). Any suggestions for alternatives? I've also had a suggestion for Bilstein B6's, although these are considerably more expensive at £220 each. Also, any reccomendations for having these fitted somewhere in North London or thereabouts? I understand its ~3 hours labour? Thanks for any help.