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Found 12 results

  1. Sensible Mods

    Hello All, I've been pondering this for a while now and whilst I absolutely adore my Bavarian Beauty, I feel she is slightly under powered being a 520i. I'm thinking of a few reasonably sensible mods to get the best out of her without it being too over the top. My ideas are: Induction Kit Remap Brakes Lowered (slightly) Leather Seat and door card conversion (not urgent). Has anyone here had any experience of doing this and what are general thoughts? Many thanks Jamie
  2. Stage 2 E60 530D

    Hi Gents, I'm Matt, an automotive and systems engineer from Hampshire. I'm also an admin on E60/E61 Owners Club UK's facebook page. Been browsing for a while so thought I would post some pics of the current beater, my 530d. This is slightly disjointed but i'm not very good at documenting/taking photos as I do stuff - hopefully I will be better now! So, I bought a 530d SE on a 53 plate 2 years ago. FBMWSH and 90k, for the mighty sum of 4k. I do about 30k a year so needed something that would eat up the miles whilst still being a bit fun. Originally I planned on keeping this standard and having a toy seperately, but the more I drove this thing the more I fell in love with it. Bought it, got it home. Gave it a clean, chucked some spare wheels on as the 16s weren't cutting it The following day took it to my mates just over the Welsh border for a remap and so I could sort my swirl flaps out. Had pre-ordered the kit as I knew I wanted this model So swirl flaps deleted, EGR blanked, remap done. No DPF as pre-dpf. Instantly 100% better to drive!! Wheels were awful, 2 had cracked. Got rid and got some (similar) Japanese lightweight equivalents. BMW wheels are the worst for cracking. New wheel specs 19x8.5 and 19x.9.5 - 20mm front spacers 10mm rear. Chucked the wheels on, replaced the crank pulley as it was shot. Bought some prosport coilovers, used them before. Always been the best out of the "cheap" units available. Chucked them on The wheel colour wasn't doing it for me, gave them to my mate who powdercoated them. Colour is his own blend of hyper silver. Looking sorry for herself on the original wheels got the tyres on... Better! Painted the brake calipers, cleaned them up and regreased all 4: then just drove it for a while and did some maintenance bits (new brakes & fluid, full service etc)..I go all over the place with work! Some random pics... A guy I know came out and mopped the whole car. Did a sterling job - paintwork is suprisingly good! Missus drove the car once and scuffed the bumper....had it sorted by another friend Then I lost a load of recent photos.... I've since had all the window trims off and used BMW shadowline tape to black them out. Next step is hybrid turbo as mine is slowly dying. I also want to tint the windows and might end up throwing some money at it (new bumpers/wheels etc). Some of my previous cars:
  3. Following on from this thread There are two of us potentially looking to get Simon at e-maps to do some remapping on the F10/F11 in the North West, no firm dates yet (I'm in no rush) Can people reply here and give us an idea of the amount of interest in a group buy in the North West area, timescale, the more people we have the cheaper it gets. @JOhnKE39530d

    Would just like to say a big shout out to enda for remapping my car last night The guy is a technical God and knows his stuff Also did some coding for me too mirrors open on unlock Dvd player now plays mp3 Digital speedo reading on dash Alarm chirp on unlock and lock Aux now available The remap is a big improvement over the stock 535d pre lci Estimated figures are 330-340 bhp and 700 nm torque limited And didn't have to leave my house did it on my drive through my laptop via remote control You need the mpps cable and other cable for inpa etc to do this Would highly recommend this guy Top bloke
  5. Hey, just had a question so wondered if anyone here could answer for me I've had an LCI 525d M Sport (Manual) for almost a year now, love it! But I figured it's about time. Time to give her a remap for her birthday present. But I'm in a dilemma.. I've been reading about a DPF gut and EGR delete on many of these forums to go alongside the remap for obvious benefits such as no clog worries and bhp gains. I do know it may come with a bit of extra smoke but the efficiency and power gains will offset this in my eyes so I can potentially live with the smoke. However there's one thing putting me off.. 1 - I know if it's a gut, it won't really be detectable in an MOT so that won't be a bother. But what if you need to sell the car in the future? Has anyone experienced any problems in removing the DPF and trying to sell the car thereafter? Especially since you're doing a permanent (I think?) illegal move in removing the dpf? Wouldn't really want to fork out £1200+ installing a DPF to sell the car.. PS. What are the pro/cons of doing a remap without the DPF gut & EGR delete? Thanks!
  6. So lets cut to the chase, couple months back i went to avon tuning and gutted my dpf and got the egr delete and remap. But only now i have decided that i want to liven the car up in terms of noise. I wanted to give the car to an audible prescence lol. So i decided to resort to a downpipe, now i hope not to spend silly money on a downpipe but keep the cost minimal..can somone reccomend me a downpipe other than the ecotune downpipe??? I have the m57n2 engine aswell Will appreciate it alot
  7. Also is 115k miles too much for a remap now? Just curious because I'm considering getting one for my Pre-LCI F10 530d. Are the ebay tuning boxes any good? Do they actually deliver their promises for better economy? Please post any experiences you've had.
  8. Auto Gearbox Update

    Hi All Has anyone had the software updated on their gearbox. I'm off to have my DPF gutted, reamp and EGR bypass on the weekend and have had this offered too.....just wondering if its worth it and if it makes a substantial difference
  9. £299 with Dyno runs £275 without I'm still reeling, didn't think they cost that much! Jesus! Extra 40bhp and 80nm torque, weighing up whether I'm really that bothered for those numbers. Jesus
  10. Hi all. I'm wanting to get more horses out of my 535d, and so have been considering a DPF delete and remap for some time. I've settled on the high quality offerings from Ecotune in Scotland. I've been in touch with them, and they're willing to honour another group buy (I just missed out on the last one, which took place in May I believe). This means that if we can organise 5 people, we get a 15% discount, plus an extra 1% for every additional signup, up to 20% off (for 10 people or more). For me that's a 200-quid saving on the DPF delete + remap kit for my car. Definitely worth it. Check out these pages for what's on offer: http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Complete%20Kits http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Pipes If anyone's interested, could you please let me know, and I'll start collecting names etc. Please pass this info on to anybody you think may be keen! Cheers Chris.
  11. A visit from a man called Simon...

    Yes, I finally bit the bullet and asked Simon from eMaps to come and remap my 51 plate 525d. I've had the car since December and always promised myself that, since it's a daily drive and I have a silly car for the weekend, I wouldn't spend any money doing silly frivolous things to it. That resolve lasted a full 9 months (which is very impressive for me!) but finally I folded to the pressure of "I want it to be faster" and invested in an EGR delete and an eMaps remap. I'm very glad I did Firstly, Simon is a lovely guy, very helpful and professional. He drove down from Birmingham to meet me at my office at lunchtime, and spent a bit of time looking over the car, checking fault codes etc to make sure there weren't any nasty surprises. Once he was happy he downloaded the new map, uploaded it to the car and we went on a little test drive. The difference was immediately noticeable - there's a much smoother power delivery right through the rev range, with the car pulling very strongly from 1,500rpm all the way to the red line. Previously it would feel a bit breathless anywhere near 4,000rpm but now it's much more willing to pull all the way to the red-line. Being honest, a 525d (even remapped) is never going to set the world alight. But it's given the car a much more useable amount of power in terms of overtaking shove and motorway-speed acceleration, without seeming to affect the fuel economy at all - on a 250-mile run yesterday it averaged 47.8 MPG at a relatively high cruising speed. In short, £275 well spent
  12. Hi i am just joining

    Just got a 2009 525d and fancy a remap. i am in kent any suggestions and advice would be good. insurance etc? Thanks