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Found 7 results

  1. Good morning all, since I got my E60 earlier this year I have had a slow leak in my power steering system somewhere, I have maybe topped up juat over a litre in 9 months, hard to tell where its coming from as there is never a pool or anything under the car. Now its on my to do list to get in and track down the leak but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these leak stop treatments, the one I had my eye on is at the link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000ARPVNO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_sNGQBb7QCZSBQ Now I appreciate this wont help if it is a damaged pipe or component that is leaking only leaky seals and in any case is only a temporsry fix but I figured for the price it may be worth a go and cant really hurt. My only concern is that I have heard that some of these are not compatible with the CHF11 fluid that the E60 uses and can gum up your system and cause you more issues, the lucas one at the link claims to be suitable for 'all' types of power steering fluids but Im still a little wary, whats everyones thoughts on here?
  2. Has anyone replaced their power steering fluid reservoir on their E39? If so, did you get one from the stealer or did you use an OEM one like the Meyle 3146320000?
  3. Hi all, my 2010 registered F10 530d SE has turned up with multiple electrical failures, so much so that the car wont even start now. This has now happened 3 times in total over a period of a week. I returned from a 4 week holiday and took the car out for an hour long drive. On the return journey home, the car just stopped in its tracks, with the Drive train failure light first coming on. I tried a few times to start it up by using a boost charger as well as a trickle charger, but this did not work and then later on, every other error came up from: adaptive light failure rdc (tyre monitoring failure) stabilisation failure and a few others that i cannot recall now I got the car towed back to my home address and then a few days ago was able to get it jump started from my gardeners large transit truck. I then took the car out for another hour long drive, for exactly the same scenario (car just stopped in its tracks), to happen and the same errors to turn up again. Has anyone else experienced this and aid me in diagnosing what the problem is? Thanks all Arun
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    E61 Steering fluid leak

    Well hopefully this will be a shortlived thread, but knowing my luck I doubt it. However, as a resource it may help someone, so why not? Few weeks back my 2007 E61 N53B30 experienced a failure of the coolant 'vent tube' that run from the expansion tank to a pathetic plastic tube under the radiator top cover plate to the radiator on the upper n/s. After investigation I replaced the crumbled tube with copper hydraulic pipe and all is well. Allied to the engine bay being sprayed with coolant, the aux belt managed to slip off (not fun as you approach a 5way roundabout) and thus I lost power steering. With the coolant pipe done and belt refitted a few days later I noted a whine from the engine bay which increased with engine revs and also with steering input. Investigation found very low steering fluid, but no blatant leak traces. Now I've had a better chance to look, I found sticky residue on the pipes under the reservoir and green fluid dripmarks inboard of the n/s front wheel. Plan - remove and inspect/replace reservoir, identify damaged hose(s), loose union(s) as found. Actions - Remove air filter box for access, remove (now empty) steering fluid reservoir, clean residue from hoses and reservoir - inspect as much as possible for damage, replace reservoir with new Mehle unit. Once cleaned, there was no signs of splits in the hoses and the remaining fluid levels visible in the hoses stayed the same over the 4 hours of the job (I had to wait for a pair of jubilees to replace the one use clips under the reservoir), the power steering pump was clean and dry with no signs of anything loose, so for the moment I've reassembled the system with the new reservoir as a precaution, refilled and after a slight top-up this morning (hoses dry) and a test run, all seems well once more. However, I shall be monitoring. Having had a chance to clean the old reservoir and vented lid with copious amounts of very hot water, I cannot find any flaw or failure in it so on the shelf for the moment as a spare. The pics below show the general area with the airbox removed, power steering reservoir and carrier removed. The remaining fluid can be seen in the two disconnected hoses and for reference the 'vacuum changeover switch' recently replaced (controls the cooling air duct flaps) can be seen top and slightly right of the red +ve point. The flat/wide plug in the 1st pic is for the MAF, the large duct behind/below it attaches to the airbox 'out'. The item resting on the intake manifold is the new reservoir, prior to fitting. The power steering pump can be seen in pic 1 to the right of the two blue topped torx bolts and the alternator +ve connection is the red item nearby (as someone pointed out in another thread, that exposed nut is slightly worrying). (Bonus to the job - I recovered a 1/4" 6mm socket someone had lost between the chassis member and wheelarch liner). This is the N53B30 petrol engine.
  5. nickyboy

    2008 535D steering issue.

    Hi there folks, I bought my first bmw - a 535d back in april. So far so good, I'm enjoying the car etc. Over the past 3/4 weeks it's developed a sort of groan and judder when turning right slowly - eg going around small roundabouts. It feels as if something is rubbing and the power steering sounds like it really struggling. The car has a fbmw service history and the last mot had an advisory for new drop links. So I had my trusted local garage change them and check for any problems that could be causing this. Needless to say, he couldn't find anything wrong. He did mention that my front right shock had some leakage but reckons it was nothing to worry about. So I tried the car with the new drop links and the next day the juddering was the same. Seems worse first thing when the far is cold. I went to the garage on my way home from work and he came out for a spin - typically I couldn't make it happen when he was in the car with me no matter how hard I tried!! Please can you offer some diagnostic advice on what could be causing this. All the best
  6. shabali

    Weird E34 issue

    Hello and Good afternoon Hope your all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend Ive had my head in my E34 TDS this afternoon and need more info from the forum 5 sea of knowledge Background: E34 TDS 180K miles ish I was driving around 60MPH and all of a sudden my steering goes hard and the car overheats. I pull over and let the car cool down but now when I turn the steering the battery light comes on. The battery light comes on when I turn the steering to the left or right and my steering becomes hard. I thought it must have been the belt that has failed and so i've replaced that. Turned the car over still the light comes on, took the car for a spin and gave it some and the temperature needle started to move towards the red. As soon as I slow down the needle comes back. I tried this a few time all the while the battery light coming on when turning, after the 3rd time I could the car smoking from the engine bay and taste a funny smell. not oil but not exactly coolant either. There is enough coolant, the belt is brand new, the car gives hot air in the cabin. I'm stumped. Does the power steering pump have a relay/fuse which could be failing? There is enough power steering fluid in the car which does seem to be moving when moving the steering wheel. Could the pump have failed? There was some weird clacketty noise coming from the engine bay a couple of months ago. Please help...
  7. hi, firstly during this recent cold weather in the mornings my power steering has been feeling very not powered. it takes a while for it to become power steering, before that its just heavy and feels broken. what can i do about this? is there like cold weather power steering fluid stuff that i can get? lastly, do all e34's have heated windscreen washer nozzles? cause on my 525 they dont seem to be working but on my 520 they work fine. if theyre meant to come as standard then ill have a look into it if not then is it retrofittable? cheers