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Found 4 results

  1. I have been chasing a couple of fault codes for a few weeks, 3FF0, 4BC2 and 4530 Initially it seemed I had found the source of the issue as a chaffed and damaged Vac hose, between vac accumulator and turbo actuator. With this replaced I had better boost, but still quite weird on off behaviour, where initially throttle wouldn't yield a big surge of power at all, then sudden power, and then tailing off again. I tried un-plugging MAF and there was a slight improvement but not staggering as people described. I checked manifold for cracks in case this was a factor, but non observed. Then I started looking elsewhere. I had noted in torque that the boost gauge seemed to read offset at idle, about 4psi. However at the time I had put this down to torque being torque, and sometimes does odd things with boost, and baro offsets, as I have seen on other vehicles... So I started to look in DIS once I got it working (thanks Jimmy from Cableshack for excellent support) And noted a few MAF related faults. I found that the MAF on my car was genuine Bosch of correct PN, only fitted earlier this year based on the manufacture date. However I decided to change this anyway. No significant improvement.... As a result of changing, I wanted to reset MAF adaptations, however It seems that my car just doesn't want to do this, as in DIS it keeps showing them as 0 for both values. I decided to run the mass flow system test. And the first step threw up this.... Now, this was interesting, since I had not had any errors indicating that at key on the ECU was seeing any issues with the MAP sensor not matching the ECU barometric sensor. Looking at the list of faults codes which exist for the 530D, there should be a couple of different faults which might be flagged if the MAP does not match the ECU baro measurement closely enough.... Anyhow, I subsequently ordered a MAP sensor, and changed it. As soon as I keyed on after changing the sensor, the boost shows as very close to zero at key off and idle as it should, but in addition, I got both fault 4063 and 3F03, both which relate to the charge air pressure sensor plausability, and ambient pressure control . These cleared and have never returned, which is really odd, as it should have been the faulty sensor causing these. The car now performs as it should, no more delay in power, no more odd behaviour if I lift off and re-apply power higher in rev range, just mountains of torque. Its not chopping around the gears any more when using cruise control, and economy has improved. Also the MAF related faults have stopped appearing, so I can only assume the MAF was getting really confused, it was being told that the car was getting 4 psi more boost that it really was, so was expecting more flow than it was seeing. I guess this would explain smoke and loss of power at certain times, and also it must have been cutting boost early thinking it was hitting max boost earlier than it was. Has been a bit of a journey but the car now really has come alive.
  2. Hi All, Ive been having issues with the 530D touring which I bought t'other week... I was told that it was slow when I bought her - and she was! The seller also said the MAF was unplugged as he thought this was at fault... When I got home, after a closer investigation, the vacuum pipe to the turbo had fallen off - replaced and things improved quite a bit. Also, I plugged the MAF back in - this didn't really make much difference - it just stopped the tiny amount of diesel smoke which I expected. Then the next time I went out in it, it started intermittently boosting. Sometimes it would drive ok (still slower than it should be), then other times, it wouldn't boost and the engine had no power above 3200rpm. Top speed with foot flat down was about 45mph ish (it would actually go faster with part throttle!) The lack of boost got worse, to the point where it just never happened! After a bit of fiddling, the car performs best with the MAF plugged in, and the MAP unplugged - second the MAP is plugged back in, the turbo stops boosting (the turbo actually sounds different!). I assumed that the MAP must be faulty, tried to clean it, but it made no difference. Ive just fitted a new one from ECP today, and it made no difference - so I now guess that there's nothing wrong with the old MAP after all, but why does it run better when it is unplugged? I also did a 0-60 test to try and get a benchmark figure - ok, I know a mate with a stopwatch ain't the most accurate test, but shes taking +11.5sec to 60mph - I was expecting high 8's. Any ideas?
  3. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  4. PeteH30

    Map Sensor Issue?

    Hi, I am new to this forum so hoping someone may be able to help me. I have a 2004 E60 530D with the M57 engine. The problem I have had has been engine rev fluttering between 1100 - 1500 RPM, pitch change to engine tone (intermittent), reduced boost from turbo/ limp home mode (intermittent). All of these problems have become more consistent. I have now done the following; Full Service, cleaned MAF/MAP sensors, Blanked Swirl Flaps, cleaned inlet manifold / intercooler / anti shudder valve / EGR valve / Air intake ducts, replaced vacuum hoses, new battery, injectors serviced, DPF cleaned with fuel treatment. I have also made my own Oil/air separator to put inline to the oil breather feed to the turbo. The BMW cyclonic oil breather filter does not seem to do a massive amount. After all of this the engine still runs lumpy, not able to accelerate and no boost. I unplugged the MAP sensor and the engine instantly smoothes out revs fine. When I unplug the MAP sensor the Turbo variable vane actuator moves and the engine runs fine. When I plug the MAP sensor back in the turbo actuator moves again and the engine runs poorly. I have plugged it in with no fault codes. Can anybody tell me why unplugging the MAP sensor would make the turbo actuator move and the engine run smoothly? I am going to try a replacement MAP to see if the problem goes away. I also unplugged the MAF sensor and the engine seemed to be even more responsive.