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Found 74 results

  1. New owner of M5 3.6

    Hi everyone So after the debacle re: M5 3.8 i was going to purchase a week or so ago, a member contacted me to say he'd been thinking of selling his car. I think he's quite well know here, Andy (aka ringsideE34). After reading his thread, I didn't hesitate to say I'd have it! I just got the car today and of course my first ever picture is at the petrol station! A massive thank you to Andy for all his hard work and I'll try to continue the improvements to this great car. There are a few minor niggles to sort out but Andy was completely transparent about them. Not much to ask considering what he's done already! Here's to many years of enjoyment!!
  2. Hi guys Wanted you opinions about this car https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-BMW-E34-M5-Individual-3-6-Sterling-silver-buffalo-extended-leather-S38/263421344043?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l9372 Engine modifications described here preventative measures? Perhaps a dumb question but will the engine number tell me the replacement engine is a S38B36 somehow? Your help appreciated!
  3. Facelift 2001 E39 M5 for sale

    Regrettable sale of my 2001 Facelift E39 M5. £9,995 ovno. Le Mans Blue with black Nappa Point leather interior and brushed aluminium trim. Usual M5 high spec, it also has the and rear door blinds/electric rear window blind option. 161,000 miles and in daily use so increasing slightly. Private number plate not included. No time wasters or test pilots, I am not in a rush to sell this car so no silly offers either please. Test drives will not be permitted unless proof of valid fully comprehensive insurance to drive other cars is provided. Otherwise it will be me doing the driving. I bought this particular car in 2013 after viewing many disappointing examples and it has been a fantastic car to own. It's an unmolested example, with the exception of a Supersprint X-Pipe which gives the standard exhaust a tasteful burble without being intrusive. I have also swapped the old awful standard gear knob with the F10 M5 (illuminated) version. This sits slightly lower than standard giving a better throw, but importantly doesn't add the notchiness that most short shift conversions suffer from. Unfortunately I haven't got around to swapping the vavona wood handbrake cover but a black leather one will come with the car.  I'm obsessive about car maintenance and my M5 would put many examples with less miles to shame. The standard Professional 16:9 wide-screen stereo and navigation system all works perfectly. The navigation drive is the superior MK4 DVD version, and has the latest 2017 maps and V32 nav upgrade with the ///M logo, night mode, speed camera alerts and camera warning bypass. When I bought the car I had it thoroughly inspected by the renowned M5 specialist Phil Crouch. He advised that several issues be addressed - the most costly was replacement if the infamous rod bearings which were showing early signs of wear although I could not detect this audibly. He also replaced the timing chain, guides, and assorted suspension parts in addition to fitting a vanos anti rattle kit and renewing all fluids including gearbox and diff oils. This cost £3,730.80. I also had the missing pixels on the dash fixed so the display is perfect. All tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 4's, only a few months old so lots of tread on them. Since I got the car it has been looked after by Phil Crouch when I lived down south and by an Independent BMW Specialist since we moved to Lincolnshire. Bodywork is very good although there are a couple of minor rust bubbles in the usual places (arches and rear bootlid). Nothing major but the perfectionist would probably have the offending bits sprayed. The jacking points are all solid. I won't be having the work done prior to selling, it is probably fair to say that most E39 BMW's will eventually suffer this - at least the buyer can get the work done to their satisfaction at their preferred bodyshop. Alloys were refurbished less than a year ago but one rear alloy has a slight scratch across the rim, again not major but worth mentioning. The interior is in superb condition and all electrics work as they should. I clean and feed the leather regularly to keep it in tip top condition. I have a stack of receipts for all work done to the car, a brief summary of some of the more interesting bits is shown below ; 30.04.13 - Rod bearings, timing chain & guide, vanos anti rattle kit, both front traction control arms & bushes. 06.11.13 - New brake pipes & fluid. 30.07.14 - Centre drag/tie rod arm, tie rod ends, pitman arm bush. 04.12.14 - spark plugs (NGKBKR6EQUP), oil separators, breather hose, throttle actuator. Price including service was £864.66. 11.06.15 - camshaft sensor. 12.02.16 - Bosch S5 battery. 17.08.17 - ATE front discs, pads, wheel bearing, coolant temp. sensor. Service history summary. 24.01.01 - Pre-delivery check 28.02.01 - 1343 miles - Running in check 11.09.01 - 8054 - oil service 09.09.02 - 19663 - inspection.01/microfilter 31.07.03 - 29604 - oil service/microfilter/brake oil/HEL braided hoses 02.07.04 - 39325 - inspection.02/microfilter 09.06.05 - 48872 - oil service/microfilter 17.03.06 - 57778 - inspection.01/microfilter 16.03.07 - 69220 - inspection.02 08.06.09 - 79501 - inspection.01 18.05.11 - 89628 - oil service 17.05.13 - 99118 - inspection.02 17.02.14 - 109502 - oil service 04.12.14 - 122665 - inspection.01 30.06.15 - 133481 - oil service 26.05.16 - 144678 - inspection.02/gearbox oil/diff oil 19.05.17 - 154550 - oil service
  4. M5 Retrofit

    Hi Guys, I've had a look through the forums and i know this has been ask before but i wanted to make sure. I have a 530i m sport and with electric folding/heated/auto dimming mirrors but I'm thinking of retrofitting aftermarket m5 mirrors, either from SSDD or ebay. As mine are already electric would it be a simple plug and play?? Also on the SSDD websites there's with and without memory glass, is this if your car has memory seats?? Also I've read problems about people receiving LHD versions.
  5. Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Hi guys Wanted you opinions about this car https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-BMW-E34-M5-Individual-3-6-Sterling-silver-buffalo-extended-leather-S38/263421344043?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l9372 Do the engine modifications described here help preserve the engine? Perhaps a dumb question but will the engine number tell me the replacement engine is a S38B36 somehow? Your help appreciated!
  6. Hi, I'm a fairly new owner of an M5 and have found that one of the rear SLS shocks has a slight leak. I believe the shocks are no longer available? If so, what are my options here? I have read that others have capped off the SLS and going with normal shocks? If this my best option, anyone recommend any particular shocks? I've been in two minds about leaving the car OEM ride height, or lowering it ever so slightly anyway... so this could end up making my mind up for me. Cheers, Luke
  7. Colour change on HPI

    Hi all Some help appreciated please. I just did a HPI check on the car I'm buying and all is well apart from 2 things. 1. Report is indicating car has 5 manual gears when the seller states 6-speed (can't see from the pics which it is). 2. The report notes a colour change 23/3/1999 from grey to blue. This ties up with the MOT which states blue colour too. The car is described as fjord grey. Possibly resprayed back in 1999? Should I be concerned?
  8. New to a classic BMW

    Hello everyone! Although I'm not a new forum member, I will soon be a new owner of an E34 M5 3.8, Fjord Grey saloon (picking up next Saturday). I've already introduced myself on the E34 specific section. Pictures as soon as I'm able to after collection.
  9. Hi, I'm Ben from Birmingham, I bought an M5 in March this year, it's been running OK but I've had a fault that's got progressively worse during owning it and I'm very worried it's going to break, as it keeps hitting engine fail safe mode. it's got a very bad hesitation under about 25% throttle, full throttle it's fine but it's so annoying and a bit hard to drive without looking like a proper noob (I'm a technician, I can drive!) I read the fault codes first, got.. cylinder 5 injector open circuit throttle pedal potentiometer circuit A. 02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 I re- connected the 5th injector as the loom had come unclipped, much better running, fault still there. I changed 2x TPS, 2xAFM, 4x Cam Sensors, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, 2x Air Filters, 8x Plugs, and re soldered new wires to the DME for the TPS sensors. Reset all adaptations, drove the car for over 100 miles now with exactly the same persistent problem, only when at 25-30% throttle . Getting very annoying to drive for me and work on so I sent it to a Specialist BMW dealer in warwickshire.. They read the DME and got faults for 2 TPS sensors and the cross check fault code. They tested the wiring, all OK, got an auto electrician to re-do my wiring as they didn't like my white electricians tape Still the same, but now with no fault codes.. They suggested I get the ECU tested as we agreed if may be faulty. My questions to all you wonderful people are.. 1. Can I get a laptop, lead, and try flashing the car myself using data from forums? Is this possible? 2. Is anyone on here a very good auto electrician or does anybody know a good garage to go to that has INPA/GT1? 3. Should I send the DME to a testing company? Does anybody know a good one? Please help! Anything would be greatly appreciated Ben.
  10. Genuine BMW E39 M5 bumper for sale. Le Mans Blue. Good condition complete with mesh grille, number plate holder and towing eye cover. There are some stone chips as shown in photos. Fine to fit as is, but would look superb with a respray. There are two minor cracks as shown in the photos - one underneath is not noticeable when fitted, the other will be easily sorted by a bodyshop. Collection only due to size. Item located in Lincoln. £100 o.n.o.
  11. M5 Lower Grill

    Has anyone had any experience/fitted one of these lower grills...? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182590032936 I want to replace my t-bar grill on my 530i m sport bumper but don't want those "sink holes" for the brake cooling ducts
  12. BMW M5 f10

    Hello, I have a BMW M5F10 2012, my passenger side wing mirror glass has been cracked BMW want £400 just for the glass! lol Id like some help tracking the part down, I was thinking M5 F10 breakers as long as it's in reasonable condition
  13. Here are my two E39's (kinda). Finally got some decent pictures taken and it would be nice to share with others on here some images and ownership details given the amount of pleasure I have had over the last few months looking at the threads of fellow members. The B10 was my first V8 purchase after hankering after an M5 since I was a nipper. Unfortunately I didn't have sufficient funds at the time to go solo so I had to go halves with my old man. Problem is he wanted an auto which put the stoppers on the M5 dream, although a B10 is no bad substitute! I found this example on PH with 121k miles which checked out well and had been well known on the Alpina Register pretty much all its life. It had been undersealed from new and had a rebuilt gearbox and numerous other new bits recently replaced. Since then its had a fortune spent on it to make sure its as tight as a drum including a total front suspension rebuild, all new cooling system, full brake system replacement, all arches, front sills, boot seam repainted and waxoiled along with the whole front end to get rid of stone chips along with loads of other bits. As a result she looks and drives fantastically well, as you would expect. Here are a few pics from the other day after a journey to and from York (hence she is a touch dirty). If the car looks familiar to regular visitors to PH its because the previous owner featured it on PH Carpool a few years back. Here is the link if anyone is interested. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/carpool-alpina-b10-e39/25645 You will note that I removed the stripes! A tad controversial perhaps but I thought they dated the car and weren't factory Alpina decals. Late last year I sold my share to my old man (although I still look after it and get to drive it regularly...Bonus!) purely because my hankering after an E39 M5 never went away, in fact sampling the B10 just made me want one even more. Given prices were noticeably on the rise I decided to act fast before I was priced out of the market, so the hunt was on. I viewed a few 'minters' which turned out to be total sheds before spotting an LMB facelift in Glasgow with 107k on the clock. Initially I really wanted a Silverstone Blue car but I couldn't find a nice one so decided to get myself to Scotland. It turned out to be a lovely example and I was cruising down the M6 the same day. Its a great spec with extended leather doorcards & lower dash, sunroof, alcantara headlining and titanline trim. Here are a few pics Sitting next to the daily & track slag Clio 182 Added a Royal Steering Wheel (brilliant addition, same as on the B10), a ZHP gearknob and E90 sat nav buttons. Needless to say I absolutely love it, it has surpassed my (high) expectations and is getting under my skin in a way that only one other car has done (my 2010 Focus RS). I often get asked how the B10 and the M5 compare, well, they drive very differently despite the similarities to the uninitiated. The B10 rides amazing well and the auto box is great around town yet provides a surprisingly sporty nature when using the paddles and it handles really well indeed. The M5 on the other hand feels a lot stiffer, has quicker steering and is far more physical to drive (which I prefer) and generally feels far sportier. In terms of outright performance they are quite closely matched, with the quick shifting box of the B10 keeping it on the boil easily, although the M5 has the edge. Both are epic machines though and I would totally understand someone owning both at the same time as they deliver very different experiences. More pictures and updates to come.
  14. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2017/08/2018-bmw-m5-officially-arrives-with-600-hp-and-awd.html
  15. Hello all – Modern Classics is looking to do a showdown between the E28 M5 and an Alpina B10 3.5 – or, if we can get one, B7 Turbo. This is a UK shoot, and fuel will be refunded and food provided. We'd ideally like to shoot this in June/July. Interested? Drop us an email via nathan.chadwick@bauermedia.co.uk. Thanks, Nathan Chadwick, Acting Managing Editor, Modern Classics magazine.
  16. LSD conversion for E39 540iT6

    Hi guys I appreciate this is a reasonably discussed topic across the various forums, but the information is a bit dispersed and some of it slightly old. I was hoping to perhaps collate the different options and people's experiences together on this subject. Essentially I'm looking at an LSD conversion project for my '97 540iT. Reasoning for which, is in part, to prepare car for a SC install. Just to add that I'm currently unable to carry out any of the work myself so I'd be relying on either my indy or diff specialist garage. There are, from my research so far, three obvious options available. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences on having carried out any of them, or indeed any other options: 1. Swap internals of OEM open diff for those from an E36 M3 EVO LSD. 2. Swap diff for E39 M5 LSD. This requires a little more work, including modifying the driveshaft, which will need rebalancing. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1767892-E39-M5-limited-slip-differential-swap-into-an-E39-540i 3. Purchase a third party torsen type LSD suitable for the E39. For example: Quaife - UK based company, with a good reputation, from what I've anecdotally heard. Takes less than a day to have the unit swapped. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/quaife-bmw-limited-slip-differential-kit-for-5-series-e39-540i-manual Wavetrac - Based in the USA, so hassle, buying, customs, etc. OS Giken - Japanese based. As such, much more expensive. Bit overkill perhaps, unless you're die hard track enthusiast; I may do the odd hill climb in my touring, but it's not going to get a roll cage and go on the track every week. I guess option 4 is to do both, swapping the final drive for an Msport E36/E39 AND replace the diff for a third party torsen type LSD. Pros of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: You're swapping the entire final drive unit, so beefier parts, which may well be useful putting the extra horses to the wheels, and you're getting the Msport ratios. Cons of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: Old LSDs will have an uncertain history, and will often have been taken out of their original cars for a reason. Granted it can be reconditioned, but old ZF design LSDs with only half a dozen clutch plates aren't a great design, compared to more modern variants, and will require a reasonable amount of work to fit into existing subframe and shafts. Even newer BMW LSDs (E46 and upwards), which use the M-variable diffs, which have many more clutch plates, have known issues with weak spur gears. Pros of putting in a new third-party LSD: You know your final drive is working and probably have a history of its use and maintenance. Still able to replace output bearings if damaged (although unlikely). Torsen type LSD, uses gearing rather than clutch plates to provide power. ASC/DSC guaranteed to still work (albeit less likely to kick in as the LSD will be doing a lot of the work). Cons of putting in a new third-party LSD: Retain original crown wheel and pinion and therefore original non Msport ratios (although I imagine this isn't too noticeable - would appreciate any experience of this). I guess I think I've already made up my mind, but I would be interested to get people's thoughts on the forum. Thanks in advance.
  17. E34 M5 Discs and Pads

    I just bought a set of E34 M5 ATE front and rear calipers with carriers to put on to my E28 M535i. Does anyone recommend a good place to buy E34 M5 discs and pads so I can source these ahead of the calipers arriving. F: 315 x 28mm fronts34112226873/87434112226385 R: 300 x 20mm rears3421115965934211160 399/400 Thanks!
  18. WTD: E39 M5 non-nav DSP amp

    I think my DSP amp is dead as I can control the radio (change sources etc) but nothing happens when I press the DSP button and there's no sound from any source. Checked all relevant fuses and had the battery off for a short while to try and reset but no joy. Anybody local to Liverpool have a spare I can test, or recommend somewhere to potentially diagnose and fix? I'll probably eventually go aftermarket but got other things on the list first
  19. E39 M5 facelift wanted

    After quite some time looking and dreaming , I'm finally in the market for E39 M5! Ideally, it needs to be a facelift version, and I'm not really a fan of silver, but other than that I'm willing to consider pretty much any spec. Thanks, John
  20. I'm thinking about swapping my back bumper as it has a crack in it. Does anyone know if the standard 'Sport' bumper will fit the M5? It looks like the lower middle bit can be swapped out for the M5 version to accommodate the exhausts???
  21. BMW e34 M5 1991 new purchase

    Hi all recently bought an e34 m5. It's a nice car fbmwsh and every mot from new. Recent restoration although still needs a few bits doing. I would like to get it serviced and have a good checking through. Am I best to use BMW main dealer (bowker) or a BMW specialist or other? I'm in Preston so ideally something around here / in Lancashire. many thanks wayne
  22. opinions

    Guys, your opinions please? Link This is not my advert, but a car that i'm looking at, and as it's my first ///M car, i'd like some advice please. This seems like a decent enough car, although a few more miles than i'm comfortable with. Thanks
  23. Insurance

    Hi all, many of you may hate the topic, but it's a necessary evil for the safety of the cars and everyone/everything else using our roads. My question being, the awesome people that drive the M5s, what do you pay? Age, Location, 12m Insurance cost. I'm getting ever closer to the idea of selling the touring and getting one, the only thing putting me off, (other than the cost of a decent one being a couple thousand over my budget) is the cost of insurance. I already have an E30 thats got a Turbo conversion and insured for the last three years for up to 400bhp so i'm hoping that comes into consideration when they work out the costs. Thanks Deepan
  24. Silver M5 - possibly E28

    Spotted a tidy M-reg M5 this evening heading north on a minor road through Nutfield in Surrey. Pretty certain it was an E28. Twin exhaust on the left hand side. If you saw LED angel eyes in your rear view mirror - that was me!!
  25. Well as some of you may know both of my front fog lamps mysteriously managed to crack within the same week.. how I will never know but it seemed rather odd that in 9+ years of ownership they both crack at virtually the same time. Drivers side: Passenger side: Nevertheless the challenge was to replace them in a cost effective manner and after a bit of trawling I found a guy in Romford selling a non OEM new pair for £39.50 inc P&P - so for that price it was worth it. So I thought I'd do a write up in case it helps someone else out in future. They arrived within a few days and today was time to fit them !! As you can see from the labelling they are the right model for the car. Well the first step was to get the old ones out. I personally found that an old butter knife was the tool of choice, simply insert the butter knife between the cover and the bumper where they meet on the inner (middle) side of the car, gently move it around and you should hear the locking tabs release, then hold the cover that fits around the light and move towards the outer side of the car and it will release. Once the cover is out of the way then remove the 8mm nut that sits on the inner side of the light. Circled in red. Once the screw is out it is simply a case of gently wiggling the light out and then releasing the locking tab on to the bulb fitment. Connect up the new units - mine came complete so it was literally plug and play. It was slightly more difficult getting the new units back in, but once again gently did it and then screw back in to place, fit the covers and the job was all done. I did actually test each light before screwing back in to place. New one in place and looks a lot better... Both in place: Both working: Tools used and the old units which I'll keep as spares as the bulbs are fine as are the bulb holders etc... Total time to complete was sub 30 minutes.