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Found 58 results

  1. After quite some time looking and dreaming , I'm finally in the market for E39 M5! Ideally, it needs to be a facelift version, and I'm not really a fan of silver, but other than that I'm willing to consider pretty much any spec. Thanks, John
  2. Here are my two E39's (kinda). Finally got some decent pictures taken and it would be nice to share with others on here some images and ownership details given the amount of pleasure I have had over the last few months looking at the threads of fellow members. The B10 was my first V8 purchase after hankering after an M5 since I was a nipper. Unfortunately I didn't have sufficient funds at the time to go solo so I had to go halves with my old man. Problem is he wanted an auto which put the stoppers on the M5 dream, although a B10 is no bad substitute! I found this example on PH with 121k miles which checked out well and had been well known on the Alpina Register pretty much all its life. It had been undersealed from new and had a rebuilt gearbox and numerous other new bits recently replaced. Since then its had a fortune spent on it to make sure its as tight as a drum including a total front suspension rebuild, all new cooling system, full brake system replacement, all arches, front sills, boot seam repainted and waxoiled along with the whole front end to get rid of stone chips along with loads of other bits. As a result she looks and drives fantastically well, as you would expect. Here are a few pics from the other day after a journey to and from York (hence she is a touch dirty). If the car looks familiar to regular visitors to PH its because the previous owner featured it on PH Carpool a few years back. Here is the link if anyone is interested. You will note that I removed the stripes! A tad controversial perhaps but I thought they dated the car and weren't factory Alpina decals. Late last year I sold my share to my old man (although I still look after it and get to drive it regularly...Bonus!) purely because my hankering after an E39 M5 never went away, in fact sampling the B10 just made me want one even more. Given prices were noticeably on the rise I decided to act fast before I was priced out of the market, so the hunt was on. I viewed a few 'minters' which turned out to be total sheds before spotting an LMB facelift in Glasgow with 107k on the clock. Initially I really wanted a Silverstone Blue car but I couldn't find a nice one so decided to get myself to Scotland. It turned out to be a lovely example and I was cruising down the M6 the same day. Its a great spec with extended leather doorcards & lower dash, sunroof, alcantara headlining and titanline trim. Here are a few pics Sitting next to the daily & track slag Clio 182 Added a Royal Steering Wheel (brilliant addition, same as on the B10), a ZHP gearknob and E90 sat nav buttons. Needless to say I absolutely love it, it has surpassed my (high) expectations and is getting under my skin in a way that only one other car has done (my 2010 Focus RS). I often get asked how the B10 and the M5 compare, well, they drive very differently despite the similarities to the uninitiated. The B10 rides amazing well and the auto box is great around town yet provides a surprisingly sporty nature when using the paddles and it handles really well indeed. The M5 on the other hand feels a lot stiffer, has quicker steering and is far more physical to drive (which I prefer) and generally feels far sportier. In terms of outright performance they are quite closely matched, with the quick shifting box of the B10 keeping it on the boil easily, although the M5 has the edge. Both are epic machines though and I would totally understand someone owning both at the same time as they deliver very different experiences. More pictures and updates to come.
  3. I'm thinking about swapping my back bumper as it has a crack in it. Does anyone know if the standard 'Sport' bumper will fit the M5? It looks like the lower middle bit can be swapped out for the M5 version to accommodate the exhausts???
  4. Hi all recently bought an e34 m5. It's a nice car fbmwsh and every mot from new. Recent restoration although still needs a few bits doing. I would like to get it serviced and have a good checking through. Am I best to use BMW main dealer (bowker) or a BMW specialist or other? I'm in Preston so ideally something around here / in Lancashire. many thanks wayne
  5. Guys, your opinions please? Link This is not my advert, but a car that i'm looking at, and as it's my first ///M car, i'd like some advice please. This seems like a decent enough car, although a few more miles than i'm comfortable with. Thanks
  6. Hi all, many of you may hate the topic, but it's a necessary evil for the safety of the cars and everyone/everything else using our roads. My question being, the awesome people that drive the M5s, what do you pay? Age, Location, 12m Insurance cost. I'm getting ever closer to the idea of selling the touring and getting one, the only thing putting me off, (other than the cost of a decent one being a couple thousand over my budget) is the cost of insurance. I already have an E30 thats got a Turbo conversion and insured for the last three years for up to 400bhp so i'm hoping that comes into consideration when they work out the costs. Thanks Deepan
  7. Spotted a tidy M-reg M5 this evening heading north on a minor road through Nutfield in Surrey. Pretty certain it was an E28. Twin exhaust on the left hand side. If you saw LED angel eyes in your rear view mirror - that was me!!
  8. Well as some of you may know both of my front fog lamps mysteriously managed to crack within the same week.. how I will never know but it seemed rather odd that in 9+ years of ownership they both crack at virtually the same time. Drivers side: Passenger side: Nevertheless the challenge was to replace them in a cost effective manner and after a bit of trawling I found a guy in Romford selling a non OEM new pair for £39.50 inc P&P - so for that price it was worth it. So I thought I'd do a write up in case it helps someone else out in future. They arrived within a few days and today was time to fit them !! As you can see from the labelling they are the right model for the car. Well the first step was to get the old ones out. I personally found that an old butter knife was the tool of choice, simply insert the butter knife between the cover and the bumper where they meet on the inner (middle) side of the car, gently move it around and you should hear the locking tabs release, then hold the cover that fits around the light and move towards the outer side of the car and it will release. Once the cover is out of the way then remove the 8mm nut that sits on the inner side of the light. Circled in red. Once the screw is out it is simply a case of gently wiggling the light out and then releasing the locking tab on to the bulb fitment. Connect up the new units - mine came complete so it was literally plug and play. It was slightly more difficult getting the new units back in, but once again gently did it and then screw back in to place, fit the covers and the job was all done. I did actually test each light before screwing back in to place. New one in place and looks a lot better... Both in place: Both working: Tools used and the old units which I'll keep as spares as the bulbs are fine as are the bulb holders etc... Total time to complete was sub 30 minutes.
  9. Evening all, First question, where in the midlands does proper 4 wheel alignment camber castor etc? Second question, what geometry would i use? car has Intrax and Bilstein B8's. it also has some ground control camber plates fitted. not sure if these add anything to the equation. Has anyone else got a similar setup and some reference points for setting? thanks!!!!
  10. Hello all – Modern Classics is looking to do a showdown between the E28 M5 and an Alpina B10 3.5 – or, if we can get one, B7 Turbo. This is a UK shoot, and fuel will be refunded and food provided. We'd ideally like to shoot this in June/July. Interested? Drop us an email via Thanks, Nathan Chadwick, Acting Managing Editor, Modern Classics magazine.
  11. Have had my E39 M5 back a couple of months now and got a couple of issues (codes) that have cropped up since, probably during dis/reassembly when having clutch/flywheel done and the rear end being put back together. Three codes I've got are as follows: 105 Engine Coolant Temperature Implausible Not noticing any weird temp gauge behaviour but this code has popped up. I've got a replacement top engine coolant temp sensor on the way to see if it's that (top of thermostat). The secret menu reading can sometimes register over 90 deg when in stop/start traffic during the recent hot spell but drops back to around mid 80's on the move. 144 Lambda Sensor Control Bank 1 I think there's an exhaust leak, as I can hear a ticking sound towards the middle of the car and can smell fumes on start up. I can also hear ticking/throbbing noise when driving close next to a wall etc. I'm going to get underneath and check everything is tight and reseat the manifold/cat join (came off for the recent work) and bolt it back up again and seal any joins that don't have a gasket with exhaust paste. If it was a leak at the front join would this not be both banks? Will check around the O2 sensors for any leaks. If the lambda sensors were connected back up in the wrong order would this be obvious in codes and the way the car drove? 149 Fuel Level 150 DME Memory Fault This is a weird one, I brim the tank and it shows almost full on the gauge, but then changes as I use the car, there's around 45 litres in it at the moment and the gauge shows different levels as I drive on different days. The secret menu before I start the car can say around 12 litres on the right hand tank and 0 in the left hand tank, but then start driving and sorts itself out to around the right levels. It mentions there's an intermittent short in the wiring somewhere in the INPA info. Where does the tank/pump wiring run, all under the rear seat or does the tank have to come down to access the in-tank pumps? Thanks for any advice
  12. Hi everyone... Just wanted to see if anyone has an alloy wheel for slae like the one in the picture ? either one or a set will be considered... Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, I've been working on my project for just under a year and started a build thread on a local forum but thought i'd share in here also. Base Car 1987 E28 528i SE – Schwarz Donor Car 1986 E24 M635i - Polaris/imolasilber Metallic What I want to end up with....OEM+ looks, nice and low with a good set of wheels Engine – M88, E36 M3 S50 tensioner, custom airbox, Fritz Bitz exhaust manifold and system. Running Gear – M635i gearbox, prop & LSD. Brakes – M635i 4 pot brembos or E32/34 set up Suspension – Coilovers (Gaz?), all control arms / bushes replaced with original or uprated. M5/6 anti rollbars from and rear. Exterior – Original colour black / chrome. Headlamp wash system removed. Sport lower front spoiler. Redundant brackets removed and engine bay simplified and smoothed. Interior – M635i front Recaro seats and leather rear in black (or beige) leather. Period headunit with modern speakers behind original grilles. Project Plan Strip and restore E28 shell – cut out all rust. Clean and dress up all engine components, gearbox, diff etc. Refurbish / replace entire suspension and brakes, powder coat axle carrier, trailing arms and crossmember Fit new brake and fuel lines throughout Fit M635i engine, gearbox, prop and LSD using new mounts/rubbers throughout Get it running and driving! Refit interior Full respray in original Schwarz Couple of pics of both cars…and the extent of rust on M635i – the reason it was scrapped Engine out…& M635i on it's ribs – March 2015
  14. I am looking for two front seats in very good condition. Caramel nappa leather, code M1CR or M3CR. Would consider to buy the rear seat as well, if we can arrange shipping (I'm in Sweden). Doesn't matter if it is RHD or LHD as I only need the seat leather and some other details. Send me a PM or email to and we can work something out. Also looking for the right mirror glass/lense, aspheric version. And I need the plastic battery cover.
  15. Hi, I'm after a front Style 65 if anyone has one or knows of one available please. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I'm after an E39 M5 rear bumper if anyone has one please... Cheers.
  17. Hi, I'm after a genuine E39 M5 rear passenger door sill kickplate if anyone has one? The one with the M colours, M5 badge etc so not the standard MSport version. Cheers!
  18. Hi all sorry if this is not the correct section I am wondering if there us any difference between m5 rear bumper and an normal m sport rear bumper. I've an m5 bumper on my e39 atm and it was hit yesterday. I know the valance is different. But is there any other differences ? Thanks in advance Sanjay
  19. For sale, Supersprint magnum rear exhaust boxes for E39 M5. in excellent condition. I have decided that the H pipe can be part of the deal as it wont be any use on its own. Price for all of it £600 If you want both then I'm sure we could do a deal. Ideally collection only...............or organise your own courier Chris 07733112399
  20. Hi all, looking for an M5 flywheel to upgrade my M535i with. If anyone has one please send me a PM. Thanks Arif
  21. Thought I'd try here first before advertising elsewhere as I would like it to go to a forum member. Here is my stunning BMW M5 5.0ltr V10 for sale. I'll be sad to see it go but looking to purchase another toy and I'm still in 2 minds whether to sell or keep. I purchased it back in Feburary 2015 off a previous forum member with 80.000 miles on the clock. Since my ownership it has increased 10.000 miles (current mileage = 90.200 miles but this will increase as still in use until sold) The car is a 2005 model (55 plate). In excellent condition throughout and been very well looked after in my ownership and via previous owners. Since owning the car its been driven responsibility and not had any silly difting, wheel spinning or burnouts, thats not my thing. Full service history. All paper work is present and has spare keys. Their is a private number plate on the car which isn't included in the sale. Body work is in excellent condition with the odd age related mark, it had a professional polish last year but I'll let the pictures do the talking! It's been washed weekly depending on the weather with snowfoam, car shampoo and finished with wax. Really does need to be seen in person as most people think its a 2010 model due to being in such great condition. Mechanically excellent and has a good strong running engine with no faults, leaks or smoke. Full service history and most work carried out at main dealers. In my ownership I have had the following work done with reciepts to prove (most recent first)... November 2015 (89.000 miles) Oil + Filter change November 2015 (89.000 miles) Rear discs + pads changed September 2015 (88.500 miles) BMW coolant replace September 2015 (88.500 miles) Thermostat + seals change August 2015 (87.000 miles) Vacuum pump change July 2015 Battery Change (2 year warranty) July 2015 Voltage Regulator replacement July 2015 (86.000 miles) Throttle Actuator change July 2015 2 Pirelli rear tyres June 2015 Rear Diff seals and oil change June 2015 Brake fluid change Carried out via Main BMW Dealership May 2015 New M5 kick plates April 2015 Alloy wheels refurbished February 2015 Front parking sensor replaced February 2015 2 Uniroyal front tyres 2015 Professional Nav Clutch and Flywheel was replaced in September 2014 (78.276 miles) MOT due: 4th June 2016 Former Keepers 4 HPI Clear Specs: Full leather interior Heated front seats with memory setting Active seats AUX Coded for audio Metallic black sapphire paint Electrionic stability control Multifunction Steering wheel Air conditioning Electric power windows Power mirrors Spare keys Professional Nav (2015 CD) with safety camera locations Interior lights have been upgraded to LED's for more modern look Side lights Upgraded to LED's for more modern look Electric sunroof Head Up Display Logic 7 sound system Adaptive Headlights Paddle shift SMG Automactic mode K&N Air filters (standard fit) Here are the pictures: Viewing is most welcome. Price: £14,595 ono Car is located in Staffordshire UK Please PM me or call on 07769346351. If no answer please leave a message due to me working shifts and I'll get in touch
  22. Hi, I have recently bought a M5 which has a square setup. I want to go back to the staggered setup. Wheels are refurbished with one pair of more or less new pilot supersports and one pair of supersports about 5000-7000 miles old. I can measure if needs be. Front wheels have 3mm spacers for clearance and slightly longer bolts. Now, the thing is, these wheels have been refurbished so I'd be looking to swap the whole set as I don't want a colour mis-match front to rear (I've never seen two sets of shadow chrome the same) so would need to be similar in condition tyres etc. I don't want wheels that need refurbishing or need new tyres etc. But I'm not looking for an exact match!!! If you are interested let me know and we can talk further and swap some pics/meet up etc. Thanks Chris
  23. Evening all, I'm after a pair of standard rear silencers (no muffler delete or any mods) for my M5. What I do have, is a pair of super sprint magnum silencers, of which, I may be interested in p/x.........
  24. Well. I picked up the new car today shortly after the E39 left me. Cut to the chase, here is my first picture of her..... Its obviously Grey - IMO the best colour for an E60 69,200 miles Fully Serviced by BMW - including the 1st running in service New Clutch & Flywheel fitted by BMW ( October 2010 - 58,509 miles ). Full Merino Black Leather interior with Anthracite Suede Headlining ( this is an additional extra most at best just have extended leather ) Adaptive sports Multi-Contour Electric headed seats that grip you in corners ( heated rear also ) Professional Sat Nav ( DVD ) Brushed Aluminium trim Glass Electric Sunroof Factory Secrecy glass Logic 7 Hi-Fi with 13 speakers and 6 CD Auto Changer Parking sensors front and rear Auto dimming and folding door mirrors Tracker Speed Limiter removed - top speed of 205mph. Adaptive Guide me home bi-Xenon headlights AutoDimming rear view mirror Cruise control Heads up display Multi CD changer in glove box The car is in fantastic condition and by far the best one i saw Things the car didnt have are a TV tuner or Bluetooth so both of these need to retro fitted.
  25. Thought I'd start a build thread for the new (well new to me) M5 Rarely gone backwards in terms of age of car but stepping out of an 08 335i, and back into a 14yr old e39 it's really surprised me how the e39 still feels great. Took it for it's first proper drive today after giving it a bit of TLC this morning, got some bits and pieces planned so thought I might as well start the thread with how the car looks after a good clean. Went over it with my Megs basic detailer kit, wash, clay, polish, paste wax (twice) then went round and cleaned and lubed all the rubber on the car, polished the headlights, replaced the filler cap with a new item with an intact tether. Immediate plans, well as soon as I buy an e39 touring as a second car are as follows Give interior a proper going over Replace weather strip on both sides Replace window surrounds on passenger side Replace front kidneys Look into potential sound upgrade (Bavsound maybe?) Fix windscreen washers Replace number plate surrounds Apply personal plate Get windows tinted Potentially look at changing over interior from wood to piano black Fix missing pixels in instrument cluster Maybe look at exhaust modification Front end stone chips Full paint correction Change rear view mirror to oval Anyway, here she is after spending this morning on the paint and plastics