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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, Looking for a BMW E60 530D M Sport ideally around West Midlands but don't mind travelling. Let me know what you've got!
  2. Hi guys, So just had my front pads changed by a local garage, these were Mintex pads which he insisted are "Better than Brembo" so I went for them. Anyway the first day a got it back it was making a little humming noise as though the pads are touching the discs constantly. So took it back to him and told him, he said "They are just bedding in, if you only change the pads and not the disc it will take a few miles for it to adapt". So I kept driving it for a few days and the noise went away, however I still feel that one of the side is sticking, you can still hear a little bit of rubbing (being a 5 series 3L it's hard to notice when driving). Any you guys experienced this? What could be the fault? I called him again yesterday and told him that I need them checking over so will be going to him after work today but need to know what to look for as I have never changed the pads myself, could it be needing grease? Maybe something loose? Cheers
  3. Not much to say really but I only gone and placed an order and will get these fitted tonight I hope Can’t have an lci halogen upgrade and not have the ability to have bright angel eyes that emit during the day! I will have to upgrade my module to LM2 – I can now have welcome lights and will be able to see that ass light up Here’s a comparison of my current lights and on the right Andy’s car with Baus’s Angels. BIG difference! I will be 1 of 3 in the world to have these.
  4. Hi guys, Sorry if I don't explain this too well, but I'll try and clarify where I can. I recently purchased some new LED bulbs for my high beam H7s (wanted to move from halogens). They are the CREE LED bulbs with a heat sink/fan at the end (you can probably see loads on eBay). An example of a similar bulb below; The problem is, I can't use the H7 metal bracket to clip the bulb in place. This is because these new bulbs have a huge fixed heat sink/fan at the end so I can't attach the metal clip from behind. The black H7 fitting ring unclips and slides out through the front for "easy fitting" but I can't slide the metal bracket from the front as the bulbs are thicker than what the bracket allows (see below) It seems as though even if I manage to get both back on the bulb, the fitting ring wont have the room to "clip" back on the bulb which won't fix my problem of a loose fit? Any advice? Anyone had experience fitting these bulbs and how they went about it? I've returned the set I bought as one bulb was faulty so before purchasing a new set, I thought I'd see if anyone has any input on the fitting? Thanks!
  5. Hi , As the title says i am looking for a BMW E60 saloon LCI leather interior. It needs to be heated , any colour apart from grey and it would be great if it would have door cards as well. I am located in Essex Thank you , Adrian
  6. Hey guys I have a 2011 525d and I want to change my headlights to LCI model lights. Currents lights are with indicators and and are adaptive lights if that help. Will the LCI lights fit my car? And is it plug and play or will I need to buy something else with them?
  7. Hey, just had a question so wondered if anyone here could answer for me I've had an LCI 525d M Sport (Manual) for almost a year now, love it! But I figured it's about time. Time to give her a remap for her birthday present. But I'm in a dilemma.. I've been reading about a DPF gut and EGR delete on many of these forums to go alongside the remap for obvious benefits such as no clog worries and bhp gains. I do know it may come with a bit of extra smoke but the efficiency and power gains will offset this in my eyes so I can potentially live with the smoke. However there's one thing putting me off.. 1 - I know if it's a gut, it won't really be detectable in an MOT so that won't be a bother. But what if you need to sell the car in the future? Has anyone experienced any problems in removing the DPF and trying to sell the car thereafter? Especially since you're doing a permanent (I think?) illegal move in removing the dpf? Wouldn't really want to fork out £1200+ installing a DPF to sell the car.. PS. What are the pro/cons of doing a remap without the DPF gut & EGR delete? Thanks!
  8. So lets cut to the chase, couple months back i went to avon tuning and gutted my dpf and got the egr delete and remap. But only now i have decided that i want to liven the car up in terms of noise. I wanted to give the car to an audible prescence lol. So i decided to resort to a downpipe, now i hope not to spend silly money on a downpipe but keep the cost minimal..can somone reccomend me a downpipe other than the ecotune downpipe??? I have the m57n2 engine aswell Will appreciate it alot
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've recently purchased a BMW e60 525d m sport lci (2008). On the weekend me and my brother did a engine flush and service. Car started to run much smoother but soon the EML came on. The iDrive displayed an 'increased emissions' error but the car was driving fine. The next day however the car went into a limp mode and wouldn't pick up speed like normal. Took it to a local garage and the mechanic noticed that the MAF sensor was slightly loose. He cleaned this and put it back into position. The EML has disappeared and the car drives better but still does not feel like it used to. Before i could put my foot down and the response was instant and you could feel the torque but now it feels like it doesn't want me to push on the accelerator. I suspect it could be an issue with the EGR or the DPF filter but wanted some advice from you guys. What do you guys suggest i have checked or do? Thanks guys
  10. I'm struggling to fit the e60 lci angels lights on to my projector headlights. Anyone out there to help around the London area, will pay ofcourse. I don't have the tools or time to attempt it myself unfortunately.
  11. Hello all I have been following the forum for 5series owners for some time, but couple weeks back I just got my new 57 plate bmw e60 525d lci m-sport . LOVING IT lol. Though I did have a 525d e60 m-sport prior to buying the lci e60. Piks will be posted and have done some mods so far.
  12. Hey all I've seen in some discussion about the recall for the tail lights on lci variants from 2007 onwards. Someone please shed more light in to this as I'm going to book me sweet ride in for bmw and want them to do the recall work. Pretty sure this is old news but since im a new owner please help out.
  13. Hi guys I plugged in my cable I bought from BMTechnics and run INPA on it to see if I can find any error codes on my car. Below are the screenshots I managed to get, will anyone be kind enought to explain any or all of this to me please This is message I got when I Read Error Memory on Engine This is when ECU Information Memory was read (to be honest I do not know the differant between the 1st one [Read Error Memory] and 2nd one [Read Information Memory] In INPA I selected the first option, which reads something like "Functional Jobs" and then selected Identification I got these when I was reading Error Memory when I had selected "Functional Jobs" Sorry my knowledge on INPA is very minimal so have no idea what half the stuff means, but thought I would ask you guys. Thanks for your help
  14. Last week I bought a 2007 BMW 530iA Touring (LCI). A wonderful car, but I'm having trouble pairing my iPhone 4 with it. The car can't find my phone and my phone can't find the car. Just to clarify: I don't even get to the point where the pin code should be entered. The car is equipped with: S644A Preparation f mobile phone w Bluetooth S609A Navigation system Professional S676A HiFi speaker system Bluetooth version 9226711 (compatible with iPhone 4) It's NOT equipped with: S6FLA USB/Audio interface S620A Voice control I have tried a lot of suggestions found in different forums: - Removing all previously paired phones from iDrive (there were none). - Removing all bluetooth devices from my phone. - Turning off Wifi in my phone. - Resetting the network settings in my phone. - Leaving the Bluetooth search in car and phone active for a couple of minutes (~12 minutes actually). - Trying to pair with my wifes Sony-Ericsson X10 mini (also supported by the 9226711 version). It finds my iPhone but not the car, and the car finds nothing. - Deactivating and then reactivating Bluetooth in iDrive. - Disconnecting the MULF2 module overnight, driving 2x20 minutes with it disconnected and then reconnecting. I have now found out that the previous owner also had problems with Bluetooth. He had the car at the dealer and they suggested to exchange the MULF2 module, but I don't know how much they actually troubleshooted the problem. I did manage to get a screenshot from BMW displaying the MULF2 data: Before shelling out the money for a new MULF2 module, I would really like to be more certain that it will solve the problem. When disconnecting the optical MOST bus from the module, I can see red light flashing at both ends (both at the module and in the disconnected cable). With the module disconnected, Bluetooth is deactivated in iDrive and I can't check the checkbox. When connected, I can deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth in iDrive. From what I've read, a toasted module won't give red flashes in the MOST connector and it's not possible to check the Bluetooth checkbox in iDrive. Of course, my module might be just slightly toasted so it still seems to work when looking at the iDrive menu. But on the other hand, I guess there could be other faults as well, for example a bad Bluetooth aerial? Is there anything I can do to pinpoint where the fault is located?
  15. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I am having - I recently upgraded my headlights to H7 HID kit on my 520d Msport Lci Step Auto - everything was going fine but then I noticed when I switch the HID lights on I get a little jerk in my car. It does not happen all the time, just on the odd occasion. If I am driving in Manual mode, it either automatically drops my gear down or if i am slowing down/standstill in traffic and I switch the light on I get the jerk and it changes the gear to DS Or if i am driving in D the little orange light on the gearbox goes out for a split second and lights back up, also this results in my gear to drop down automatically (only notice it as my revs increase). Its a bit hard to explain so sorry if i have confused you all - its like whenever it happens its like theres an extra volt that goes through the car to initially power up the H7 bulbs and thats what is causing the issue - but i may be wrong. I know bulbs have nothing to do with the auto gearbox, but as that auto gearbox also gets some sort of power supply from the battery, thought this may all be interlinked. Any one experienced this before? Or any advice on what i can do? I really like the HID upgrade I have got and do not want to get rid just coz of this jerk issue I am having. Also dont know if the problem is interlinked, I have 10w CREE LED AE bulbs in which flicker when the car is initially started and I have also got white LED number plate bulbs with a built in resistor (these have never flickered though when the car is started or AE or H7 bulbs are switched on)
  16. Hi guys - I am new to the BM family. I bought my first 5 series lci msport auto going back a few weeks ago and first thing I done was upgrade the Angel Eyes to 10W White LED bulbs, these have worked fine for last 2 week or so, but only last night I noticed when I started up the car one of the bulbs was flickering, I then switched the angel eyes on using the light switch and this stopped and they worked fine - any one else know why this may have happened? Also upgraded light to H7 Canbus free HID kit as the lights in my car have the projecter lense, and i noticed that when switched on it changed my auto gear from D to DS - this has only happened once however - maybe its me going crazy - any one else had any of these issues at all?
  17. Hi all Being new to the joy of BMW 5's. What's all this pre & LCI stuff? Guessing they mean the newer lights? Can you retro fit the newer lights an E61 05/55? Also; When i turn my car off (e61 05/55 525d msport), i notice what seems like a pump motor noise from under the boot. Is this normal? Many thanks