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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, I am looking to buy a bmw 5 series as a personal purchase. Have not decided if saloon or estate, as will decide after seeing the car (I need space for uni drop off's every term time!). But my biggest question is: do I buy petrol now (vs diesel, where I am put off due to all the negative news and potential political clamp down/taxes in the next few years)? I don't do a huge mileage - around 6 - 8,000 miles p.a. - most of it will be short journeys around town, with the odd 70 mile uni trip. Will likely keep the car at least 5 years, probably longer if I have no problems with. I like the 520d but should I also be concerned about potential damage to the particulate filter and go for the petrol? Any thoughts on this and helping me decide, especially if you own the petrol 520i ... I just couldn't see any posts from anyone on this! Thanks
  2. 530e lead times?

    hi, im new to this site. Im a company car driver and the low tax rate means a 530e is very difficult to ignore...so much so that I pressed the button on the order this morning. Any ideas on lead times or experience of ordering any G30 5 as a company vehicle? Thanks,
  3. Video in motion for G30

    Just wondering if anyone has already had this done and how difficult/easy it is.
  4. Hi guys, on saturday I thought I'd just go test drive the new G31 m sport and after about 3 hours of not being able to leave the showroom, I put an order in for the 525D m sport but surprisingly, I haven't see or heard of the 525D anywhere else. So it got me wondering if its an engine no body wants. Has anyone else opted for the same model?
  5. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2017/08/2018-bmw-m5-officially-arrives-with-600-hp-and-awd.html
  6. Technical question on a new G30 xDrive. I opted for the xDrive on my new 520d as I live in the north of Scotland and snow/ rain are obviously a common occurrence. I previously ran an '06 325i SE which was rear wheel drive and I ran the car all year round with Vredistein Wintrac extreme winter tyres . They were a real good tyre wore exceptionally well and were good even in summer time dispersing rainwater after a summer deluge. The tyres on my 5 series are Michelin Primacy 3's, which are a highly acclaimed summer tyre, but I'm thinking of fitting a set of all season tyres as I think they will be a good compromise. When asking dealer about tyre options they said it was a matter for a tyre fitter to recommend tyres baised on a new star rating system. Does anyone have any knowledge on this subject or have a recommendation for a tyre? Also on the subject of tyres - the tyres I ran on my 325i were not run flats and they didn't bother it at all. Does anyone have any info on this matter as have heard a lot of BMW owners looking a going away from run flats due to cost. I have been advised that the electronic nature of the xDrive system makes it sensitive to tyre choice ? Thoughts anyone? cheers.
  7. Local dealer has a zero deposit deal on a new 520d SE at £449pcm on 48 month contract with 8000 miles per annum. Never buy my cars this way but might be of interest to some - Halliwell Jones are the dealership
  8. New G30 now here

    So new G30 came through on Friday. I'm not one to keep a car stock for too long. Apart from the spec: Mineral White G30 Blue Leather M Sport Plus Pack Visibility Pack Anti Dazzle Folding Mirrors Reversing Camera Power Boot Lid The car has had some minor cosmetic changes. All chrome (front grill and door handle inserts) and rear spoiler now gone black to match the rest of the accents. I regretted not getting the black wheels, but glad I didn't. Love the way it looks. Pics below (they are a bit low quality, will get better ones tomorrow)
  9. Hello Second newbie question from me. Understand the G30 is supplied with a 3 pin - type 2 charge cable. I would appreciate if somebody could please post a photo of this unit. Also, prior to having an external charge box installed. I will probably run the cable under a gap below the garage door to the car. Any idea what the physical size and length of the cable is? Finally, is the black box on the cable weather proof or is the intention to leave it indoors with the remainder of the cable trailing to the car? Many thanks ... lots of questions from me
  10. Hello all, I am about to place an order for the M Sport via our company car scheme. With the rear folding seat option. Is it possible to fit in an adult road bike inside the car with I guess the front wheel removed?
  11. So after waiting since beginning of April when I placed my order my car finally arrived on Monday. I'm really happy with it and love the drive - my first BMW . Haven't drove the car that much yet due to work etc but first impressions are excellent - I actually really like apple car play where others have said it is a bit hit and miss - haven't experienced any problems so far. Can't comment on economy as yet as car is not charged and can't charge at home at min as have building work going on. Only negatives so far for me are that the boot is much smaller than I thought it would be, along with small fuel tank so more fill ups required for long journeys. Guys who have ordered - it will be worth the wait - beautiful car Spec of my car: 530e M Sport Alpine White Black Dakota leather with Black-Blue stitching Comfort Package M Sport Plus Package Display Key Four Zone air con Apple CarPlay prep High beam assistant Heated Seats front and rear Through loading system Heated steering wheel
  12. Hi, Got my 530e 3 weeks ago and I'm loving it! Cannot compare it to previous 5-series as I'm new to BMW as well. 1100 miles in and I'm chuffed to bits, especially as I'm only charging it up at night and, on my typical 55 mile round-trip commute, am getting around 60 mpg. S.
  13. G30 on AUC site already!

    G30 on AUC Already appearing!