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Found 150 results

  1. Babadaddy

    Dpf problems

    Hi everyone Nooby here. Just thought I'd warn of my experience with my beloved 520D Msport. I've owned it since 2016 and done barely 3000 miles. Sounds good ? Don't be fooled. Its just gone back in for its SECOND Dpf fiited after the first one blocked up last summer. The reason ? .... Well that's down to my car doing less than 5 miles per day to work and back !! My trusted technician informs me that these cars (all diesels really) need to be driven, the exhaust needs to get hot and burn the soot from the dpf or it will clog up and suffocate.. He says I should really plan to take it on the motorway at least once a month at 3000rpm for 15-20 mins to burn the ash away. I did not and its cost me over a grand for two new Dpf filters fitted. I'm gonna sell it and get a petrol instead. Hope this might enlighten you guys who are in a similar position to me. Got a bimmer diesel ? LET IT BREATHE AND STRETCH ITS LEGS LIKE IT WAS BUILT FOR.
  2. BMW//E60//530D


    Hi everyone, need some assitance with this bm, had an ongoing problem for 3 month and cant seem to find it, subwoofer was gettin fitted in the car and after it did the battery had died gue to the msport lights of the door and the boot light been on for a long period while it was getting fitted. Was jump started and after that it ran fine for a day, all of a sudden im slowin down towards a traffic lights the car shuts down and spits loads of warning lights at me like traction control, abs, cruize control, transmission light, power steering ect, after that it wont start up, all im gettin is a crank along with those lights and its despirate to start. So far the ecu has been replaced, trasmission module has been tested, new battery, famous blue dde relay changed. Has anyone got any leads to fixing the problem. After the ecu getting changed the car starts and drives but doesnt shift above 3rd gear, one more thing before i gave it too the specialst a local managed to get the car started and had it running fine by addin and earth wire, the earth wire was a double end crocodile clip with a digital screen and in the middle of it wich was connected to a wire under a relay infront of the dde to somewere near by, as soon as it was connected it ran fine with no warning light but after it comes off the car shuts doown again. Any help wpuld be great thanks.
  3. For some reason the passenger door is not unlocking with the key fob or the button on the dash, it still works fine from the inside using the handle. All other doors and the boot are functioning fine. Going to get into the door and have a look at the weekend but does anyone have any thoughts or advice on what ot could be before I go rooting around?
  4. Driving to work this morning as usual in my 2009 E60 520d auto, cruising along the dual carriageway around 70mph and got the dreaded 'bong' and 'transmission failure' displayed on the idrive. Car felt no different at speed but when I had stopped in the que for the work car park when pulling away it was very sluggish and reluctant to move, but once it got going it was ok. Reverse parked into my usual space, reverse worked fine, stopped the car killed the engine, waited a couple of minutes and started it again, no errors. Took it for a run around the car park and no issues. The car is still under warranty for the next week and a bit so im going to give the garage a call today and get it in but just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and what the diagnosis was?
  5. waynesmith880

    Cigarette Lighter Sockets

    Hi All, Just recently my 12v cigarette lighter ports stopped working for charging my phone etc. I have an adaptor with 2x USB ports in it and it always worked fine and was plugged in to the rear 12v socket behind the handbrake etc. Last week it stopped working and i cant work out why. It doesnt work in either of the rear 2 ports or the front one in the ash tray. I have changed the fuses in the boot and yesterday tried the actual cigarette lighter in all 3 ports and it worked in all 3!? Does anyone know what might be going on here or any suggestions for what i should test / take apart etc? Is there some circuit board somewhere that detects the device load and automatically cuts the voltage to 5v for example? Many thanks Wayne
  6. Hi guys, im new to this. Recently bought a 530d e60 (2006), had the transmission fault come up on the dash. It's come up a few times and wondering has anyone else had these issues. Would a gearbox service do the job? Thanks! sadiq
  7. BigMuthaTrUKa

    2 Glow Plug Relay's In Two Years

    Hi guys seem to be having a problem with these BERU relays.. 1st one i bought lasted 2yrs the 2nd i put on in January lasted about a week. I looked at the DDE module values info on INPA, alternator is pumping just over 14v on tick-over. Not sure if my exsisting turbo issue is causing the relay to short out from a build up of carbon deposits on the glow plugs. Basically the small turbo control valve is bypassed and left open. Since owning this car I inherited the issue, done as much research as i can with a little fiddling to fix the issue with no avail. I have been paying attention to a post on this forum in relation to this turbo pressure problem and JasonH seems to be on to something with the vacuum system. Anyways I thought id ask on here if anyone has had any issues with these "Ebay Relays" because im now looking at buying from Main Dealer and yes...... Get my arse raped...
  8. Can anybody help me decipher which of these symbols is the fuse for the auto dim mirror? Not sure why they cant just have a written description!!
  9. Does any have the original owners manuals and pamphlets that would have come in a 2006 E61 Touring? Thanks
  10. Horsey

    BMW Documentation

    Hi all, Over the years I have managed to accumulate various pieces of BMW documentation from an assortment of sites and sources. I thought it time to place them all in one location where everyone can access them. They are available from my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxDd4Jzlov8Efmg5VVVEaTZVYkplN3MzaGZLQUEzaWFjU0luMl81cW9oSGxlOENGbTlKQW8&usp=sharing The folder currently contains the following: E60 engineer training modules; M Division documentation; Various E60 manuals and guides, and an assortment of BMW presentations. As I find more I will upload them to the Drive and update this post. Mods - Bearing this in mind, perhaps it would be handy to make this pinned? Best, Horsey *Please note I do not own the documents or claim to be the author of them*
  11. Hello there, 2005/3 E60 535d Msport automatic in Carbon Black. I always wanted to do a Project thread regarding a BM. I've seen a quite a lot of ''Project threads'' here and elsewhere mostly without any pictures or in-depth explanations or just a dead end threads. Hopefully, this should become one.... So then... I got this beauty advertised on Gumtree as a high mileage one(192k miles on it at the time of purchase), so it was a cheap one, just 3.5k. Since I am not afraid of a high mileage cars I opted for this one instead of 2008 E60 530d LCi. The guy that I bought it from used it mostly to get to work in Dublin and Belfast and since he is living near Newry, he did a quite a lot of motorway miles. Just to make sense why I chose this instead of LCi was most of the distances he traveled. Just to make sense of it: If I had a choice to buy a lower spec car from somebody out in a country and a car, that has mostly been used at the town/city with higher spec gadgets and gizmos I would choose the one that is at the countryside every time. Why? because of: 1. It's a diesel! It is supposed to be used on longer journeys to be more economical than the same capacity petrol engine. Since I do a lot of miles myself this is why I went for it. 2. It's a diesel! It clogs up if you drive like a granny on Sundays after a church mess on your way to see the relatives/friends while doing 20-30 mph and an A-class roads where the max speed limit is 60.... Since this doesn't apply to me as I am on a motorway for a most of the miles to get to work, I don't have a problem with it. Diesel needs to be driven harsh once in a while to burn off the soot and other deposits from inlet manifold and surrounding areas. If you're doing less than 8k miles a year, diesel is not for you! 3. It keeps me busy. I wouldn't know what to do If I would buy a brand new car. Changing oil is easy, but I am looking for a challenge so a new car is a no-no for me... I like to get my hands dirty once in a while and the feeling after ou get when you fix something yourself.... Those who know what I am talking about, they will understand. 4. I can fix stuff, I can change it if it needs to be changed and I am not too sure how to do it there is that wonderful thing called ''Google'', but it needs to be master as well as not everything you see or read on there is true.... 5. I always wanted a Black BM with beige leather seats! 6. A bit more about myself at the ''Hello, I am new here'' section So there it goes, a bit of intro with a story and pictures and then straight into the stuff I have done so far. At first, it looked black on the advert, but whenever I went to see it for the first time it was actually a Carbon Black. Whit a lovely beige interior, a perfect combination in my opinion. When it's dirty or depending on sunlight conditions, it looks blue-ish or gray-ish.. (camera doesn't reflect the real color) At the Terraclean Co Down Since there is a character limit per post(but it is not displayed) I will continue in next post.
  12. Hello guys! Before I place my questions, I will try to explain for what is about all this post My daily car is E60 530d Automatic 2004 model with standard steering wheel (triangular).Before a week ago I decided to buy a "Sport" steering wheel from eBay (I will attach the picture of it).Before I made my purchase I checked the provided from the seller part number (32342282751) in several web sites and everything looked fine (for vehicles manufactured up to 09/2005),BUT I was so tired that evening before the purchase that I didn't noticed that this steering wheel have gear shift paddles (anyway I'm not going to use it,I guess).Since that moment I'm in panic while I'm waiting for it,because I forgot to ask the seller for the picture from the back side and I'm reading all possible information in the net regarding the fitment,but the more I read the more confused I get. My questions to the people with more knowledge than me are: - Can You guys please double check the part number if it is for real for vehicles up to 09/2005,because when I search in the part diagram I can't see a illustration of shift paddles?From what I found in internet,there is a "M Sport Steering Wheels" and "Sport Steering Wheels with SMG paddles" for pre lci E60/E63/E64 up to 05/2009,but not with that certain part number which is confusing me even more now. - Is it possible to be recognised from the picture (Front side) if it is pre/after 09/2005,so at least I know what kind of airbag should I look for while waiting for it? - What kind of other parts I need to have (Steering wheel and Airbag up to 09/2005,since my car it's not equipped with any kind of "Sport" Steering wheel) for completion of the swap task? I know that maybe there is a lot of that kind of posts here and everywhere in internet and I want to apologise to all of You for my post,but I'm tired of reading and searching without getting any straight answers.I already spend a 500$ so far and I have no wish to continue "blind shopping" the rest of the things I need PS.I will highly appreciate any information that I can use forward in my "project"! Please,excuse my English it's not one of my best language's Kind Regards, Barry F.
  13. amigaholic

    E60 LCI - Headlight upgrades

    Hello all, I've recently acquired my first BMW, a 2008 525i M-Sport. Awesome car, very happy with it in general. Being an LCI model, it has angel eye headlamps, but being of relatively low spec, it has halogen headlights, not xenon (the headlamps are not self-levelling, they have the adjuster wheel next to the headlight switch). The outer lights are dipped beams behind projector lenses, the inner lights are full beams with reflectors. I think the standard bulbs are a bit poor, so I'd like to upgrade them. I was looking for a sticky post that might answer my questions. I *was* about to spring for a HIDS4U Stealth kit (https://www.hids4u.co.uk/H7-HIDS4U-Stealth-35W-Xenon-HID-Conversion-Kit.html), but then I found that the UK MOT regulations are changing as of May 2018 to make it a guaranteed fail to have any HID kit fitted, regardless of beam pattern... My initial thoughts here were to find another E60 LCI that had been rear-ended in a scrapyard, and buy the headlamps - but it seems that even used parts appear to be hideously expensive also (the car is 10 years old this year, why are parts still so expensive?), *and* require coding, which I have no idea how to do. So, nope. Instead, I've been looking at LED headlight bulbs. I'm told that these should not fail the new MOT, and are easier to install than HIDs (wiring those up was something I was worrying about). But there's so much choice! Just to clarify - I'm talking about replacing the dipped beam bulbs with LEDs, not the high beams or fog lamps. I'm also looking at clean white light, nothing with too high a colour temperature (no blue/purple), and nothing retina-searing for oncoming drivers, if possible. I would also like to upgrade the angel eyes to make them look a bit brighter. I was surprised how dim they are by stock. I also find it slightly bizarre that every indicator on the car is an LED already, *except* for the fronts. Can someone with an LCI E60/E61 who has already gone through this lend a BMW newbie (me!) a hand? Cheers Graeme
  14. Hi, I've been reading lots about rough idles on the 545i but haven't found a definitive answer or same set of circumstances. I have a 545i, 2004, 108k on the clock. It runs lovely, lots of power and very smooth. Except: In the mornings, it runs like there's an error in the fuel mix. It stays at about 500rpm and is close to cutting out, as if it's running on 7 cylinders. However, after about 10 minutes of running rough, I can switch it off and, on startup, it'll be fine for the rest of the day. So, it's just rough when cold. I've had the coil packs changed, it's been serviced, spark plugs, etc. Could it be a sensor or something, giving the wrong readings so getting the fuel mix wrong, up until it comes up to a standard running temperature? It doesn't give any error codes, but it comes up with Engine Malfunction. Any ideas or pointers would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Ron P.s., And what's with the car not having a temperature gauge? What happens if it gets hot???
  15. Hi all, I'm considering getting myself a full size spare for my E60 and I have found a good looking one on EBAY with a new tire as well for a decent price, I'm just wondering if the 18" alloy with a 245/40 tire will fit in the spare well? I don't have a jack handy to pop one of my wheels of and check (plus its about 3" of snow here at the moment so I wouldn't be keen jacking it up in this anyway!) I've measured it and it looks like it should just fit and no more but was wondering if anyone here has done the same and what your experience is?? Cheers. -Morgan
  16. Good morning all, here goes my first of what will no doubt be many questions of doing bits and pieces to my E60! Anyway, currently I only have the 3.5mm aux jack socket behind the centre console for the rear passengers to use but no USB. I have seen that I can buy the cable with the USB port as well as the Aux port, my main question is basically can I just simply swap the ports out and run the cable to the back of the head unit with no further modifications or do I need any coding etc. Secondly if I do get the USB installed what sort of functionality does it give on the IDrive CCC? I.e. can I control the music from a phone/USB stick through the steering wheel buttons? My thoughts are this may be alot of hassle if I don't achieve much extra in therms of functionality when I could just buy a mini MP3 player with an SD card/USB slot mount it somewhere convenient and leave it connected to the AUX port. What are the thoughts of the group?
  17. Hi everyone, thanks for having me on the forum. I've recently bought myself a 2009 520d M Sport Auto and have a few bits and pieces I want to get done and few searches led me here, looks like you guys have a pretty active and helpful community here so looking forward to getting stuck in! -Morgan
  18. Hello all. Much appreciate your reading this, and really hope someone can spread some knowledge/ideas. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but it may be of relevance. I own an 05 plate E60 530d. Never had any issues until now.... I did a long journey from Cornwall to Bath to visit family, then went on to a wedding in Bristol. Car never faltered. Wentvto start car less than 10 minutes after arriving in Bristol and idrive flashed up several faults: Control systems! Drive moderately Cruise control! Fuel pump fault! Drive moderately First thing I did was to check fuses, and noticed that the fuel pump fuse had blown. I replaced This, but as soon as the ignition was turned on it blew again (without key in ignition). I have unplugged the connection at the fuel pump under the rear seat, removed what I believe is the fuel pump relay (above battery, next to fuses) and removed the DDE relay under bonnet. Despite doing the above the fuse still blows as soon as it is put in (without key in ignition) Please help!! Cheers
  19. barracuda

    Window Wipers

    Good Morning I am looking for window wipers for my E60 Anyone have any good choices for me thanks Mark
  20. Hello - I recently bought e60 530d from auction and got its oil changed. I have driven about 400 miles since than. I had a strong smell coming in the car since the oil change and the smell died down to very less eventually. Today i started a car a sat in it while taking some phone calls. I noticed light smoke coming out of the engine. I opened up the engine and saw that smoke was coming from under the engine. I switched off the car and check the oil level later and realised that the oil level was higher on dipstick then the maximum level mark. Now, could the smoke be a symbol of breaking engine seals due to high level of oil although idrive system doesnt show any high oil level warning. 20171228_134831_1.mp4
  21. baku911

    Looking for pre-LCI E60 535d saloon

    Currently looking to buy the E60 535d saloon. Healthy motor is a must. Preferably not remapped. Minor scratches or paint corrections will not necessarily be a deal breaker. My fundamental requirement is the Pro Nav. Everything else is a bonus. Colour does not really matter. Preferably the Sport version (M-Sport). Hit me up if you got one for sale. Thanks.
  22. Hey All Has anyone had any experience with these devices? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTORADIO-8-8-DVD-GPS-ANDROID-4-4-Player-BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-E62-E63-EW963A/282741232967?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 They all seem the same 8.8 screen, a version of android 4.4.4 PX3
  23. Cheddarbell

    Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    Hi, ive got a bit of a unique question as my issues have come about through my own stupidity. I have an e60 530d (2004). A warning appeared one day telling me there was an issue with my rear right restraint, shortly after my PDC started failing intermittently and then all together (flashing light on PDC button). I decided to take up the rear seat to see if there was any obvious issue...there was. I had a large container of liquid in the boot that had leaked through to the back seat and into the spare wheel well. I think I know the answer but wanted to confirm before I go out and try and replace parts and what not. Is it likely the two issues have come from this one leak (I read somewhere that the PDC unit is in the spare wheel well) and what is the best action I should take to sort these issues out? cheers in advance
  24. Just changed the starter on my 530i and now have a 'transmission fault'? Obviously I've dislodged something whilst wrestling the inlet manifold trying to gain access. Car starts and drives but message says to get it sorted etc Any ideas on what I've disturbed?
  25. There is quite a lot of oil over the engine on the drivers side and underneath of my 530D. Its all claggy and dirty, so I really cant start to trace the source, and cleaning it off is going to be a serious piece of work. To help in this, is there any likely sources of the leak? I know the car had a turbo change in MAY 17, as it had shagged bearings, and I suspect it was leaking oil via seals to the inlet. I changed the breather as soon as I acquired the car as they hadn't done it....I had wondered if previously it might have been spitting oil from a leaking turbo charge air outlet, and covering the side of the engine with oil mist. The oil isn't just on the block, its over loads of different stiff, which is what makes me think this might be the, or one of the sources. But any known other weak points would be really helpful. cheers Andy