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Found 115 results

  1. Just testing the water to see if anyone had any after market alloys for my 530i M Sport?Getting tired of repairing these Spiders
  2. Hey guys, Im an e60 owner and have a standard radio unit currently, I'm sure you have heard or seen this question before and I will start searching the threads for my answer, I've found a speaker under the driver seat, There is no logic7 and the speaker does work (can feel vibrations) What I wanted advise on is there an onboard amplifier on these vehicles if so where is it located ? and secondly is it "controllable " ? I.e can I increase its power as you would on an aftermarket unit ? I have seen many posts about just changing the whole setup which is probably next step, just don't want to loose any of the features of the current system idrive etc thanks guys jon
  3. Hello all, New to forums, have recently embarked on a upgrade project on my beloved 06 M5. I have upgraded the CCC to CIC, changed the controller and installed the high LCI ac panel. I have an issue with the ac not being cold, have had it re gassed, changed compressor to no joy. (it was working before the upgrade). I have also done the pin 21 hack to stop the engine fan from running constantly, I am just stuck with where to go from here. Has anyone upgraded a pre lci high ac to lci high ac and had the same issue? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, Over the years I have managed to accumulate various pieces of BMW documentation from an assortment of sites and sources. I thought it time to place them all in one location where everyone can access them. They are available from my Google Drive: The folder currently contains the following: E60 engineer training modules; M Division documentation; Various E60 manuals and guides, and an assortment of BMW presentations. As I find more I will upload them to the Drive and update this post. Mods - Bearing this in mind, perhaps it would be handy to make this pinned? Best, Horsey *Please note I do not own the documents or claim to be the author of them*
  5. Hey Guys and Gals, I am just starting the hunt for my next possible whip, narrowed down to the BMW 5 series (as I love the shape) however im not experienced with these cars so could I ask for advise ( not looking for massive debates just down to earth god fearing straight advice) what do I go for basically.... im a high mileage user family of 4 my journey is just over an hour each day all motorway round trip of 110 miles give or take ! I like my cars to look the part so was thinking of the M sport but engine choice is sticky for me do I look at the 525d or the 520d I want manual also as I prefer to drive my own car and have never liked an auto box, I want something from 2005 to 2006 reg as that's what my budget is going to allow for now sub 4k .... thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to the advice Jonathan
  6. BMW 530 diesel. Been having some starting problems with my bmw for sometime now the car doesn't start unless using easy start then once the cars running it will run perfect soon as you take revs over around 3500 or try to push the car throttle hard car will random cut out.. Then will not start unless using easy start also I was driving low revs other day and lost all power with loads of black smoke coming from the exhaust replaced so many parts.. new high pressure fuel pump, fuel filter, brand new ecu, crank and cam sensor, fuel rail sensors what else can be causing me these problems any idea ? Please help this car has been doing my but in since I bought it ? Thanks in advance... Attachments below shows the faults I'm getting when plugged in on AA's scanner.
  7. Hi All, Looking for a BMW E60 530D M Sport ideally around West Midlands but don't mind travelling. Let me know what you've got!
  8. Afternoon people my car is coming up for a service in April. anyone recommend me somewhere to take it please. Im in Ashbourne. Hughes brothers in Derby, has anyone had dealing with them? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys, So just had my front pads changed by a local garage, these were Mintex pads which he insisted are "Better than Brembo" so I went for them. Anyway the first day a got it back it was making a little humming noise as though the pads are touching the discs constantly. So took it back to him and told him, he said "They are just bedding in, if you only change the pads and not the disc it will take a few miles for it to adapt". So I kept driving it for a few days and the noise went away, however I still feel that one of the side is sticking, you can still hear a little bit of rubbing (being a 5 series 3L it's hard to notice when driving). Any you guys experienced this? What could be the fault? I called him again yesterday and told him that I need them checking over so will be going to him after work today but need to know what to look for as I have never changed the pads myself, could it be needing grease? Maybe something loose? Cheers
  10. Hi I was just wondering what this part is called? Mine is spewing oil, I'm hoping it's just a gasket that needs replacing, also getting fumes in the cabin.
  11. Fallen in love with the e60 shape and just about everything about it , however, the 335i is awesome. Other countries sell the 535i e60 but not here in the UK, if I was to consider starting this project with my mechanic friend what would be the best donor car to start with? You can pick a 520i for £2k but I'm not sure what would need to be changed to support the engine change I am considering just getting the 535d but I'm leaning more towards petrol and like the tuning potential of the 335i engine Thanks
  12. Hi I've recently purchased 2004/54 Bmw 525d manual bought this car off a friend to tow my Trailor the car is really slow and has no power fault code that come up on reader p14a7 any ideas wot this could be
  13. e60

    Hi every 1 bought my 55reg Bmw 535d 268bhp 2 weeks ago the man told me it was standard what he knew of and he owned the car nearly 5 year when I got the car home I noticed the dpf had gone and pipes were welded in its place also he said it wasn't remapped so I went to get the car remapped to find out it's already stage 1 with swirl flap and dpf delete so he tried his map on the car and it didn't feel any quicker than what it was when I 1st got it we also today 5/02/17 had the car on the rolling road and only made 297bhp I thought this should be 330bhp upwards and the torque was down has any 1 else on here had this problem. All your help would be gratefull find the rolling road print out attached thanks in advance
  14. Hey everyone, just bought my first BMW, it's a 56 plate 520d m sport auto with 103k mileage but I've got some (what I think are) problems. I'd just like someone to tell me if they think it's a genuine problem before I ring up the garage I bought it from, the blokes really nice so I'm not to bothered about calling him just don't want to look an idiot The car itself is in mint condition and it has bags of paperwork with it. 1. The acceleration seems to be really poor, 0-20 it's fine but then it seems to crawl up after that, after 70 I really struggle to get it to go faster, 80mph + there seems to Be no more power at all. 2. It says 'head unit not coded correctly', looking at the secret menu the software is still showing 2006 software, not a massive problem just abit annoying. I'm not sure if I'm imagining the acceleration problem as I've gone from a v6 A6 to this 520d so obviously it's going to be abit slower I just didn't imagine it being that much slower!
  15. Afternoon all. Returning to the 5 fray with my first E60 Picking up a super rare 545i Manual on Tuesday and the first thing I want to do is free up that V8 noise. I've seen evidence of some successful muffler deletes on You Tube, but my local independents don't want to touch the job for fear of ballsing up the emissions readings (they do MOT's so understandable I suppose) I'm not going to try anything like this myself, so does anyone know someone who will, without cocking up the lights on the dash? I'm keen to keep the cat to avoid future MOT problems. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi, I recently purchased a bmw 525i M Sport LCI 57 plate(Automatic transmission). Im wondering if ianyone can help me out. So in short my car is making a noise from the engine maybe a motor/pump? Something that rotates? (see attached video). The noise is not present on cold But Gets louder when the car warms up. When i give a little gas the noise goes faster (noise disappears above 1500RPM+). I have changed the spark plugs, filters ect.. no difference. Doing an oil change soon. Now one mechanic said it maybe the timing chain, VANOS or hydrolic lifters? Which i doubt because (using a stethoscope) the noise is different to the timing chain noise. Now i have narrowed the noise down to a specific part it is loudest just behind the pulley's after some research i found out it is the vacuum pump related to the breaking system. Could this pump cause such a loud noise like this? I don't want to risk buying a new pump for around 350GBP and it does not sort the problem out. Any recommendations? Any ideas what it could be? If video doesn't work here is the youtube link: IMG_8021.MOV
  17. Hello All, I'm looking for a spare E60 MV2 alloy to buy to keep in the boot for emergency, if anyone has 1 for sale please do let me know. Thanks alot Nashy
  18. Re : Turbo noisy!? car : BMW 525 d Auto E60 2005 , 110,000mls I am not a racer and the vehicle has been well looked after by the previous one owner but it seems to make a little bit of high pitch whistle extra noise at slow speed and moves low revs ( in fact it sounds quite good ) - is this a problem on horizon that needs to be dealt with ? - if a problem what can be done about it? - if a new turbo , then which good one would you recommend to buy privately and ill ask professional to fit it ? ( I understand the turbos on the E60's are not particularly good ??) I look forward to your replies and suggestions from those that know Kind regards, Luke
  19. I'm now part of the BMW club, after many Fords and Vauxhalls I have seen the light! WoW what's the difference ! Excellent in every way. She's a Blue E60 (2005) 525 TDS , 100,000 miles with Beige / Walnut / leather interior. Servicing required in May 2017. Help me guys .... I want to look after The engine and maybe tastefully upgrade elements of the interior . Please advise....
  20. Hi All, I am in need of some help/adice on an issue that has developed over the last few weeks... The car is a 2007 520D with the M47N2 engine. When the car is started from cold, there are fumes that are coming from the the back fothe engine on the air filter side as shown in the following vid: I had the glow plugs rep[laced some time ago as 1 of them was failing. Thereafter I had the car serviced and I am seeing faults come up for all 4 glow plugs, which Ive asked about separately on this forum and people here have suggested that it is a faulty low plug relay. I need to get that replaced. After the car warms up the fumes are no longer present and there is no loss of power or any difference in performance. The only other thing that has been happening for some time now ifs that when cold started, the engine idles but judders slightly here and there like a misfire, if I rev it it goes away for a while then returns, but once the car is warmed there is no more judder, its only present when cold starting. Any ideas? could it be the glow plugs or the relay causing this? I ask this because I think the plugs (possibly relay too) is the only thing that heats up on a cold start, is that right? If so, this could be the only hing that could be getting really hot enough for fumes to develop? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  21. Morning all I'm a newbie on here so hi to all Im looking at Buying a 520 m sport Touring the one I'm looking at is a 2010 Msport Business edition with 1 owner and full History but 149.000 miles £6995 Will it need anything major on the service side at that millage ?? am i better buying older lower milage or could this be an ok buy ?? Looking to buy for my wife as second family car approx 5000 miles a year to keep for 5 years ?? any help would be appreciated
  22. Hi,Can someone please tell me how to retrofit IHKA module from AC LOW BASIS (PRE-LCI) to AC LOW BASIS (LCI)?I have installed MASK2 business LCI and need to change the front panel + ac unit. When installed new IHKA module the air compressor is not working... do I need to change some cables around? Tried with MAN coding didn't help. getting the following errors: Errors in my car:9C6F IHKA: Refrigerant compressor control valve9C69 IHKA: Monitor, supply, compressor clutch BASIS Wiring diagrams and pin assignments:
  23. Hello everyone, There's loads of DIY's on the interwebs showing how to refurb the peeling interior trims on E46/E9x/E6x's etc - but very little showing OEM(ish) finishes (i'm not a fan of carbon fibre wraps!) So i thought i'd share my experience with my 'fixing' my peeling steering wheel trim on my E60 and trying to keep it looking as OEM as possible. As i've just got my steering wheel re-trimmed by Jack at Royal Steering Wheels (Highly Recommend!) - The only thing that let it down was the lower trim, which costs around £52 from BMW ( ) - i wanted to try something different. Before: After: Here's how i done it... I popped down to Screwfix and picked up at can of Plastikote - Matte Black Paint for £4.55 ( I then removed my steering wheel trim, airbag off and two screws holding it on. Peeled off all the remaining rubberized coating, until i had a smooth surface to work with. Then throughly cleaned the trim with alcohol wipes. Masked up around the M badge and the steering control buttons. (cleaned again with alcohol) Then started to apply thin coats, slowly building up the layers, leaving 5-10 minutes between each coat. (In total 4 coats) Until i was left with this finish.. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. IMO pretty close to OEM! Hope this helps someone out there! Cheers!
  24. Hi,Can someone please tell me how to retrofit IHKA module from AC LOW BASIS (PRE-LCI) to AC LOW BASIS (LCI)?I have installed MASK2 business LCI and need to change the front panel + ac unit. When installed new IHKA module the air compressor is not working... do I need to change some cables around? Tried with MAN coding didn't help. getting the following errors: Errors in my car:9C6F IHKA: Refrigerant compressor control valve9C69 IHKA: Monitor, supply, compressor clutch BASIS Wiring diagrams and pin assignments:
  25. e60

    Hi guys im new to this site and this is my first post... Be kind I am thinking of fitting a Bluetooth module but I'm not sure if the wires are pre installed... My car has the fin on the roof but nothing on the comms section on the computer... Is there any way to find out if my car is pre wired? It's a 2006 plate btw. thank in advance Dodge