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Found 239 results

  1. Steve540

    540iA transmission grumble

    My 97 540iA has decided to develop a grinding noise when under loading. When you put your foot on the accelerator at cruising speeds there is an awful grinding noise from the transmission. The revs also fluctuate slightly. Once your foot is either lifted off or pressed harder into the pedal the noise stops.It used to only happen at like 50mph in 5th and 30mph in 4th when the car needed to change gear but its not happening more often in a wider range of speeds and gears.The best way to grasp what I'm saying is by listening to the videoIn the video I have my foot on the pedal maintaining a constant speed which causes grinding. Im lifting my foot off and on to make the grinding more noticeable. Pressing too hard results in the car changing into a lower gear which is what I do in the end of the video.Thanks for your time
  2. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Hi all, After years of procrastinating, I decided it was time to get my dream car (as a youth) The e39 was always a special car to me, the timeless and classic BMW looks and the "wolf in sheep's clothing" character. I had to itch this scratch and tick this off my bucket list! With prices slowly creeping up, the search had to begin! I decided to start looking for an e39 last year. I had a specific choice of specification: Black Facelift Black leather Titanium interior trim As standard as possible In October, I found one which seemed to tick my boxes in Wales and after confirming a price and arranging a deal, the seller decided he was keeping the car and did not end up selling the car to me. I was heartbroken. Many M5s have been on the market since but non caught my eye up until a few weeks ago. I set my eyes on a 2002 M5 which looked like it needed some TLC but ticked my boxes. Black, Facelift and with the interior I wanted. After seeing the car, it was clear it needed some loving as it has been parked up for some time and neglected however it was now or never and I wanted a car which needed (some) loving. After a test drive, the deal was done and I was the owner of a M5! Heres the Original Spec: Tyre Pressure Control Gradual Tint Windscreen Electric Steel Sunroof First Aid Kit and Triangle Smoker Package Individual Audio System Through Load System Park Distance Control Rain Sensor and Auto Light Activation On-Board Monitor with TV Cordless GSM Telephone BMW 6 Disc CD Changer Australia version Ski Bag Front Sliding Arm Rest CD Preparation She has some (subtle) mods - a tubi exhaust, window tints (they will be coming off ASAP!) and the previous owner ripped out most of the OEM sound system! My plan is to restore her to her former glory! I have a list of things I want to do! I have a few other cars in my Garage including a Stage 2 Golf R and Audi S5 (3.0 Supercharged)
  3. Hi, I finished the job, wanted to share my knowledge, hope you will benefit from it, its the whole process with all common mistakes and advice what to do and not to do while doing such a job, fixing grinding clicking problem etc, read the description on the 33 min video, i listed everything even my idiot mistake, it will show you complete comparision, waiting for your feedback.
  4. Jungfrau1969

    Test and repair of E39 M5 DME ECU

    Can anyone advise whether they have found an ECU test & repair provider in the UK that has successfully tested and repaired DME ECUs for e39 m5. Specifically Siemens ECU, part no. 5wk9317. My local BMW independent specialist has conducted a fault code check on the car as part of a recent service, which identified 10 faults that couldn't be cleared. Engine emission warning light permanently on. They recommended that the DME ECU is sent to a test & repair specialist. I have contacted a couple of places in the UK and am not getting a positive response that they have experience with this ECU and specific variant, and have a track record of successful repair / resolution. The local BMW independent specialist has told me that the engine emission warning light being on will now be an MoT failure irrespective of whether emissions test is OK. Is this true - sounds like BS to me. Any advise appreciated.
  5. hello does anybody here know much about e39 and dsp ? atm my hifi dont work and i've tested with a working bm54 and navigationmodule. the bm54 has power and when im connecting the car with INPA i can only reach the widescreen monitor and videomodule. previous owner says that the hifi have worked perfect several times this year so there has to be a small error, but i cant find out how and why..... i have uploaded a video so you guys can se the problem, the car is a 2002 m5 with individual soundsystem im desperate for help... 43166372_507674116371274_8544895572069318656_n.mp4
  6. Steve540

    e39 M5 rear seat

    Recently purchased a Le Mans blue e39 m5 interior but it is missing the rear seat. Just the bit where your back rests against Thanks
  7. Here are my two E39's (kinda). Finally got some decent pictures taken and it would be nice to share with others on here some images and ownership details given the amount of pleasure I have had over the last few months looking at the threads of fellow members. The B10 was my first V8 purchase after hankering after an M5 since I was a nipper. Unfortunately I didn't have sufficient funds at the time to go solo so I had to go halves with my old man. Problem is he wanted an auto which put the stoppers on the M5 dream, although a B10 is no bad substitute! I found this example on PH with 121k miles which checked out well and had been well known on the Alpina Register pretty much all its life. It had been undersealed from new and had a rebuilt gearbox and numerous other new bits recently replaced. Since then its had a fortune spent on it to make sure its as tight as a drum including a total front suspension rebuild, all new cooling system, full brake system replacement, all arches, front sills, boot seam repainted and waxoiled along with the whole front end to get rid of stone chips along with loads of other bits. As a result she looks and drives fantastically well, as you would expect. Here are a few pics from the other day after a journey to and from York (hence she is a touch dirty). If the car looks familiar to regular visitors to PH its because the previous owner featured it on PH Carpool a few years back. Here is the link if anyone is interested. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/carpool-alpina-b10-e39/25645 You will note that I removed the stripes! A tad controversial perhaps but I thought they dated the car and weren't factory Alpina decals. Late last year I sold my share to my old man (although I still look after it and get to drive it regularly...Bonus!) purely because my hankering after an E39 M5 never went away, in fact sampling the B10 just made me want one even more. Given prices were noticeably on the rise I decided to act fast before I was priced out of the market, so the hunt was on. I viewed a few 'minters' which turned out to be total sheds before spotting an LMB facelift in Glasgow with 107k on the clock. Initially I really wanted a Silverstone Blue car but I couldn't find a nice one so decided to get myself to Scotland. It turned out to be a lovely example and I was cruising down the M6 the same day. Its a great spec with extended leather doorcards & lower dash, sunroof, alcantara headlining and titanline trim. Here are a few pics Sitting next to the daily & track slag Clio 182 Added a Royal Steering Wheel (brilliant addition, same as on the B10), a ZHP gearknob and E90 sat nav buttons. Needless to say I absolutely love it, it has surpassed my (high) expectations and is getting under my skin in a way that only one other car has done (my 2010 Focus RS). I often get asked how the B10 and the M5 compare, well, they drive very differently despite the similarities to the uninitiated. The B10 rides amazing well and the auto box is great around town yet provides a surprisingly sporty nature when using the paddles and it handles really well indeed. The M5 on the other hand feels a lot stiffer, has quicker steering and is far more physical to drive (which I prefer) and generally feels far sportier. In terms of outright performance they are quite closely matched, with the quick shifting box of the B10 keeping it on the boil easily, although the M5 has the edge. Both are epic machines though and I would totally understand someone owning both at the same time as they deliver very different experiences. More pictures and updates to come.
  8. jamesb2001

    M62 auxiliary waterpump price

    Hi there, My e39 540i needs a new auxiliary water pump as the current one is leaking. Please could you give me a price and whether this could be delivered by next Friday, 3rd August? Many thanks James
  9. As above. Breaking a 51 plate e39 530i in titan silver. Rear bumper is damaged front bumper has slight damage. Bonnet is damaged, m parallels are sold. However the car does still have loads of parts including a full black leather interior with very rare, rear bench with built in booster seats. Complete 530i running gear engine gearbox both work perfectly. I bought the car to use as a donor vehicle for my 525i but have now decided to go down a different route with that car and use my V8 engine instead. Steering wheel sold sill trims sold wheels sold If you require any parts arts please contact me on 07500403008 or pm me on here i am located in in west London, UB6. thank you Sanjay Gore
  10. drpep999

    Exhaust upgrade help

    Dear All, Great day at Ace Cafe the other day, even if it was lashing with rain the whole time. I have a favour to ask of the forum. At some point in the future I am looking to up grade my exhuast, most likely a Cat Back system, possibly a full replacement since one of my cats seems to faulty anyway, thrown up an EML. I'm going to go for a quad exhaust but can't stomach the thought of paying c. £1-2k for something that doesn't sound right, and there's only so much convincing that can be done by the supplier that it will sound as I would want. The only way to do it is to fit it, and pray that it's right. So what I was wondering, if there is anyone out there who has a 530i with an exhaust upgrade (not necessarily a quad, but preferable) who would be willing to let me listen to it to see if the sound is what I'm after. I would come to you wherever you happen to be, and would be a good opportunity to meet some other forum members and have a good chin wag about cars, and for me to go on a bit of a drive!. If you're exhaust is the sound that I'm after, then I know exactly what to go out and buy. Any offers? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Dan
  11. Hi all, long time no post... Anyway, short story version. I went to look at an E61 530i Touring 6 Speed Manual 2007 LCI (269bhp) 110k miles 2 owners (mostly London commuting), plus a few extras from factory etc. Test driving and noticed a funny low end noise, I thought it was bottom end but later (after shooting the video) I realised that the knocking went away when the clutch was pressed in. That led me to Dual Mass flywheel issues but I don't know or what specific mechanisms are envolved or how they are malfunctioning (spring weights etc.). Most noticable heavy knocking on tickover and just after a little rev. Put the clutch in and it goes away. I thought the top end was a bit tappy, more than I would expect and I could detect the engine slightly rocking around. Is this normal for these tuned 530i LCI 2007 onward setups? Can any of you guys have a listen a see what you think, enlighten me? It goes well but this is the first 530i I've test driven. Booted it in 2nd n 3rd and noticed the performance below 3k RPM quite average, though I've never been that impressed with low end torque from BMW 6 cyl petrol engines. Up through 4k RPM and the magic starts to really happen, building nicely until I bail out at 6k RPM. Edit: Since found this useful informative video: Buying a used BMW 5 series E60, E61 - 2003-2010, Buying advice with Common Issues
  12. drpep999

    Anyone going to Ace Cafe?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to got to the Ace cafe for the German Night on 7th May and the E39 night on 12th May. It's also BMW car day during the day on the 12th. Does se anyone else intend on going, do any of you guys/girl go anyway. It would be great to meet some other owners especially from London/ Kent area. Let me know now if you're up for it. Maybe we can meet up before hand or something. For that matter, do any of you meet in the London area at any time? Not a lot in the events section. Regards, Dan
  13. drpep999

    Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    https://www.autoevolution.com/news/this-bmw-e39-m5-touring-is-not-your-ordinary-forbidden-fruit-117155.html If anyone has not seen this please take a look. This is my perfect car. If you need some time to kill, just stare longingly at this for a while! Comment please! Anyone ever seen/ heard of/ touched/ licked one in the UK?
  14. Has anyone replaced their power steering fluid reservoir on their E39? If so, did you get one from the stealer or did you use an OEM one like the Meyle 3146320000?
  15. I've been having constant issues that my private mechanic is now giving up on.. So far in the last month or so we've replaced 6 x NGK spark plugs 6 x New Bosch coil packs New Seimens VDO MAF New Lambda sensors before and after cats. Replaced some split pipes that were blanked off New inlet manifold gasket Its still giving O2 error codes and control limits breached.. It also gave misfire codes on 4, 5 and 6.. Not sure where we go from her.. He said it could be the cats, an emmisisons test would show that up, but if its running lumpy beforehand then that's a bit pointless.. Am starting to think it could be an electrical issue or the ECU? He just bought a new £2,500 hand held diagnostic device and we were using it last night.. Would the BMW software that can be bought give us some more detail to work with, or should we just admit defeat and take it to the dealer?
  16. Reluctant sale of my 530i due to lack of use and the prospect of further expense to (finally) get my 02tii back on the road this year after a very slow restoration. 4 previous owners plus current owner since August 2012 at 80000 miles. Initially registered to BMW GB, this vehicle features numerous factory options valued at around £7k when the car was new - these include black leather interior, fully electric front seats (including headrest adjustment), tilt/slide electric glass sunroof, 6CD changer, 18" parallel alloys, Communications pack - navigation, analogue tv receiver and integrated phone socket (minus handset), plus unused detachable tow bar. The car also comes with the original alloy spare wheel and a complete tool kit in the boot. This has always been my weekend car and for the first three years of ownership covered around 8k per year as I used it to travel to football matches around the country. Since the arrival of a junior member of the household in 2015, we have tended to use the missus' car at the weekend, so the E39 mileage has dropped to a few thousand a year. This all changed last December when my E61 Touring got stolen (damn that comfort access option!). As I used the E61 for work (I travel 20k+ business miles per annum), I had to use the E39. At the end of November the car had covered 109588 miles - in the next three months it covered more than another 6000. If nothing else this underlines how good these cars were and still are, as it never missed a beat throughout. Over £5k spent during my ownership, with a folder full of receipts for the work completed. Full BMW service history until I had Oil Service and Brake Fluid changed at 114980 at a local specialist in February 2018. MOT until 4th August 2018. Current mileage 115603. However, since getting the service done I have not used the car for work and with the prospect of the car going back to its more occasional use and the likelihood of some further expenditure being required (front discs and pads plus attending to the rust in the usual places), I have reluctantly decided to move it on. You will note from the photos that there is also a crack in the OSF bumper, a consequence of a glancing blow from a passing car whilst mine was parked and some lacquer peel near the OSF fog light. The car is currently on a matching set of Bridgestones, but I will replace the borderline NSR with a new tyre before sale. The OSR is okay as it was replaced 3 months after the full set following an un-repairable puncture. Having done a deal to buy a new car for work this weekend, I thought I'd post the details on here to see if there was any interest prior to chopping it in as a part-exchange this week. Price £1500 but open to offers. If any of you are interested, please let me know. Cheers Dave 07792 389933
  17. adethefade

    e39 Auto no reverse gear

    Hi all. I put my 2001 e39 530i (auto) into reverse 2 days ago and reverse didn't work. I have a small amount of traction if I rev high but nowhere near what it should be. It feels like a slipping clutch on a manual car. The dash indicators work fine. It's since started misbehaving in 'drive' too. Again, it feels like a slipping clutch, and most recently the Trans Fail Mode kicks in, which I believe just puts the car into 3rd as a workaround. I've read up on it, and had a conversation with my indie repair man - all indications are that it's all over for my beauty, new transmission costing more than the car and all that. I just thought I'd throw it out to this lovely community before I reluctantly say goodbye. Someone said it's worth replacing the transmission fluid just in case but I'm not so sure. The car's done 115K since 2001 so it's not monster mileage, but the car's certainly knocking on a bit. Many thanks for any advice folks. Best regards Adrian
  18. Hi Luckily, my E39 M5 was equipped with the M-Audio package however the previous owner decided to remove all the boot components (BM54, Nav, TMC/TV Tuner) leaving me with nothing but a 16:9 headunit Over the past few months i have acquired: BM54 TV Tuner Module MK4 Nav CD Changer I have fitted these all in and I am getting a blank screen still on the headunit. The headunit is getting power (the buttons light up) and I do get a different black screen (slightly lighter black screen as if the headunit is getting power but no source) however nothing! Multimeter shows power is going to all the components in the boot / headunit and I have: checked all the fuses unplugged everything and connected just the TV tuner unplugged battery for a few hours ....still nothing! My next task is to eliminate faulty components one by one. It could only be the headunit itself or the TV tuner faulty correct? A bit of a long shot but anyone in the Essex / East London area able to help me out ? Ideally would like to plug a known working headunit and TV tuner to isolate my issue!!
  19. Driving to work this morning as usual in my 2009 E60 520d auto, cruising along the dual carriageway around 70mph and got the dreaded 'bong' and 'transmission failure' displayed on the idrive. Car felt no different at speed but when I had stopped in the que for the work car park when pulling away it was very sluggish and reluctant to move, but once it got going it was ok. Reverse parked into my usual space, reverse worked fine, stopped the car killed the engine, waited a couple of minutes and started it again, no errors. Took it for a run around the car park and no issues. The car is still under warranty for the next week and a bit so im going to give the garage a call today and get it in but just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and what the diagnosis was?
  20. zaphod

    Bits n Bobs I need

    Hi again folks, noted some more bits I could be doing with, so in no particular order here they are. Pre facelift lighting unit cap(s) - one of mine is broken.. Ash tray (console) a replacement canister of the tyre sealant that goes in the M5 compressor.. my son used the compressor to pump up his punto tyres.. Dont ask.... Any unbroken cup holders out there?...lol
  21. Long shot but does anyone have a pair of genuine rear style 65 wheels from an E39 M5? I fancy trying a square set up on my M5 at some point. I'll be refurbing a full set of them so condition not drastically important, just need to be straight with no cracks/bends. Anybody got any fairly local to North West/Merseyside or willing to courier?
  22. Hello, this is my first post on this forum; I've found lots of answers here previously, but can't find the answer to this one. My car is a 2003 E39 530D Sport Touring, and I'm having quite a few electrical gremlins at the moment. The battery was on its last legs so I've replaced that, but still have several issues to track down and want to check/clear some errors using INPA. The problem is, I can only read and reset errors on some modules on the car, other modules return the error: 'IFH0009 no response from control unit'. I'm using an old laptop running XP and INPA 5.02. I bought a USB-OBD EDIABAS cable which came with INPA and other BMW software. The installation worked for several modules and allows me to read and clear faults etc., but for other modules it won't connect. I did a lot of searching and found some guides which mentioned using a VAGCOM cable with FT232RL chip, so thinking the cable might be causing the problems, I bought one of these and installed a new driver for it. I still have the same problem, I can only connect to some modules. I also found online a later (mainly German language) version of INPA (5.06) and installed it under Windows 7 on another laptop. It also only permits access to some modules (I think the same ones) using either cable. Modules I can't access include the Airbag, Air Suspension unit, AC, Immobiliser EWS, Rain & Light sensor RLS, Cruise Control GR2 and Central Body Electronics ZKE3. I'm pretty certain all of these are fitted to the car. Does anyone else have similar problems, or can you access all the modules on your car using INPA?
  23. Hello everyone, Yesterday I just purchased my first ever BMW and after doing a lot of research I thought it made sense to try out the infamous E39 530i. The reason for the purchase was to have a second car that my wife and I could collectively use to get around locally but more importantly use for longer journeys and trips around the UK and into continental Europe. Historically, I am a Japanese car guy but since I don't need this second car as a daily I wanted something interesting and a Honda Accord or Subaru Legacy just weren't cutting it for me after the test drives. Now, we both don't need a daily driver since we commute via train to London for work Monday-Friday but the only car we have is my 1999 Mazda RX-7 Type RS which is awesome and has been extremely reliable as I have been very meticulous with my mods and maintenance. I use that car for car shows, Santa Pod, track days and car club events and we have tried to use it on trips to Snowdonia and Cornwall for hiking, and while it kind of works you can't put a suitcase in it as there is no room, it's cramped inside, rides hard and has pretty loud wind noise and road noise given the lack of sound deadening they put into the RS models. I searched quite a bit for the right BMW E39 or E38 to buy and this 530i seemed like the right one for the money. It's not perfect but it is basically a one owner car where the original owner in his 70s purchased it in April 2003 and owned it until January 2017. It has a full service history and overall it's running well and all of the electrics work perfectly. Paint is pretty good with some scuffs and stone chips and a bit of surface rust starting in a couple places that I need to tackle this winter before they get worse. The issues or potential issues I have identified on this 124,000 mile example include: Original cooling system (hoses have 2002 and 2003 stamps on them). Original automatic gearbox and differential fluid. Brake shimmy when braking from 50-70mph. Wetness near the oil filter housing gasket but no drips onto the floor. Brake fluid is about 7,000 miles overdue. Rust on the bootlid. A little rust bubble on the passenger side rear sill just in front of the rear tyre. Otherwise, it seems good to go and I spent nearly two hours looking the car over but will have to get it up on jack stands and get under there for a good look and to check the front bushings. The car idles very smooth, transmission seems to shift fine, no ticking on idle and pulls hard to redline, drives straight, no knocking or weird noises (no rattles inside), and on my 5 hour drive home I got an indicated 32.7 mpg (not sure how optimistic the trip computer is?) so it seems to be running right. Any tips or advice for replacement parts and what else I need to look out for and consider replacing over Christmas?
  24. Hello, this is my project. Its a video clip containing only picture material and small footage of what i'm doing. I consider doing some videos of the x-pipe built, sound acceleration overview and etc. I hope you like it, the video its not professional made, but the car came out great ! There will be more videos and pictures of the car soon! Enjoy YOUTUBE VIDEO Did so far : Engine head revision; fuel pump revision; full service; new water radiator; new front window; new fk automotive suspension; new brakes; new inter-cooler; paint job; window tint; hella angel eyes; M-exterior; new battery; m preface steering wheel; led interior lights; ecu tuning; shadow-line trim; style 91 rims; (In the following months there will be even more upgrades) I did an acceleration video of the TDS, so you can see how my automatic does. i wasn't exactly stock when i did it, had a power-box. So- its power-box to chip. The conditions of the time were at the range of one week and i did them on the same road the same time. Disclaimer : The time set is between few frames approx 2-5 frames so its not accurate. YOUTUBE VIDEO Tell me your opinion about this project, i hope you like it !