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Found 4 results

  1. ROOTS.

    E28 Strut Housings

    2x front strut housings please. Decided to get Gaz Gold coilovers but cant leave the car up on axle stands for the 4/5 week approx turnaround time! Anyone got a pair for sale?
  2. Anthonyc

    E61 suspension upgrade

    So After a trip to the Nurburgring last year I decided I wasn't a fan of the air suspension, I'd upgraded to Eibach front springs when I bought the car as the stock ones snapped but the rear was always so sloppy even though the shocks and bushes were all in good shape. I looked into options and the only ones I could find were coilovers from FK in Germany, and ISC in the states. The ISC had a number of reviews on other forums but I couldn't even find a photo of the FK stuff. I decided I was going to take a punt on the FKs since they were only £650 and had UK dealers even though the support is apparently not great and quality is also a bit of an issue. Just before I bought though, I saw an old post in the states for someone selling their rear ISC springs as they bought the kit but decided to keep the air, so after a few PMs, a set of springs were on their way! I installed these but quickly found that the spring rates were MUCH stiffer than the fronts so promptly ordered some softer springs and fitted. these were too soft and although they matched the fronts perfectly, there just isn't the same travel on the rear and the spring was collapsing on itself so the 10KG springs went back on. I kept these on for some time while I tried to figure out what to do and went on another trip to Nurburgring where I decided I liked the stiffer option and after noticing the front shocks not performing so great I decided to order a full set. This wasn't completely straight forward though as in the US, the Touring are all XI so the fronts aren't the same so I actually ordered a front set from a saloon, and the rear shock for the touring. I cant say enough about the guys at ISC, they responded to all my questions, were keen to get something right for me and to discuss my needs and requirements and we agreed on a spring rate and a bespoke kit was ordered. I didn't wait long for it to be built (ordered on 05/05 and finished 19/05) and its now on its way due to arrive on Friday! Will keep this updated as I go but I'll create a separate DIY thread if I have time during the install. Anthony
  3. RoaringTouring

    Spurious fault lights

    I have a number of alerts on my dash which I'd like to clear and I would appreciate the experience of the forum in tackling some of the jobs. 'Low brake fluid' - with associated red brake (different to p/brake) light: I've checked the fluid level, and the pads, which all seem fine, so I'm assuming it's a sensor malfunction. Is this a straight forward job? Do I need to replace the entire reservoir or can I get the sensor (assuming it's the fault)? 'Check coolant level': Similar thing, levels checked and seem fine, so assuming a sensor fault. 'Self level susp. inact.': I had coilovers fitted, and this then generated the alert. The rear suspension airbags were removed and I assume it is related to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to deactivate the alert message? Airbag light Changed the old boat wheel for an msport wheel. I've managed to get all the buttons to work, but I'm left with an airbag warning light. Any thoughts on this, and any of the others, would be greatly appreciated. Ta.
  4. Hi All, Whilst not even looking for another car, I accidentally bought this E28. All the usual excuses apply: It was local, there was nothing on the TV and I was able to lay my hands on the pound notes to seal the deal there and then. So, fate…or something then. The finer details are as follows: It’s a 518i which is good for all the reasons my 316i was good: Fuel economy and light (relative) weight meaning it will be the perfect long distance motorway cruiser. It’s in original condition having been owned by a bank, used by the bank manager, and then given to him as his retirement gift. It’s got every BMW service stamp from day one and is not far off immaculate. It was the test drive that sold me;, it’s perfect mechanically (having just had a massive overhall including a clutch/ fluids etc.), the loudest sound it makes is the injectors ticking. I've bagged myself a sweet pair of rear bumper quarters from the Legendary Tim, a set of Style 5s and have made up my own coilovers... I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm desperately after a new drIver's or passenger seat in pacific blue cloth??? HELP! It Should be a great cruiser for summer. FIRE UP THE LAND SHARK.