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Found 11 results

  1. JasonH

    Best brake pads

    Which brake pads do people recommend these days? On my 535d I've had BMW, Delphi and Bosch pads. All fairly similar in terms of performance. All grind through the disc at an amazing rate. All produced a fair bit of brown dust that stains the wheels. EBC advertise pads with no metal content, I presume that means no brown (rusty) dust, but I've had a bad experience with EBC pads years ago. Has anyone got decent low dust pads fitted?
  2. hadyn68

    Brake pad replacement

    I need to replace the pads on the front and not having done this on a car with sensors before do the sensors need replacing as well or not. I have seen sensor wires on ebay and wondered if I need them.
  3. After a while being away from 5 series I bought back my old 530i. It now needs a master cylinder and I'm wondering if anyone knows for one or an alternative that will fiit. It's an early 1993 E34 530i v8 with an ATE cylinder. The pipe fittings are all the same size, 10mm, not 12 and 10mm like later versions. Do you know if the Girling version is a straight swap, or if a cylinder from a different model in the range will fit, or perhaps from a different series car, like an E28 or whatever?
  4. Y_Cymro

    E34 530i v8 brake master cylinder

    Wanted, brake master cylinder for early 1993 E34 530i v8. It's the ATE version and the pipe fittings are all the same size, 10mm, not 12 and 10mm like later versions.
  5. Hello all, I've been reading into upgrading the brakes on my E34. I noticed that a lot of people will go the E31 Brembo 4-pots for the front, and 540i brakes in the rear. There are many threads here, and I've read through most of them. Anyway, I decided that instead of going this route, I would instead go for the lighter (well same weight as single pots for E34/E32) 4-pot Brembo's from the E38. I managed to source a nice CHEAP, fully functional set from my local breaker. I've got a drawing to have some adapters made up, as the E38 brakes are not direct bolt on. This was obviously discussed at length in this thread. I'm now at the point where I'm ready to install the calipers up front, but I need to find out which brake hoses to use. Are the E38 and E34 brake hoses the same internal diameter, will they work with the brembos, or do I need E38 brake hoses? This is one piece of information I've been unable to find whilst researching quite a lot. I know there are a few people here who have done this upgrade, maybe they can shed some light? I believe the hoses will be the same size, however, I don't have extra hose to hand to test this out. Thanks for anyone who can help!
  6. dave100

    Odd Brake Light Problem

    530D touring 2002. Had check brake light warning on dash. All my brake lights are out except the centre one which works fine. I've checked the brake light fuse and it's fine. Is there a separate circuit for the centre one? I do have aftermarket towbar electrics which I suspect could be something to do with it. Removing the fuse for this makes no difference. Can't be the tailgate wiing as the outer ones are off too. Any suggestions? I haven't got my INPA with me.
  7. Hi guys I have a 57 plate 520D M Sport and I need to change the following; Front Brake Pads and Discs plus sensors Rear Brake Pads and Discs plus sensors Hand Brake shoes i have been to my local indie and he quoted me to supply and fit Pagid parts: Front Discs £160 plus VAT Front Brake pads £140 plus VAT Rear Brake pads £120 plus VAT ... I stopped there and didnt get price for the rest of the stuff. Only reason I went to him was because the car has sensors and needs to be reset everytime you change the pads, as I don't know how to reset this I thought I would take it in to him otherwise I could buy the parts and get it done cheaper myself. Now going onto parts I am looking at Pagid bits and bobs for my motor from ECP but when I put my reg in it comes up with two differant types of front brake discs: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-disc/?104110938&1&d37108f6b39d81b075a4d87cb91749aab84358f7&000027 http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-disc/?104110958&1&886be8784c6c2be83335c07f1258137bc880ac2a&000027 What the differance between the two - which one is best for my car? I don't fancy going back to my indie to ask him lol! Same goes with the front brake pads theres 2 to choose from - so how do I know which ones I need? http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-pad/?101110438&1&505a4c036652ea938d2fd7763128d7242adbd1be&000036 http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-pad/?101110838&1&0ce5614a9f5be59621d9c0587a559287c7f30d98&000036 The Rear discs and pads it only give me one choice to go for in Pagid range so that should be fine As for the sensors for front and back do I need 1 sensor for the front and 1 for the back, or is it a sensor each side i.e 2 on front, 2 on back? Also where do these sensors plug in to, or how do you change them. The sensors which one do I need from this link: (again for the front theres 2 choices lol) http://www.eurocarparts.com/brake-pad-sensor Sorry for the long post as you can tell I am a novice, only going to learn if I do it myself rther than pay an indie to do it. Thanks for you help guys
  8. Hi All, My service light has come on and after checking the dash the culprit is the brake fluid needs changing. I will get this done but my pads and disks will need doing shortly so will get it all done at the same time. I would prefer to turn off the warning in case another one pops up and I miss it. So is there anyway of turning this off without coding software (though I do have BMWhat on my phone). Thanks guys Dave
  9. Should I get one from the stealer or from ECP/GSF? The garage across the road from work say they have issues with wear sensors so like to order from BMW. Never had an issue with ECP sensors myself so thought I'd throw it up here.....
  10. Hi guys I really need some help. I have only owned my 520D LCI M Sport Auto for 2.5 months and I think its gonna be an expensive ride to keep and maintain - I hope its just me being over paranoid, but please have a read of the problems I am having. I am the second owner on my vehicle, according to the service manual its had 3 services, 2 prior to owning the car, and 3rd was done at 40k when I bought the vehicle. I don't think any services have been done on the car as the original pollen and air and fuel filter were still in the car, and I do not think the garage I bought the car from did an oil change either (I am assuming this based on the fact that its been 2 months I have been chasing him for an invoice, and he has failed to send me this. I was told he was going to type one up and post it me, which never happened) Whilst under the car noticed that a few clips and screws were missing for th eparts you would remove in order to get to the turbo, so I am assuming my car has had a turbo change also! Rather than repeating myself again in this thread I have attached a link to the other thread I have listed my problems in as they do not stop there. Hope you can help/advise me what to do http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/87246-advice-needed-changing-brake-pads-discs-sensors-hand-brake-shoes/?p=921643 Also my stats have gone coz the temp is below 80C whilst I was driving on motorway, which means my car has poss been not regenning either, (only god knows how long this has been for) so I may well have a blocked DPF very soon too! GREAAAAT!!!! Also when I was messing around in the hidden menu, I found a message reading 320d now what does that mean - could this poss tie in with my doubt of having a replacement turbo in my car?
  11. Aaron_P85

    5th brake light..

    I've watched a few of this guys videos...he doesn't half waffle on, and could just make the points needed - but a few of his videos are very informative... this one has me wondering if the car would throw up any error messages? I know if a bulb is out you get a error because of the lack of resistance on the circuit, but is there an error for too high of a resistence? seems a very simple mod that wouldn't hurt to do... but then it does look like you have a light out too... hmmm - could possibly use it to make another reverse light too for those that back up in the door alot in garages etc (IF NO pdc)