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Found 6 results

  1. Owain

    Immobiliser Problem

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help with advice. I have recently bought a BMW 525D F10 2010 reg. it came with a key fob (see photos) recently, I have been having issues with the car starting up. You press the start/stop button and nothing happens with the engine and only turns the electrics on or off. Sometimes even the alarm goes off. Inside the cubby box under the steering wheel(see photos) is some light with a button on it. I think the key fob with the button on it is for this. Whenever I have this problem the light flashes. Not sure if this is a 2nd immobiliser? Has anyone come across this before? Is this a after marker immobiliser? Can I remove it? Can I disable the alarm? I spend about 5/10 minutes pressing the button on the key fob, eventually the red light stops flashing and allows me to start my car. On the display is says ‘ignition on’ sometimes when this problem occurs. No faults on the car showing. any advice would be greatly welcomed and thanks for reading my post, Owain
  2. Romes

    E34 Alarm Woes

    Guys, I need a little help if possible please, I stored my car on my drive out of the way over the winter under a breathable car cover, the car is pretty dry ish under the cover, but with the heavy rain over the last few months it has got damp in places under cover. Namely the end of the bonnet and boot, the inside is a little damp but mainly dry. Please I cant stress this enough, its not at all wet in there or under the bonnet. Now due to tracker and alarm being active the battery discharged, caught it just in time and charged it back up, tested it and all is OK. Then came the fun part, I replaced it (battery) in the car and the alarm went bonkers, ignored it and locked the doors etc thinking I may need to reset the alarm, but no! the alarm just kept going! Turned the alarm siren off with the key and then back on ....... still no go....... again..... nope........ again .......... nope....... ok sod it its now off! Any ideas?, I did have this before a few years ago when the car was standing in a small pool of water for a week. I think the damp has got into the alarm siren but it sorted itself out. I'm tempted to just run her and see if that dries her out as she has been sitting since the end of October. Any help appreciated.
  3. Morning, and cry for help.. My 2004 e61 530d touring decided at 6am this morning to set the alarm off, (while i was in the shower) so i went out, no response from either keyfob, and trying the key in the door lock, just spins with no mechanical resistance.. currently my inept googling, seems to show me up against 2 issues.. possible flat or low battery, hence the alarm and lack of remote access, and a couple of spurious errors the car has thrown up recently, such as intermittent parking sensor fail, and a failed door lock, so in between standing in the rain trying every way i can find to get in the car and trawling here, does anyone have any ideas they can point in my general direction Please and thank you a very wet dave in county durham
  4. I have a rather strange problem with fuse number 11 in the passenger junction box. The fuse is only a 7.5 amp and according to all the information; (owners manual, fuse card, autodata etc) it is for the servotronic variable power steering assistance, which I have no idea whether or not it's fitted in my car, which is a mid 2001 post facelift 525i saloon. However, if you remove the fuse, with the ignition on or off, all the interior lights turn off, dashboard illumination goes, and the horn starts sounding!! Can anybody shed any light as to why this might be happening and whether my car should have servotronic fitted? I have always considered the steering to be rather heavy compared to other E39s I've driven. I considered changing the fluid to CHF pentosin, but my reservoir cap states ATF ONLY. any help on any of the above issues would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  5. So I've always assumed that the key being set to off on the siren meant the alarm was disabled, certainly the dash light does very little to suggest otherwise! However, much like I read else where on here, this means the alarm is just silenced... Here's the funny part. It set by its self the other day and then promptly went off as I had doors open. I've no fob! I was messing about with the interior light bulbs though? For what ever reason it saw fit to wake up, then go away again with a cycle of the ignition, I do wonder if I should remove it? Is that even possible with out the fob? How intertwined to the immobiliser is it?.. It's a 94 car with EWS1.. So no transponders.. I know it's brain is under the back seat.. It can't be as easy as taking that out, can it? Taa lads!
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help... I've got an ex police 2007 530d e61. I'm having problems getting the alarm to arm it's self. When I lock the car the indicators flash but the led on the rear view doesn't flash and the alarm doesnt set. I've checked what I think is the alarm use in the boot ( a 5amp) and it seems fine. I don't know if the police disabled the alarm, if they have what would they have done to it? I read somewhere there is a plug in the boot near one of the light clusters which would disable the alarm but I can't find it. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks, T