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Found 30 results

  1. Hello there, 2005/3 E60 535d Msport automatic in Carbon Black. I always wanted to do a Project thread regarding a BM. I've seen a quite a lot of ''Project threads'' here and elsewhere mostly without any pictures or in-depth explanations or just a dead end threads. Hopefully, this should become one.... So then... I got this beauty advertised on Gumtree as a high mileage one(192k miles on it at the time of purchase), so it was a cheap one, just 3.5k. Since I am not afraid of a high mileage cars I opted for this one instead of 2008 E60 530d LCi. The guy that I bought it from used it mostly to get to work in Dublin and Belfast and since he is living near Newry, he did a quite a lot of motorway miles. Just to make sense why I chose this instead of LCi was most of the distances he traveled. Just to make sense of it: If I had a choice to buy a lower spec car from somebody out in a country and a car, that has mostly been used at the town/city with higher spec gadgets and gizmos I would choose the one that is at the countryside every time. Why? because of: 1. It's a diesel! It is supposed to be used on longer journeys to be more economical than the same capacity petrol engine. Since I do a lot of miles myself this is why I went for it. 2. It's a diesel! It clogs up if you drive like a granny on Sundays after a church mess on your way to see the relatives/friends while doing 20-30 mph and an A-class roads where the max speed limit is 60.... Since this doesn't apply to me as I am on a motorway for a most of the miles to get to work, I don't have a problem with it. Diesel needs to be driven harsh once in a while to burn off the soot and other deposits from inlet manifold and surrounding areas. If you're doing less than 8k miles a year, diesel is not for you! 3. It keeps me busy. I wouldn't know what to do If I would buy a brand new car. Changing oil is easy, but I am looking for a challenge so a new car is a no-no for me... I like to get my hands dirty once in a while and the feeling after ou get when you fix something yourself.... Those who know what I am talking about, they will understand. 4. I can fix stuff, I can change it if it needs to be changed and I am not too sure how to do it there is that wonderful thing called ''Google'', but it needs to be master as well as not everything you see or read on there is true.... 5. I always wanted a Black BM with beige leather seats! 6. A bit more about myself at the ''Hello, I am new here'' section So there it goes, a bit of intro with a story and pictures and then straight into the stuff I have done so far. At first, it looked black on the advert, but whenever I went to see it for the first time it was actually a Carbon Black. Whit a lovely beige interior, a perfect combination in my opinion. When it's dirty or depending on sunlight conditions, it looks blue-ish or gray-ish.. (camera doesn't reflect the real color) At the Terraclean Co Down Since there is a character limit per post(but it is not displayed) I will continue in next post.
  2. BigMuthaTrUKa

    Intermitting Starter Problens

    Hi guys today my car developed an intermittent stating issue. I have a automatic so the starting sequence is apply the break and turn key to position 3 and let go, the car automatically engages the starter motor till ignition. Anyway as I tried it, it made a sound like a drill...As thought starter gear has not moved out to engage the flywheel I turned back the key to fully off then tried the sequence again and it started as normal. I was wondering if the solenoid was the issue or the starter is coming to end of life. my mileage is 117000m 535d Whats your opinion???
  3. BigMuthaTrUKa

    2 Glow Plug Relay's In Two Years

    Hi guys seem to be having a problem with these BERU relays.. 1st one i bought lasted 2yrs the 2nd i put on in January lasted about a week. I looked at the DDE module values info on INPA, alternator is pumping just over 14v on tick-over. Not sure if my exsisting turbo issue is causing the relay to short out from a build up of carbon deposits on the glow plugs. Basically the small turbo control valve is bypassed and left open. Since owning this car I inherited the issue, done as much research as i can with a little fiddling to fix the issue with no avail. I have been paying attention to a post on this forum in relation to this turbo pressure problem and JasonH seems to be on to something with the vacuum system. Anyways I thought id ask on here if anyone has had any issues with these "Ebay Relays" because im now looking at buying from Main Dealer and yes...... Get my arse raped...
  4. I had my exhaust off today, as you do, to wash out the DPF. On the basis commercial vehicle DPFs are routinely washed I thought I'd have a go at mine. The car was telling me there was 600 miles left on the DPF (it's pre-LCi). What a joy it was separating the DPF. The bolts were rusted lumps but they sit in sleeves, so grind off the ends and the bolt is still solidly holding it all together. Angle grinder, blow torch and air chisel all were required. The DPF seems clean now, but what else do I find, the exhaust flexi is leaking. I guess that would explain the slight whiff of exhaust under the bonnet. The flexi is part of the Cat and there's not a lot of pipework to attach a clamp on replacement so what I'm looking for is recommendations of suppliers of replacement flexis. I suspect there's some cheap tat that won't last 5 mins out there and there's decent stuff too. I'm going to have to pay someone to chop the old one off and weld the new one on (I don't have a welder) so I want a quality part. Recommendations please. Here's the offending article:
  5. GoNz0

    Vacuum hose? OEM or?

    Should I stick with stock 3.5mm Pierburg braided hose as I can get 20m for £30-£35 or is silicon really the way to go and if so what sort and how much do I need for the 535d if anyone's done the same? 3.5mm vac hose is rare, my indy said he uses 4mm silicone hose without a problem, 3mm I/D may restrict things? Links appreciated Thanks.
  6. Hello Hope you like these and maybe sub if you like my bants.
  7. Hi guys, Hope your all enjoying the snow lately here in the U.k.. I drove over a pot hole not too long ago, which had cut my front passenger RFT tyre and left a slight buckle to my alloy which wasn't visible juntil the tyre was fitted. Anyway I had the tyre replaced and new genuine alloy fitted but noticed that my car had lost the tight steering feeling it had prior to this, and the car seems to wander alot as well as require some over steer when turning around roundabout etc. I had a 4 wheel alignment done to the car by BMW on KDS but this didnt solve the problem and i have just hated driving my car for a few months on long and short journeys, however I have only just realised that one of the features in my car is "Integral Active steering" which i understand is what provide precise turns and less steering input which I used to have before the damage to my tyre and alloy. I have checked through my wheel alignment sheet provided by BMW and noticed that under vehicle spec is states: BMW 5 series F10 2010 - Rear wheel Drive model: without AFS (Active Front Steering) Sport suspension with lower height ride. I cannot understand why the technician has stated without Active Front Steering and there is no mention about Integral Active Steering? I have done some research on Active Front steering and Integral Active Steering which seem to be very similar and the characteristics are exactly what I had with my car where I had full control of my car on fast and low speeds, didn't turn the steering much when doing turns etc. I have now noticed that my rear tyres have wear on the inside and besides the car wandering and pulling left, my steering has to be kept towards the right to keep the car straight yet i find my self constantly having to correct the car when driving straight. Did the technician carry out a wrong wheel alignment on my car at the time and missed out anything such as active steering calibration which other forums have stated? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  8. So its nearly time to say goodbye to my car which has been amazing for the last 2 1/2 years. Has anybody got an idea of what is a reasonable price for this type of car now? Spec: 15 reg - 535D LCI Saloon Auto 34000 miles White Black 19in wheels Black kidney grille OEM Carbon rear spoiler M sport OEM M performance side graphics M sport plus - Harmon K, Electric seats M sport paddle shift Reversing Camera BMW online till mid 2018 Folding mirrors This car was a pre reg at purchase with 35 miles on the clock and I am the only owner. Mostly motorway mileage, 4 new tyres had first service only to date. Cheers in advance, Mark
  9. Tonight whilst driving the 535d home it stalled at speed. The car is a 2008 auto with paddles. In drive mode travelling in a 50mph limit on the motorway I came to the national and gently accelerated as normal. The car stayed in gear and started pulling then i felt a jolt and lost drive. I managed to pull over and found the engine had stopped. I checked it over and found no obvious physical faults. After removing the key it started and drove normally. About two miles up the road it did the same again. I nursed it home using manual shifting and keeping the revs up (boost/load low). I tested it again tonight and whilst initially driving fine as soon as it started pulling in D it stalled. This time i felt it was as boost came on. The auto also knocked itself into N. Any ideas? Quick google search suggests injector(s). Why it would shut off rather than go into limp mode puzzles me though. It also needs a full key out and back in agsin in order to start. Bit gutted as i've only had it a week and done 750 miles.
  10. Yet another RFT post Changed my '12 F11 530d SE for a '17 F11 535d M-Sport last month, as a I managed to get my ideal spec. at a great price and low mileage. Both cars have VDC. Straight away decided I would be swopping the OEM RFT's for non-RFTs, and as Goodyear had a promotion on, I ordered some Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's. When I picked up the car I was quite pleasantly surprised, the current generation RFTs were actually 'OK', or at least the Goodyear Excellence (19") fitted to this car anyway. I still went a head and got the F1's fitted, and initially did not seem as dramatic a change as I expected. However, after running them in I am now really pleased. Ride is less harsh over sharp ridges and a little quieter, but main thing is the car rides and handles as I expect it to. You can actually 'feel' what each corner is doing. I suspect this is how BMW chassis engineers meant it to drive I just swopped again(!) to winter tyres - Continental Winter Contact TS850P on 18", and interesting thing is when I had only 10 miles on them, I dived a bit to fast into a wet roundabout (not a great idea on new rubber I know). But, it was so easy to control - lifted off, felt the back start to move, but all easily corrected, just because of the amount of feedback. Never experienced this feedback before on RFT's - they just feel 'lifeless' in comparison.
  11. Does anyone know of an independent in West Berkshire who properly understands the 535d (272) turbo setup? My local indy has had a go, expended lots of chargeable labour hours, replaced the vacuum hoses, one pressure converter valve and we're nowhere. He's pretty sure the turbo itself is OK, and all other gubbins (actuators etc) are fine. Yet there's no boost below about 3250rpm. I was wondering whether the wastegate is somehow not closing. Not that I know anything about it all myself, and all my many thumbs rule out any kind of personal spannering. But, has anyone had experience of the problem in Berks and found an indy that understands and can repair it? Cheers
  12. blpdk

    Code 43F2 E-61 2005

    Anybody ever found out what this code is ?? 2005 E-61 The code is from the DDE "43F2 Electrical Aux Heater - Activation Interrupted" I have the fault code list, so don't need that... But what is this ?? I have the Autel Maxisys Pro - but no explanation or test of that actuator, and could not find anything in the diagrams that I have, on how to diagnose the problem ! Searched everywhere to just find something, but nothing about that code, or the "aux heater".. And it can not be erased before the fix. It is not the Diesel heater to warm up the cabin in cold weather either.. (Webasto).. No help from the US comunity either, as they obviously don't have 535 diesels.. My Snap-on Verus 15.2 US version, dont have BMW diesels either.. Thanx in advance Bent, DK
  13. waynesmith880

    Turbo Pressure Converter Price Please

    Hi, Please could I have a price for a single pressure converter - part nr. 11658509323 Car is a 535D M Sport LCI - GU57XYK I had them all replaced by an indy approx 1 year ago or so and I believe them to be the new type with the round cover on the end. The bracket is for the new type so it is just the PC that i require. Also, just in case, how much is a length of blue vacuum hose - part nr. 11657796879 Many thanks Wayne
  14. c00lh4nd

    Newbie and BMW Convert

    Note to say Hi. Long time Jag XF driver, recently converted to my first BMW (2016 F11 535d) and loving it, though I do have a few newbie questions that I will throw to you experts at some time. Look forward to contributing, perhaps my first will be a critique of the Jag XFS and the F11 535d?? Who knows C00lhand
  15. Hi all, I'm on the lookout for an E60 LCI 535d Saloon and I'm going out of my mind trying to find a list of optional extras that were available for this model. I've read that the 535 had a lot more stuff as standard over the other 5xx models but I just cannot find the info anywhere to explain exactly what came as standard and what was extra. I found an E60 5 series brochure but it was American and didn't cover the diesel cars. There's not a lot of choice with regards to E60 535ds currently on Autotrader so I'm holding out for the right car. Can anyone please provide me the info regarding the standard and extra kit?
  16. AshM

    SOLD E60 535D Sport

    Here is my 2004 BMW 535D sport for sale. I have just purchased a F11 530d which i am collecting soon so this car is looking for its next owner. I would really like this car to go to an enthusiast and continue to be looked after. If you have a pile of cash waiting try me....The car is an excellent spec. Logic 7 hifi - sounds amazing.Digital BMW TV.Voice control activation.Glass Sunroof.Adaptive Xenons.Sports electric heated memory seats.Electric folding mirrors (fold on locking by holding button also).Cruise control.CCC Professional navigationRemote boot open.Bluetooth.Full genuine BMW iPod Integration. Sports automatic gearbox.Auto wipersAuto lightsRear privacy glass - not OE but done to OE tint specification.This car has been loved and looked after, i bought it from the second lady owner who lived in Newark but worked in Leeds and most of the mileage to 132k was done with this commute. The car now has 152k and has since my purchase been used for my commute to London Heathrow and Liverpool Airports on business. The history is all BMW main dealer and BMW specialist. The following extra work has been completed on this vehicle Swirl flaps removed.Both EGR and main thermostats replaced.Glow plugs and controller replaced.Gearbox Serviced and new mechatronic sleeve installed.DPF removed and remapped.Vaccum pipes done.Intercooler pipes done.Turbos have removed and decoked and the small turbo reconditioned.Wheels have been refurbished and have good tyres.Wing mirrors have been removed and repainted.Last week the car had a major service and the vacuum pipes replaced at a cost of £480. I regularly treat it to a tank of VPower shell fuel.The car comes with all the keys inc the service key. The BMW wallet and an additional folder with receipts. All stamps in the service book are backed up by a receipts. One receipt is for £4k at around 120k miles. Photos and info available on request.Please bear in mind this is a 12 years old car, it is in very good condition for its age but does have normal wear and tear consistent with its age and mileage.It has been a fantastic car to own and i will be sorry to see it heading off down the road once sold.Serious buyers with the funds only please, this is a lovely car and its new owner will be very pleased.Car has just been MOT'd for 12 months.Private plate will be removed before sale. Thanks for reading. Ash. Price is £6000 or sensible offers. My number is 07825 518963
  17. Hi all, Back again, I have filtered through a few forums now about new batteries for my 535d e60. Basically I have a Bosch battery in mine, purchased it with it. Since I have owned it the battery goes flat after 3 days of none usage of the beast. I charge it fully and the battery indicator goes green (healthy) I have had a battery tester on it and it says I may want to consider replacing it. My question is. Anyone recommend a good battery that I can trust AND What is this all about having to register the battery with the car? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi all, just joined the forum so i thought I'd say hello from Germany. If you have any tips and tricks or things I should look out for on 2008 535D estate's, feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi guys, My 535d is regrettably up for sale, due to a recent split with my partner I need to look at downgrading for a year or two, here is the ebay link, any questions please get in touch! http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/161888338325 Cheers Joe
  20. Hi everyone, New to the forums, but have been a browser for tips and help since I traded in my 3 series for my current 5 series. Issue I am having is that recently, as I accelerate up towards 20-30mph the engine makes a whirring noise. It increases in frequency as the engine revs are increased (so appears to be tied to the engine). This is more noticeable when sat in park and just revving the engine, but the noise is easily heard whilst driving, although the sound seems to go once the car reaches 20-30mph (so my original suspicions are it has something to do with the lower ratio of the auto gearbox). I have had the car in with a local garage and they seemed to believe that it might be a gearbox issue (perhaps because that's what I thought), but they couldn't say anything for definite! This was the first issue, but the symptoms are advancing... or another fault is raising its ugly head! The new issue is that whilst sat @ idle the car sounds excessively loud. It sounds like it is over revving although when driving there appears to be no excessive deflection on the gauges and car drives as normal as I can tell. But unless I am booting it, the engine just sounds like an old tug boat diesel engine. Heavy and cumbersome. I have recorded the sounds, but not sure if the forum will let me post audio files. If there is a way, please advise. I haven't yet took it into the nearest BMW centre, since I'm in the midst of buying a new home and not flush with cash for the potential work needed. But if anyone here could give me an idea of potential causes and work required, I might be able to sort myself within reason. Thanks in advance. Andy
  21. Webrits

    Hi from South Wales

    Hello Forum ! Newbie here and almost the owner of a E60 57 plate 535D. Just waiting for a friend to take delivery of his new motor and the 535 will be mine... Can't wait to be honest ...I'm already planning my list of things to do / check ! One question... I can't seem to find any 'How-to' sections.. I was hoping of an easy way to find how to do certain things such as removing and cleaning the EGR, replacing vac lines etc... I've seen plenty on swirl flaps and water ingress but nothing on the others... Cheers all
  22. Gold membership to advertise, thanks. Alun
  23. shauney

    Oil service number 3

    I never think i'll be happy at paying £389 for an oil service but apparently that's not such a bad price for the major one from main dealer on a 535d. I still think £15+VAT a litre for oil is a pishtake. Oil and filter, fuel filter, air filter, micro filters, wash and vac. Also includes £8 for the cdw on the loan car. Thankfully no stored codes and no advisories
  24. Hi All I know there are many other posts about this subject on this and other forums, however, I am yet to find a post that answers the following question..... Rather than people stating their opinnion or their view on the risk of potential failure and with specific reference to the 2006+ 535d engine (pre-LCi but improved swirl flap design)...... Has anyone got specific examples of failures of swirl flaps in this specific engine? This will help me with my sleeping... specific examples appreciated only please.... J