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Found 59 results

  1. Long story short, had my turbo rebuilt with hybrid specs, but leaking oil through the hotside (downpipe) - any reason this would happen like? Cars a 2004 530d, m57n 218bhp model - me units a GT2260V and at time of job fitted new turbo inlet/oulet pipes/gaskets/all oem, fitted new crankshaft breather, engine oil flush etc Have no oil passiing from cold side or manifold side of turbo. It has a nice mist from the breather exit pipe to air pipe Motor has SWIRL FLAP/EGR/DPF/CAT deletes in place, bigger IC. I've done maf/map sensor/air filter/oil filter/new turbo seals/vac lines All these mods have been in place years and ran fine with original turbo unit producing just under 300bhp. The unit was only removed as it had a slight whine and suspected carbon buildup, never passed oil/was bone dry when removed. The hybrid turbo was fitted, it leaked so sent back, apparently nowt found wrong but had few bits swapped out as precaution, was then fitted second time...same problem, unit removed again and now going back for further inspection Turbo Sepc: Everything you would expect from a reconditioned unit, including electric actuator + following hybrid specs: # MACHINE COMPRESSOR HOUSING AND FIT LARGER EXTENDED TIP BILLET COMPRESSOR WHEEL 6 BLADE # WAS INDUCER 44.50 EXDUCER 60.00 # NOW INDUCER 49.50 EXDUCER 62.00 # CUTBACK TURBINE WHEEL BLADES FIT 360 DEGREE BEARING UPGRADE # FIT STAGGERED GAP PERFORMANCE OIL SEALS. In terms of... Oil loss...exhaust is caked in oil, lost probably 2ltrs all in over last 3month - this makes for a very smokey drive, the hotter the exhaust gets. Kinda hoped it would burn off, but seeing as its still leaking, no choice now but to have removed and cleaned (i've just taken off and will be doing this while awaiting turbo to be returned, will delete backbox at same time as this will be ruined too) had zero faults prior...but have two popping up now, one relates to MAF, other to 02 sensor in cat - sensor is on downpipe and has had allot of oil pass over it so not surprised with this fault, suspect its throwing the MAF off too as that was changed within the last 12mths too (new bosch unit) Performance...turbo seems to be performing well, feels strong by far then the original unit, but ideally needs to be mapped again - cant do until leaks sorted (bit useless mind if problem persists ) I've also had compression test done on engine and everythings within tollerenace, tried a thicker grade oil (so 5w/40 opposed to 5w/30, still ll04 approved), metioned before but crankshaft breather. Return pipe from turbo is stock, cant really mod this and at a good factory angle Was thinking maybey it needs a restrictor of sort as the jap folk often use them, but turbo company said not needed as not a ball bearing turbo, completely differnt turbo Any ideas??
  2. Hi all I have a 2010 530d with 120k on the clock. The car has been sitting for about 2 weeks and I have recently discovered that the engine shakes heavily for the first 30-40 seconds after cold startup. The issue has gone on for some time now but it used to be a subtle vibration and would smoothen out after about 15 seconds. However it has become increasingly apparent especially in the colder weather. In warmer weather the engine will start up smoothly with no apparent vibrations. I can only think that a belt may be loose and adjusts itself over time as it warms up? Or could it be that the glow plugs are failing? I will take it on a motorway run to rule out any DPF issues and to burn off any spot accumulation due to previous urban driving. Edit - also showed a message on the idrive which read something like 'preheating please wait' so assuming glow plugs required more time to heat up. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, so as the title says, my work horse E39 will be up for sale in a month's time or so. I will pay the money to advertise on here in due course (having major surgery in next couple of weeks) What I wanted to ask, is that there are a couple of bits that need doing to the car, and would i be better off doing them and then selling, or should i leave them for the buyer to do. The temp sensor (engine temp is fine, but dash reading shows -40 degrees regardless of weather) PDC - (had a light front end miscommunication with a motorbike at standstill traffic and insurance replaced the front bumper, but PDC gives a long beep when in reverse but no repeated beeps when i get close to anything) Front wheels vibrate over 60mph (been told that the front wheels are either off an E38 or i have E60 hubs on. Balancing is fine, but there is no 'ridge' on the inside barrel of the wheel) - I have some spigot rings that i haven't had time to fit, no point buying new wheels if the car is being sold and the outlay wouldn't increase the sale price enough i don't think. Self Levelling suspension - this was removed by a previous owner and has shocks and springs on but the SLS light on the dash is present and not been cleared. Have a Full SLS kit from a breaker ready to be fitted should the new owner wish to do so. (F.O.C to new buyer) New wipers and rear brake bulbs will be fitted this weekend, and will be having an inspection II at Birds before sale. Door Lock needs replacing as upon depressing the relevant buttons on the keyfob the drivers door is still unlocked. have a new lock and actuator ready to be fitted Passenger Mirror lens broken - Have power mirrors ready to go on, just waiting for them to come back from a friend who is spraying them for me for a donation of beer tokens. It's an Automatic Titan Silver sport on a 53 plate with just shy of 208k on the clock (I've done 3k since October). Always been on Shell V-Power. Looking to list it at £2000 [what i paid], and don't really want any less than that, unless a purchaser has an E39 M5 to sell, in which case I've got some cash i've squirreled away and will be tempted to do a deal, but again for that my budget will only stretch to a pre-facelift. If you guys have any advice, that would be appreciated, given this is my first E39, and i'm in no shape to do much work to it that would require specialist tools, or jacking the car up, as i have no space (sloped drive) on which to do it, nor ability. Thanks! Deepan
  5. Afternoon people my car is coming up for a service in April. anyone recommend me somewhere to take it please. Im in Ashbourne. Hughes brothers in Derby, has anyone had dealing with them? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there can you please quote me for both thermostats, EGR and the main one. "YK09RRY" is the reg. Many thanks Rob
  7. Morning all, So this morning i started the car as normal, and the usual lights come up. Rear O/S Brake bulb is out, Air Suspension light (no self-levelling) and Airbag (either tensioner, or i still have to book in for the recall on the steering wheel airbag) I started driving away from my driveway and obviously the engine is cold. A bit of a hearty shove to the end of my road, and then the gearbox light has come on. kick down is pretty harsh. can't use my phone and there's nowhere to stop. I carry on to work, (20 minute drive) park up in the carpark, and turn the car off. turn it back on again straight away, and the light was still there. I'll go back and check in a couple of hours when i get a chance to sneak away from my desk, but.... IF it's still on, what does that mean? needs oil or do i need a new gearbox? If it goes, is all well or should i get it inspected or top up the gearbox oil anyway? Would this be the opportunity to do a manual ox swap if anyone has the parts to sell? Thanks in advance. Deepan
  8. Hi guys, can i get a quote on the following items. Body colour is Titan-Silver ( TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) ) 51168165115 51168165116 - Do these come painted, or just primed and need to be painted? 51218235098 66206989081 (x2) 66202180149 (x6) Much appreciated. Deepan
  9. Hi, a certain owner 'suggested' i buy an E39 once my previous lease vehicle went back to the dealership (F21 120d M-Sport), so here i am. I've got myself a '53 plate 530d sport touring in Silver. probably paid a tad too much for it, considering the amount of rust bubbles it has however it drives well and is a factory sport, so it'll carry value well. 205K miles on the clock so far. I've designated it as a daily work horse, however already started buying parts and such like. My other car is an pre-facelift (chromie) E30 M20b25 Turbo. Thanks. Deepan
  10. Life's been very busy these last two or three years and I've had precious little time to do anything remotely resembling hobby stuff - particularly on cars and so on. The best I've managed is to buy me an SLK a year ago and I've managed to run around large parts of the UK with the top down and the sun shining. I even got the SLK into a classic car magazine as part of a buyers' guide over the summer. My BMW has been great - reliable, quiet, comfortable and still great to travel in but now I have the SLK I've effectively halved the already small mileage I was doing per year - and it shows. As she is an old-school diesel, she doesn't like short journeys and needs to do lots more miles than she does. Also, as she needs four new tyres, a Inspection 1 service and a new windscreen I felt it was time to put the old girl out to pasture. Therefore, I've been looking around for a petrol replacement. I'd been thinking a 3-series or maybe a C class possibly - even a Jaguar - but looking around it seems that petrol versions of these cars are like hens teeth to find - there are so few! So off we went to a car supermarket to kick some tyres and... my choices were all deemed 'too small' by SWMBO. Apparently none of them had enough room in the back (guess who'd asked our six foot son to come along???) Anyway, instead, we ended up looking at E classes, 5 series, an A6, the Jaguar again, a Passat, a Mazda 6 and others. Just sitting in the cars quickly got us down to three possibilities - the E class, the 5 series and the A6, So I then started looking for real-life petrol contenders to drive. The nearest of seven petrol E classes for sale in the UK was 60 miles away; the nearest of three petrol A6's was over a hundred miles away and the nearest of twenty BMWs was 12 miles away. We tried the E class first and we didn't like it. The ride was too soft and the car wallowed a lot. Oddly, the car (an E350 CGI) also seemed slow to react to steering and acceleration (even in S-mode). Then we looked round for 5 series examples and found a 528i SE fairly close, five years old, 44K on the clock, the right colours and the right major toys (but no sat nav or xenons - both of which will keep me busy as Projects!) and drove it on Sunday. We both felt right at home. Ride, response, the feeling inside, road noise, seat comfort all good. The car has a single tiny stone chip on the bonnet, unmarked alloys, good tyres and was 'reduced - this weekend only'. So we bought it and we pick it up tomorrow. As the garage only offered me a low part exchange for my old girl I've stripped out the stereo and popped the original radio cassette back in. The removed kit (a sub, an amplifier, head unit and cables) I'll sell to help fund my new 5-Series projects.. So it looks like I'm back to stay - and, with the new 5-series arriving, I'll hope to become a more active member once again. So ... Hello again. Savcom
  11. This seems to tick a lot of boxes for me, however upon doing an hpi check its actually got 109,000 miles not 105,000. Apparently it has had the gearbox oil changed but not just sure if the dealer is presuming this as its got FSH (as I'm aware BMW dont do this). Looks to be an Irish car too, whether that means anything or not, it explains the plate. Spotting more stonechips on the front the more I look at it. Have a look or stay away?...
  12. Hello, I thought it was time to start a log of my car and it's progress. I brought this car on 24th May 2016. I looked at cars as far north as Middlesborough and as far south as London and ended up buying a car 10 minutes away from me in Leicester! I'm the third owner of the car, with the mileage currently on 161,600! It runs sweet, has full BMW service history and has had no faults that I'm aware of! It already had tinted windows and the shadowline/black grills. The previous owner also installed Ice white halo's. My plans are: - Full detail incl. Gtechniq C1 sealant - Low profile roof rack and roof box (May include wrapping the roof for protection) - Fix stone chipped bumper - Upgrade sat-nav - Done - Maybe a detachable towbar - Remap after 6 months (want to gauge condition of everything) - iDrive interface with reverse camera? - Dash camera Here are some pictures
  13. Hi everyone. My front tyres have excessively worn on the outer edges after having the tracking and alignment done a few months back. can you please tell me the optimum toe / camber setting for maintaining a good balance of grip and even wearing? When my tracking was last done the rears had excessively worn on the inner edges so I requested that they were stood up as close to vertical as was reasonable.. but now my fronts outer edges have gone!! It is a 2008 530d e60 running on spyder style 172 alloys. The front tyres are 245/35/19. I like a bit of spirited driving on occasions (it's a bmw afterall).
  14. well after 13 years of vw's (still own one, but let the rest go) I took the plunge and decided to go for a BMW. Originally i was after an E92 3 series, but the bloke selling the one i wanted was a douche to put it politely, so after much hunting i settled on a 5 series. must haves were m57 engine, manual box, and m sport kit. after a few weeks searching i found what i was after; the more observant of you may recognise this car, it was gtsteves, but sadly i paid a middle man inbetween him owning it. but never the less steve has been an absolute gentleman in providing information and history on the car. hats off to you sir he is also the reason i am joining this forum, he highly reccomends it! loving the car and enjoy the fact that it sounds nothing like a diesel, sounds pretty evil with the quad exhaust. turns heads everywhere it goes and puts a smile on my face every morning on the way to work. the stereo build by absolute audio is phenominal too. also the snooper and tr30 come in mighty handy so far i have just been fixing bits and bobs on it, like the floppy boot that kept twatting me in the head when it was open. a bit of maintenance under the bonnet. took it for a dyno run too as it didnt feel anywhere near as powerful as the dyno that came with the car said it was (290 bhp and 556 torque) it turns out its actually making 223 bhp at the wheels, 247 bhp and 447 torque at the flywheel. after this i deleted the egr and coded out, would have liked to put back on the dyno to see if it makes any difference or not! feels like it spools quicker but nothing worth writing to your grandma about so whats next......well as for the power, i've booked in at sp tuning at the end of may for live mapping. I have the annoying blinking/flickering on drivers side headlight when on dipped beam (driving me nuts) so need to do a bit of investigating on that. And need to get the electric wing mirrors wired in, just because things not working get on my tits, will get round to it at some point. and the passenger headlight being a bit cloudy is on the list of things to do, need to invest in a resto kit. Im also hoping to swap the wheels for some borbet style 95's from a 7 series, if anybody has any for sale or would be intersted. hint hint! so far no regrets and pleased with the move to a beemer. Jim.
  15. Hello, i have been browsing for a couple of days now. Im located in Derbyshire, here is my newly aquired BMW E39 530D MSport Auto: Not the best of photo's but hey-ho! , Im looking at tidying the car up a little. First of all i will just be tidying the rust up, changing the termostat as this sticks open sometimes and servicing the car for now. I have previously owned an E36 Saloon 323i in blue and an E36 Coupe 323i in hellrot red. The car has done 160k miles with full service history, however none of these mention a gearbox service which worries me a little so i am also looking at getting this done, but overall i am really impressed with the car. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, i am all ears . Anyway i won't bore you all with anymore information about me! Cheers
  16. So i popped into Arden BMW in Kent today, after popping into another dealer down here yesterday, to have a chat about options of changing my 2007 E60 530D for something a bit newer, and 2 hours later I have an order for a nice new F10 sorted! and hopefully will be with me within the week!
  17. Hi I'm new. I have a 530d 2008 (lci) . Does anyone have any info on turbo upgrades. I want more power than just a remap. Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm hoping someone can help me here. I have a small diesel leak which, after a quick look today before it started to rain, seems to be coming from somewhere under the nearside (passenger side) area. There are two pipes - fuel lines I think - which disappear into a plastic undertray which I couldn't figure out how to remove but I managed to peel it back enough to see a couple of jubilee clips and two bits of fuel hose which attach to the pipes before they emerge. One clip looked very rusty and wet with diesel and I'm sure that's where the leak is, although I suspect there's a pump in there too? The question is, has anyone else had this fault and how did you manage to fix it? The trickiest part seems to be removing the undertray. I'm hoping it's simply perished hoses that are at fault. Not having access to a garage or workshop is a real pain and it looks like I may have to book into a garage to sort it.
  19. Hi Peeps, Just entering the world of 530d Touring from previous VW T5, phoned my long term insurance company with my 10+ years no claims.....and they won't insure me! Any stand out companies out there come to mind? Drop me a line, Cheers Si
  20. Currently looking for a used e60. Budget is about 5-7k. I am based in Scotland and don't have a car at the moment. I don't wish to travel all the way down to the south to check out cars, so the options available to me are very limited. I have set my eyes on: 57 place 525i lci (125k on the clock) and 07 plate 530d (last batch pre-facelit, 110k on the clock). I only do about 5k annually, mostly town cruising and country road combined. Will do long travels occasionally. From this perspective, I think the petrol engine is more ideal. That's why I am leaning towards the 525i, but the 530d does provide better performance and have slightly better specs/packages that I would like to have. In terms of the potential risks, 530d's swirl flaps and DPF problems and the costs to fix associated are also putting me off, but I do hear the N53 petrol engines have a lot of injection issues. Considering how the high-mileages, I am sure the 525i is likely to have those issues soon. How much do they cost to fix? Any other things that I need to particularly look out for when I view the 525i? Cheers!
  21. Ok allow the car to reach its operating temperature. Drive it then stop, pop your foot on the brake and keep the car in Drive. Does the car move - can you feel any movement, any subtle movements, like a shake? Mine has been in 7 times. Inlet valve changed, Engine Mounts changed... engine still rumbles and shakes.. My dealer is not able to drive another one!!!!! And clearly didn't road test it but they are doing their best. So - can you feel your engine running when you are IN GEAR IN DRIVE and with your foot on the brake. When I focus on it, it is almost like miniture tiny engine splutters at worst, or very very mild shaking, like as if you are sitting in an old car with a massive engine.... Please help - I am dying... My car 2011 - F10 530D 245
  22. So lets cut to the chase, couple months back i went to avon tuning and gutted my dpf and got the egr delete and remap. But only now i have decided that i want to liven the car up in terms of noise. I wanted to give the car to an audible prescence lol. So i decided to resort to a downpipe, now i hope not to spend silly money on a downpipe but keep the cost minimal..can somone reccomend me a downpipe other than the ecotune downpipe??? I have the m57n2 engine aswell Will appreciate it alot
  23. Also is 115k miles too much for a remap now? Just curious because I'm considering getting one for my Pre-LCI F10 530d. Are the ebay tuning boxes any good? Do they actually deliver their promises for better economy? Please post any experiences you've had.
  24. Hi everyone. I recently had my 2010 F10 530d 245ps serviced at a bmw specialist. He did the regular stuff i.e. oil filter, oil change etc. However, on iDrive it is now showing that the oil level is too high and that it should be checked. This has been happening since the service. I have checked the dipstick and it is on the max line so could it be a faulty oil sensor? Any help would be appreciated