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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, I hope this is in the right location for posting (sorry admins if not ) however I now need the best advice possible, I now have cleared funds to go and start sourcing my 5 M sport !! the issue I have is I don't know which one to go for, so its at this point im now asking you guys WHAT DO I PURCHASE have a budget of 8k don't want to spend it all and im looking at early years 55 06 etc and also 58 and 59 plates I like the early shape on the 55/ 06 car I know its real similar but there's something about the shape that's got me hooked its engine im struggling with,,, I do mostly motorway driving it will be a manual gearbox as auto is not a consideration so what you all think 520d or the 525d ???? thanks in advance all Jon
  2. Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  3. I picked up a well-priced immaculate 525d and so far have: - Replaced the cracked exhaust manifold with an aftermarket cast iron from x8r - Replaced the Main and EGR thermostats with genuine stats as the temperatures were stuck around 70, now they get up to around 90 - Oil change, air filter, brake pads done I've plugged in DIS and everything is mostly fine except for some glowplug errors, as the glowplugs are so cheap should I go ahead and replace all 6? Is it worth doing the controller at the same time? I also plan to blank the swirl flaps. Any other preventative maintenance or improvements you would recommend? I've read something about vac lines? Remap? thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hi every1 hope some1 can helpHaving a problem with my 2002 E39 525d all of a sudden the drivers door will not open from outside with handle....everything else works central locking etc...door will open from inside, i just use unlock button to put window down and open the door from inside but very annoying when raining and its raining most of the time in Ireland hope someone can point me in right direction Thanks in advance also my fuel tank is empty when fuel gauge is at quarter left but 1 problem at a time i suppose haha
  5. Its official I must be getting old .... picking up my first Diesel and an Automatic !! First time BMW owner here taken the plunge after many trouble free years of Honda ownership hoping for more of the same plus a little more luxury. A quick look through the forum and looks like a valuable resource, very well put together. Adrian.
  6. Hi, ive been a member here for a while but forgot my old accounts log in and had to create a new account! for a while I've had this issue now. After heavy acceleration where the turbo has been used hard, after I come to a stop there will be clouds of white smoke pouring from the exhaust. Very strong smelling and sometimes quite embarrassing. Im not convicted the car reaches the right temps as a 30min motorway cruise at a steady 60mph in 6th gear(manual box) struggles I go above 73degrees. Not it quite sure where to start. Any ideas guys? its a 525d pre lci. Dpf and egr still fitted and swirl flaps blanked off. i thought it was due to the swirl flaps but it still does it after the deflap. Another thing, it has a very light murmur on idle and when cruising on motorway. It can be felt as a slight miss and the needle jumps. Have removed the injectors and cleaned them out individually and replaced the copper washers but still no difference.
  7. Hi, I recently aquired a SAT LCI gear lever (with the sports button) i had it fitted in by a forum member KadirLLB thank you to him. Now the gear shifter works just as normal as my other lci non sport shifter, when i press down on sport the steering stiffens up too. Now i am wanting the full SAT option with S1/S2...etc modes on my car. Will it be possible as my car is a 57 plate 525d LCI. and i have purchased the flappy paddle steering as i got a goot deal for it. Will that work? I dont mind it working normal worh M1/M2..etc modes. Thank you
  8. Hello, I recently got a 2005 525d and whilst I'm impressed with many aspects of the car, the MPG has been pretty terrible. I drive a 6 mile commute to work (50% dual carriageways, the rest is 30mph roads) and no matter how easy I drive I cant get over 19mpg. First thing I did was get the car plugged into INPA and no faults showed up. I then accessed the hidden menu to check the engine temp. I let the engine sit idle for 15 mins and it peaked at 68C. I then drove the car hard for 10 mins and the temperature peaked at 84C. Are these temperature figures right or too low? I read that they should be around 88C - 93C. If the EGR or main temp sensor are faulty, should they have shown up in the diagnostics result? What sort of average mpg should I get for in town driving? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stu
  9. Hey, just had a question so wondered if anyone here could answer for me I've had an LCI 525d M Sport (Manual) for almost a year now, love it! But I figured it's about time. Time to give her a remap for her birthday present. But I'm in a dilemma.. I've been reading about a DPF gut and EGR delete on many of these forums to go alongside the remap for obvious benefits such as no clog worries and bhp gains. I do know it may come with a bit of extra smoke but the efficiency and power gains will offset this in my eyes so I can potentially live with the smoke. However there's one thing putting me off.. 1 - I know if it's a gut, it won't really be detectable in an MOT so that won't be a bother. But what if you need to sell the car in the future? Has anyone experienced any problems in removing the DPF and trying to sell the car thereafter? Especially since you're doing a permanent (I think?) illegal move in removing the dpf? Wouldn't really want to fork out £1200+ installing a DPF to sell the car.. PS. What are the pro/cons of doing a remap without the DPF gut & EGR delete? Thanks!
  10. So lets cut to the chase, couple months back i went to avon tuning and gutted my dpf and got the egr delete and remap. But only now i have decided that i want to liven the car up in terms of noise. I wanted to give the car to an audible prescence lol. So i decided to resort to a downpipe, now i hope not to spend silly money on a downpipe but keep the cost minimal..can somone reccomend me a downpipe other than the ecotune downpipe??? I have the m57n2 engine aswell Will appreciate it alot
  11. Hello Phil, Not sure whether my battery is on the way out. Just in case perhaps you'd be kind enough to give me a price for a replacement as I've been told that the dealer price is pretty competitive. Regards, Tim
  12. REFERENCE: 2007 525d (3-litre engine) chassis number WBANX52040CW82095 Hello, I’d be grateful for prices for the follow items for my car please: Main engine thermostat (and any additional gasket/seal if not included with the thermostat).EGR thermostat.Antifreeze.Engine oil filter element (and seal or 'O' ring if required). You did quote me via the 5-Series forum a while back (quote 59077) but I guess prices may have changed. I know you usually include carriage in the price, but perhaps you’d let me know if it’s cheaper to collect as I’m not far away. Many thanks.
  13. Hi, I'll start from the beginning, I got an app on my android phone called "Torque" as I wanted to monitor life date from my car,for that I needed a Bluetooth Adapter which I got from ebay but it couldn't connect to the ECU so I got similar adapters from ebay but they also didn't car does have the OBD2 port under the right side of the steering wheel but why does it not work???? What could help me to use the Torque app on my car???? Thank You
  14. Hello there, so I have my 2002 e39 525d.........does my car have VANOS? I understand that it's most probably a very silly question,but I just couldn't find any info about it. Was there ever a VANOS on a diesel engine or is it only a petrol engine thing? Thanks, Alex
  15. Hello all I have been following the forum for 5series owners for some time, but couple weeks back I just got my new 57 plate bmw e60 525d lci m-sport . LOVING IT lol. Though I did have a 525d e60 m-sport prior to buying the lci e60. Piks will be posted and have done some mods so far.
  16. Let's do this properly. I've been suffering with this problem for a while. Generally when it won't start, charge the battery or jump it and off we go. It never normally has this problem if it's been driven regularly. However everything changed today. Normally if it's having a moment then the dash lights up, turn the key and nothing or just the one click. My other half had to use it this morning, went down wouldn't start. Got the call, she got on a bus and I put the car on charge. 3 hrs later go to see what's happening and nothing. Put some leads to another battery in the garage and off we go. Now I've generally thought it was a battery problem, so I changed it about 5 days ago. This battery is good holds its charge etc but something even more weird happens. Now absolutely nothing. Turn the key all the lights go out the indicator by the gear stick flickers and the battery and seatbelt lights are all that's there. Once again clamp it to the spare and all ok. Another bizarre thing is the clock comes back with a time approx 45 mins earlier. This has happened twice today. It's been suggested that it's a intermittent discharge. When the car was asleep an amp meter was attached and this suggested a drain varying between 0.4-0.8. The alternator creates just under 13 v when it's running. If it's a new alternator then so be it, but if it's not and just a relay....... I don't know really what to do, I could just give it to a garage, pay a mint, just to find its a fuse. Modern cars are a bit above me I'm from an age when you could lift the engine out with your hand, take it apart and all back in the car running in an afternoon! Any help would be appreciated as I don't know where to start.
  17. Hello every one, I'm planning to change my standard shocks on my E39 525d SE 2002 with a Monroe Reflex shocks(already have an Eibach lowering springs on),they come in two different options, M-Sport(or heavy duty) and Standard, SO,what is the difference between M-sport suspensions and Standard ( I mean fitting) or in the other words, will the M-sport shocks fit a SE car? Thanks
  18. So on Tuesday, on the way home from dropping the wife off to collect her car from the garage (£££), my E39 525d (04 plate 133k miles) decided to ingest its swirlflaps. I've only had the car for 2 years, and thought that the swirl flaps had been blanked, so this came as a bit of a surprise. There have been a number of problems over the last year, with injectors and glow plugs, so this really is the cherry on the cake. The body work of the car is not in great shape and the cloth interior has seen better days. I reckon the previous owner used to travel around the country towing a caravan with the car full of dogs, or very hairy friends. I've been told if I am lucky and manage to get away with light damage I will still be looking at the best part of £1k to repair. If the pistons are bent and other bits knackered it would be a 2nd hand engine job. I put new boots on all 4 corners at last MOT a couple of months back, and it has 5 months tax left. Bought the car for £2,300, have spent roughly £2k in 2 years in repairs. My question to you all is what could I reasonably expect to get as scrap value? Or does anybody in the South Devon area fancy taking it on to dimantle for parts? I would, but having just moved to a new house, and am in the process of doing that up, I can't spend the time and simply don't have the space. Any advice will be greatly received CK
  19. Hi, I'd appreciate any advice on this problem, I've read as much as I can find on the forums, but I don't know enough to really work out what's wrong. My car: E61 525d2004 M57 TU engine, pre-LCI123k milesDPF has 7k left on iDriveHad it for 5 years, well looked-after & serviced at local indy garages Problem At steady speeds, the engine isn't smooth and the MPG swings up and down. I thought maybe its a DPF Regen happening? For DPF-regen to start, my understanding is that you need: Coolant temp above 75c No engine faults I picked up a cable and software, DIS shows 2 persistent DDE errors: 4185 - Exhaust-gas temperature sensor before cat conv. signal - signal too high 4203 - Glow Control unit - no communication via BSD interface - fault currently present I just had the Glow Plug Control Unit replaced last week - but I still get the 'DDE 4203' error code above, which makes me wonder?!?! ... I'll be phoning them tomorrow to discuss this. Anyway, today, I took it out on the motorway with DIS diagnostics running to try to see what's happening - I was checking DIS as I was driving, and took a few screenshots Coolant temp was getting up to 78c -ish (maybe faulty sensors, but they do get above 75 so I think this is ok? - should they always be 90+ ? )DPF Regeneration status kept changing all the time, Active & Not Active, maybe every couple of seconds. This was while the engine wasn't running smooth. I have screenshots with it Active, and with it Inactive. When "Active": Coolant Temp was 76.9c "Exhaust Gas before Particle Filter" is average 400c "Exhaust Temp before Cat" is average 650c When "Inactive", Coolant Temp was 72.9c "Exhaust Gas before Particle Filter" is average 300c "Exhaust Temp before Cat" is average 300c But this Status is changing all the time, the Regen doesn't stay Active for very long. (I'm guessing the Regen shouldn't keep starting/stopping like this, but should just run to completion? ) So, any ideas? 1. Maybe coolant temp sensors too low or unreliable, stopping the Regen from working properly? 2. Is it a faulty "4185 - Exhaust-gas temperature sensor before cat conv. signal" ? Is that why the temp goes up and down so much (300 <--> 650) 3. Maybe something else? Any help appreciated, thanks for reading. Cheers, Jim
  20. Hello all a couple of weeks ago my 2005 E60 525D started billowing out black smoke from the exhaust pipe when stationary at traffic lights. As I moved out it appeared to spit out a couple of hot cinders or ash onto the road. It stopped smoking and resumed driving normally. Since then though I've had think soot around both exhaust pipes. I've experienced some stuttering when the car is cruising at low speeds, but other than that it has been driving as per normal. I have to be honest and say that I have put off having the diesel particle filter replaced, simply because of the cost, but fear it may well be time to have it replaced. Can anyone confirm whether these symptoms would be related to the DPF being on the way out. My car has covered nearly 145K and is 15K over when DPF should have been replaced? Just wanted your opinions before having it checked out. Cheers.
  21. I mentioned a while ago i was thinking of getting rid of my financed Seat Leon FR and getting a used E39 well... I just got back from putting a deposit down on my first E39 it's a 2003 525d SE Auto, 2 owners from new full service history 2 places its whole life, main dealer, then an independent specialist in my town. Drives great, lovely condition, and a lot of car for the cash. Trouble is - im excited and worried at the same time. Car is great, but the dealer wouldn't take my Leon, not right for his stock right now. So i have left a deposit on the BMW, but now i have to find a way of selling my Leon and getting enough money to pay off the finance, and put a substantial amount into the BMW so i don't have to borrow much, assuming that is i get approved for the finance i need. Just hope I can get it sorted, any advice? It would be a real shame to lost a great E39 and my deposit
  22. Hello I know there is a lot of info online about the dredded FSR but i have a couple of questions to which i cant find any answers Basically my car has had mega issues its been sat around for 9 months now with a new problem developing as soon i resolve one. After putting the cooling system together, my blower seems to have packed up. Just does not blow any air, when the car was running which is now a distant memory, the blower would at low speeds make whistley noises so I dont know that if that was a clue to the current state of the care I have checked the huge fuses which are fine, I have got a brand new FSR and tested the blowers and it is still not working I have a couple of questions before i start banging my head against my troubleshome E39 1. The FSR when conncted gets really hot within seconds, i mean really hot, is this normal? im assuming this means the FSR is getting power. 2. Is there a way to test the FSR to ensure i havent got a faulty part? 3. Can i still bleed the car with the blowers not functioning? 4. could the blower have packed up? can i test it/bang it? to kick it back into life if this is the issue? I have read about the battery being drained if I have a faulty part? im going to test this tonight by: start the car up keep it running for a short while to ensure the battery is properly working. Keep the FSR attached wait an hour and see if it has cooled down or is still hot to the touch By the way if the FSR is hot when the car is off, does that mean it is getting power even when off? im quickly running out of patience with this e39 and must admit have lost all faith in BMW's this week as my 7 series has stopped reversing too.....some magical gearbox issue where it cant reverse with no warning lights Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  23. Firstly hello, new member here looking for an E60/61 (not too fussed) but interested to know what the physical differences are between the 3x 3l engine variants in both the pre and post LCI models. Basically I'm looking for a 535d but can't decide whether it's worth the extra premium for me. Should I consider the 530d or even the 525d and look at remapping and other mods? Ultimately, can I simply replace parts on a 525d to create a 535d and tune from there? Thanks in advance, Rob
  24. Hi Beemer lovers!! I'm after the above model but I got slightly confused as the advertiser claims that it has a build in freeview TV in the dash (original)?? Is this true/possible? I have never known for a 5 series to have that? I think the built in multimedia display is able to play DVD's? Can you guys help? Thanks!!