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  1. To be fair, my old 330ci was also ulez safe as it is euro 4. The 330ci wasn't practical for a family though!
  2. RanchoGrande

    E61 530i Auto box slipping

    Thanks, I'm now thinking it may not be the gear box that is at fault. Will take it to my local indy to see what's going on!
  3. RanchoGrande

    E61 530i Auto box slipping

    It happened again this evening, engine goes very lumpy after the EML light comes on and doesn't resolve itself until the car has been restarted. Do you think this is autobox related or something else? It certainly feels like it's slipping before it happens but then perhaps it could be the engine not breathing (can't think of a better way to describe it) I'm in West London... found an auto box specialist today in Acton who seemed pretty knowledgeable.
  4. Good choice sir! I sold my 330ci manual and recently purchased a 530i M Sport touring, in silver, except it's an auto! I grabbed this one quite quickly due the lack of petrol tourings out there and it has a good spec too, with memory heated seats and pro-nav. I have to say though, I do miss the manual box on the 330. I also have N53 and I'm not overly concerned about it just yet. I can echo what Deviant said, my 330ci only let me down once in 7 years and it never needed anything doing to the cooling system despite the internet telling me that it needs to be overhauled "just in case" I tend to only fix stuff if it breaks! As for the 530i, well, I have a list to get cracking with as there are a number of things that need fixing: Rear wiring is knackered (glass won't open, shite radio reception) Tyres need changing (2 runflats 2 non WTF? Didn't even notice this when I bought it!) Sounds like a bit of knock at the front suspension and now the gearbox is acting up... Still, when I sort out these bits it will be a keeper as it ticks so many boxes, and I'm ULEZ safe as well.
  5. RanchoGrande

    E61 530i Auto box slipping

    There is no evidence of it being serviced in the papers I have nor did the previous owner mention it. I had a bit of a search but around but couldn't find anything that sounded similar, I also thought that maybe it would have produced an "transmission error" on the idrive rather than the EML light.
  6. RanchoGrande

    E61 530i Auto box slipping

    Evening All Seem to be having a few issues with the auto box where it feels like it's slipping when you put your foot down, after which the EML light will come on. I'm not talking about flooring it, more like moving away quickly when in traffic. The EML light goes off if I stop and restart the car. Any ideas? I must say, having come from a manual 330ci, I'm not loving this auto box right now!
  7. Thanks, just took a look at mine and the foam does look quite old. Will replace this and keep an eye on it as I can't see any other place where water may get in?
  8. Another question if I may! did you replace both gaskets/seals (as in, both sections of the rear light) or just the section that is attached to the body of the car? thanks!
  9. Was your gasket obviously perished?
  10. I seem to be having this issue, is the tail light gasket easy enough to buy and replace?
  11. Checked for these pipes today but couldn't see them, Did they remove them from the LCI E61? All areas apart from under the battery seemed dry. I could see a few MM of water under the battery - do we think this could be coming from these blocked pipes or from somewhere else?
  12. RanchoGrande

    E61 Rear Windscreen Wiper

    Planning to get the car booked in with an auto electrician to have this switch fixed along with the shoddy wiring in the tailgate. I expect that all the wiring is knackered as the radio reception is poor, plus the 3rd brake light isn't fully lighting up.
  13. RanchoGrande

    E61 Rear Windscreen Wiper

    Would give this a try but the glass lid won't open...button does nothing! It's another item on my list. Does yours sweep fully left to right?
  14. RanchoGrande

    E61 Rear Windscreen Wiper

    Hello I'm currently working through my list of "stuff that doesn't work quite right" on my newly acquired E61. One item in the rear windscreen wiper; It looks like it parks too low and is quite close to the edge of the glass and nor does it sweep 180 degrees. Can these be adjusted? and are they meant to sweep 180 degrees? You can see where it parks and the line where it sweeps to in the pic below. Thanks in advance!
  15. Opposite end of the country in London!! Thanks for the offer though. I do like to try and take on these jobs and have done many similar things on my E46, this one just looks a bit much, especially when I don't have a garage and will effectively be doing the work on the street.