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    BMW 540i M x-Drive. BMW 118i
  1. davidm

    Text message on display

    Thanks,I assume this is in the "Expert" Mode ?
  2. davidm

    Text message on display

    Tried to delete and re-add the phone,also tried an I Phone to see if the problem was with the Samsung phone,but still no .
  3. davidm

    Text message on display

    Do you have An Android phone ? Done the Bimmercode stuff but still no messages,driving me crazy trying to work it out .
  4. davidm

    Text message on display

    Agree the features of IDrive are poorly explained by the dealer and the BMW web site,i worked through the model builder and added a few extras,but never thought about the more basic features you take for granted on most cars . I have tried voice command but no use either,has anyone used Bimmercode for things like this ?
  5. davidm

    Text message on display

    I have just got a new 540,and disappointed to find it wont let me read a text message from my Samsung,a pretty basic feature I would have thought these days.Am i missing something I the set up ?