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    Quick Ques. about ITool )Radar & Esys, Dr Gini??

    ok thanks, I had ista working but something happened an now its erroring out lol I have ncs working as well as inpa however its in german still completely lol I cant figure out how to get version 5.0.2 to load over updated version. I was wondering besides buying it offline do you know anywhere is can find DIS?
  2. ok so the end of the metal line connected to the back side of the front drivers door handle broke an I wasn't able to open door from inside, I took door apart to see if I could rig it to work somehow but need the T piece that goes on the end of the line, I plan on going to auto parts store tomorrow for new line, my question is concerning my airbag light, when I put the door back together and hooked the battery up when I start the car I now get a drivers side airbag light on the dash an a check control message saying it malfunctioned, im wondering if this means I may have plugged it in wrong, or maybe not all the way or if I need to plug into inpa in order to turn the light off?
  3. My first question is in regards to I Tool Radar, i just want to make sure that i have this correct, the program is used mainly to communicate with the car using the icom connection? so for me using a k+dcan cable on a 2004 525i [e60] there is really no use for the program? My second question is regarding the E sys software, so far I've managed to get INPA, NCS, NCS Dummy, Bluetooth Activation tool, tool 32, winfk, dr gini, coding tool, & find ecu installed on my labtop, tho have only connected with ncs & inpa before, what I want to know is if I also would have any use for E sys when it comes to my car? I DIDNT think about this till right now but also does anyone know if the dr gini software was updated to be able to connect with e60's? I would just try but attempting trial and error but when it comes to this stuff I am trying to learn everything I can about how to do things the correct way to prevent any costly/harmful mistakes. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  4. I have a 2004 525i, when I bought the car the hood emblem was missing and the rear emblem was so faded it was almost all silver, I managed to get one for the front and just came across a newish one from the hood of a 530. My question is if the emblems are interchangeable at least when it comes to the hood/trunk or if there is some reason one will not fit on the other? the new emblem came off the hood and I would really like to put it on my trunk because the replacement I got for the hood is still in good condition however the trunk is not.