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  1. For people wanting a follow up: The touring gets a 6m extension harness that plugs into the OEM radio plug in the boot and then goes to the front to give power to the new head unit. When you run that, run enough phono cables for an amp and two aerial extensions too (all 6m). You do not need an ignition switch for an amp, there's one in the boot. Remove the rear bench, the kick trims and the trim under the dash and chase the cables down. Then remove the rear leather upright by pulling and remove all of the trim on the RHS of the boot and chase loom in there too. Replace all loom. Add headunit and enjoy speakers.
  2. adam-

    Standard or braided brake hoses

    Personally, HEL. I wouldn't bother though, stockers are fine. It's not a track car. But for longevity, sure. Surely there's better things to spend money on?
  3. adam-

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ran the radio extension harness, 4 phono cables, an aerial and the GPS aerial to the boot via all the trim panels. Only snapped most of the clips. Follows the OEM routing and is lovely and hidden. Got the Android Eonon in and setup, it looks good!
  4. adam-

    PDC read speaker location is rubbish!

    Thirded. Mine screams.
  5. adam-

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

  6. adam-

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    Auto finesse, angle wax, autobrite. Carplan? Fcuk me.
  7. Stop covering shit in grease. The copper washer works fine. If it leaked at all the cylinder head would be full of carbon and you wouldn't be able to pull the injector out. IMO, these are complicated things and if you're asking about covering it in grease, you're not competent enough.
  8. A drain? Does it matter, it's supposed to be there. You can see that clearly from the way it's been formed. Leave shit alone!
  9. adam-

    Intake valves cleaning

    They're good for 300, after that the rods fall out. Set of rods will see you to 450+, but after that you'll need valves. Turbo/manifolds are cheap enough and I can map them too so that's the best bit. Negative. It's a measly 525.
  10. Someone who sucks up to someone else. So you would sook them.
  11. With a leak off tester. It's a kit you buy.
  12. adam-

    Intake valves cleaning

    Oldest but goldest.
  13. adam-

    Intake valves cleaning

    It's just a K04 from the TFSI but it holds 24 psi from 3.3k to 6.5k. The torque curve is excellent. It really is an all-round great daily driver. But I moved out with the OH and the mileage is taking it's toll (on what I would like to be show worthy as possible). So I bought a skip of a 5 series. https://uk-mkivs.net/topic/393818-adams-anthracite-grey-mk4/ Shameless plug.
  14. adam-

    Blue-ish smoke on first startup etc..

    Diesels can smoke slightly blue on cold start.