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  1. Carrman2018

    Retrofit paddles on 2015 F10, simple?

    Standard with Sports Auto on pre-LCI and standalone option with “normal” box (at least) on 520 and the like after LCI. I specified it on both my F10’s as above. Standard whatever on G30.
  2. Carrman2018

    The 7 Series then...

    God I hope they don’t do the same to the 5 series LCI!!!
  3. Carrman2018

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    You can always feel that the 1, 3 and 4 are built down to a price. My wife’s C Class feels much more “quality” than her previous F30.
  4. Carrman2018

    Icon Adaptive lights - movement with steering

    See following from my Drivers Guide App: Plenty more where that came from!
  5. Carrman2018

    Twin Exhausts

    Am I the only one that prefers the round SE exhausts to the rectangular M-sport ones?
  6. Carrman2018

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Missing it!! Did 1,200 miles in 2 weeks at 41mpg without hanging around. Huge depreciation - you can get one with 25 miles AUC for £80k (£35k off!!) Would do it but would need more garage space.
  7. Carrman2018

    CIC sat nav 7 digit postcode search?

    Blank - read your post in full!!
  8. Carrman2018

    530e 0-60 MPH

    I think only G30’s with Sport Auto (530d and above?)
  9. Carrman2018

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Pretty good - economical and quick - but interestingly the quality is worse than the G30 in certain respects (it is a 3 year old model) Ask me again in 2 weeks when I’ve added more miles over the holidays.
  10. Carrman2018

    In the Christmas spirit, a pointless question

    Not correct it can be used as an emergency brake if the main brakes fail:
  11. Carrman2018

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Only 15 miles on the i8 that I have for the next 2 weeks:
  12. Carrman2018

    Wiper Speed

    Has it had a new windscreen and they refitted the wipers incorrectly?
  13. Carrman2018

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Interesting to note that as an experiment I turned the heating off fully today and (as I think I expected) the electric range increased instantly by 3 miles. Turning off the heated seats had no effect though.
  14. Carrman2018

    Too many thieves about !!

    Better than carrying a Microwave Oven about!!!!
  15. Carrman2018

    Too many thieves about !!

    Just disables the key - seems sensible.