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  1. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got a check coolant light. Checked coolant. Found coolant was indeed low. Filled coolant and wondered how much more coolant would be need before float moved at all. Tapped float, which suddenly sprung up two inches above filler cap level. Swore a lot.
  2. Pzero

    water getting in

    +1 for it being vapour seal. Bought my current E39 a few months ago, noticed rear offside carpet damp and had the door card off right away. Seal had gone along the bottom. Also a 2003 525, same as Chamalyes above. Quick job to seal again, took days for the mouldy bottom of the door cards to dry out in the house before I put it back on again, god knows how long it had been holding water for. Needed to reseat the panel clips at the bottom as well, the card was so soft. Oh, and whilst you're there, check the drain holes in the bottom of the door itself aren't blocked. Don't have pic to hand, but as I remember, they are two slots - one in front facing edge of door at the very bottom, the other further back and underneath.
  3. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nice one, thanks for taking the time to respond
  4. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    'Sup Shark, was planning on getting some of the usual generic suction cup blinds for summer now that I've got a nipper in the back, never occurred to me to look for ones specifically for my car (no idea why!), so these are interesting. Mind a couple of questions? - From looking at the fitting instructions at https://www.carshades.co.uk/privacy-shades-series-touring-p-4405.html it appears that the side rear load area ones just slot into place, no clips etc? Guessing that pressure of the edges of them against the frame holds them in? - The tailgate ones look like they use clips which slot into the glass surround, but how tightly do these hold the shade against the glass, i.e does it shift around / rattle away from and against the glass? - I don't have rear door blinds unlike yourself, so would be using what they provide... But it looks like their door blinds require sticking clips to the window surround with adhesive (which I'm not keen on doing). - Mine's a Touring too, so added bonus for me of concealing load area as well, any chance of a few pics of them from outside? Sorry for asking you to do Carshades job for them, but I value the opinion of a consumer over a company any day! Thanks in advance for any answers which you care to give.
  5. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good old DISA flap replacement. Cheers i6!
  6. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Left it at home and got the train to work so I could got out straight from work go someone's birthday. Mission accomplished. Tomorrow it gets a NEW DISA. Also the train home i's boring
  7. Boiling water did the job perfectly, broken spindle came out without a fight, despite being dug in there good and proper. New connector in the car, old one in the bin, job done. Although whilst there, thought I'd adjust left headlight as beam looked a bit off recently... Oh. Ok. Adjustor broken. Remind me why we put up with these cars? Thanks all, think this thread has served it's purpose now!
  8. Handy hint, I shall do just that. And another one with a teabag and milk in.
  9. Thanks all for responses. I managed to ascertain it was 13327503677 by trial and error googling. Tried my local main dealers parts dept on the off chance, turns out they had one in stock, less than £2. Had to get there sharpish before they closed, hence not updating thread earlier. Thanks all for your help, now I'm off to try to get the broken bit out of the hose without breaking something else...
  10. Esteemed colleagues, Had a split lower intake hose on my 2.5l M54 engine, which I've replaced this morning. But in doing so, another piece of aged and brittle BMW engineered plastic has broken as being reinserted. Having a hard time finding it on RealOEM, and to be honest not entirely sure what it is - and in turn whether I should be running the engine until this is sorted. See this guy here, plugged into the top of the upper intake hose after the MAF? Now he looks like this. Spindle broke off inside the hose under not very much pressure at all. Anyone able to shed light on what this is?
  11. Ho ho ho, merry xmas and so on. Now the festivities are out of the way, in need of your collective wisdom once again regarding steering wheel controls into a Kenwood head unit via a 3.5mm jack plug. Old head unit, a DDX4015BT which was in the car when I bought it recently. Will be changed in due course, but for now (and potentially for whatever I replace it with), I'm trying to get the steering controls working again(?). I say again, but despite the previous owner saying that they 'used to work, maybe the plug has come out', I'm having little joy. The 3.5mm jack was indeed unplugged, but plugging it back in has made little difference. Spent my boxing day battling with the wiring in the dash, and the three wires currently connected badly to the jack plug (which appears to have been cut from a pair of cheap headphones, rather than the official plug intended for this usage) appear correct for the steering controls, by process of elimination - all speaker, head unit power connections etc are made to the head unit with plugs. But it looks like when they connected steering wheel controls, they just cut the cables, twisted new connections together and electrical taped them up. I've ordered the correct Kenwood 3 x wire to 3.5mm jack plug, but I'm still confused about this wiring. From the steering wheel, I appear to have a red, a black and blue wire (all now bare ends). As currently wired, the black and red are wired to the jack plug (highlighted yellow in diagram), the blue is connected to a pin on the head units plug (red highlight on diagram) which is listed as being for SW remote controls with an adaptor, which this does not have. Looks like this wiring as it currently is, is using some of one connection option and some of the other? If using the jack plug, I would have thought that the single cable to multi plug wouldn't be required. Found adaptors online from steering wheel controls to a single wire which I suspect would connect to this, but these all appear to convert from a BMW plug which I no longer have / was cut apart by whoever did this in the first place. Apologies if this is quite vague, as the wiring was cut before I got the car, no idea whether the steering remote controls had a plug to begin with, let alone what type. From research this afternoon I'm aware that '96 and earlier cars had an I-Bus adaptor under the drivers dash, but later models (mine is 2003) did away with that / moved it into the steering wheel button unit itself, so I'm hoping that the three cables I have to work with are correct... Anyone with any info on what I should have from the wheel, and more importantly how I should be connecting this in via the jack plug option, please make yourself known! Go on, I'll paypal you a pint for your troubles
  12. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today I have fitted and then immediately removed and returned a POS third party DISA unit which turned out to be DOA. Yeah yeah, I should have expected as much, lesson learnt.
  13. In the few days since I posted this, I bit the bullet and bought a third party one from eBay. Waste of time. Arrived this morning, tested this morning, returned this morning. The flap wouldn't stay closed when vacuum hole covered, and when the lead was plugged into this apparently Chinese copy, flap showed no response whatsoever to throttle. Plugged in the failing BMW one for testing, it still operated the flap (albeit with a bit of rattle) in response to power. As per my original post though, the flap replacement kits don't include the vacuum membrane, which was the bit I was after... ... And it now turns out, I don't need! Although the flap on my BMW DISA is clearly on it's way out, having had the unit out and tested properly, the vacuum is good after all. Turns out the whistling / sucking noise is from a split in the elbow hose immediately below the DISA, like an inch away from it. Doh. i6 replacement flap kit will be ordered shortly, and genuine BMW elbow hose already on the way from local main dealer parts dept. for a surprisingly cheap £13. It's a Christmas miracle!
  14. Pzero

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Any thread that takes a week to finish typing must be worth reading...
  15. Pzero

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Picked mine up from the garage after a steering pump replacement. Sigh. Love getting my hands dirty and finally own a house with a big-ass drive and hardstand for several cars, ideal for working on... But don't have time to actually do anything myself anymore. Kids, eh?