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  1. Fantastic to use in the winter months...full kit available that includes a glass cleaner to get all embedded contaminants off the screen before application - only £36.99. The bottle has enough in it to do the screen around 10 times. https://www.ceramicnanoscience.com/product/glass-kit
  2. Our top of the range ceramic coating Megashield Pro, triple layer, 5 year ceramic coating...
  3. CNS

    West London detailing

    One of our accredited detailers in West London ...
  4. Done by Cartwheels Detailing today...
  5. CNS

    Recent cars...

    Another one just done by our Accredited Detailer up in Lancashire...
  6. CNS

    Recent cars...

    Video of the Range Rover done from the pic above. No correction of the paint was required by the owner, application time - 90 minutes and applied where it’s sitting outside as Aquacoat is touch dry in 5 minutes and will withstand rain within 2 hours.
  7. CNS

    Recent cars...

    Depends Duncan. If your paintwork is in good condition and you’re happy with it, then it can be applied straight on using our kit. If not, then yes it needs correcting first with a polishing machine. I saw an e36 being done yesterday with no correction at all - owner was very happy with it.
  8. CNS

    Recent cars...

    Or we could do a detailing day in the New Year and I can show you all how to do it yourself...! Total cost of just buying the ceramics.
  9. CNS

    Recent cars...

    Some of the cars done recently by our pro detailers and some detailing enthusiasts...
  10. CNS

    New site live

    Hi All, our new site is now live at www.ceramicnanoscience.com and our new launch of our shampoo is now for sale.
  11. CNS

    Not a Beemer ...

    Done by one of our pro-detailers in the Netherlands using Aquacoat Pro. He's doing another 356 shortly.
  12. If you’re buying a new car or bike soon, then why not let CNS ceramic coat your new car. Our new ‘PDI’ or Pre-Delivery Inspection Ceramic Coating service is the best in the business. We can prep your car at the dealership before you take possession of it or within 24 hours of you receiving it. Pricing starting at £550 for a 5 series. Fully coated with our leading Aquacoat Pro 2 year ceramic coating. Pricing includes a full decontamination wash, ipa wipe down to ensure all grease, waxes, silicones are removed and a full professional application of Aquacoat Pro to paintwork, exterior plastics and faces of alloy wheels. Extras: Full wheel off service to do the barrels of your alloys an extra £100. Full interior treatment with Ceramic Queen to protect fabrics, leather, vinyl and plastics an extra £100. All exterior glass sealed with CNS Glassguard an extra £50. Message to book your car in for the best professionally applied protection, with two years peace of mind.
  13. CNS

    Not a Beemer ...

    Not a Beemer, but this is just too beautiful not to share...
  14. CNS

    5 year protection

    Recently done by one of our pro-detailers.. Five years protection, triple layer coating.