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  1. NeilV535

    Tyre pressure Non RFT's 535d F10

    i use the door markings for M+S 2.3 front 2.7 rear
  2. NeilV535

    New plates

    355x111mm was the size mibe are actually 330x111mm https://www.platesforcars.co.uk/designer.php?type=gelresinacrylic#numberplates
  3. NeilV535

    New plates

    You can order any size you want as long as spacing and characters are correct.
  4. NeilV535

    New plates

    Mine are raised in Carbon, ordered from PFC.
  5. NeilV535

    New plates

    Mine has been driiled in front twice different places but luckily close together. Looks better with short plate on if necessary will get bumper fixed at a body shop.
  6. NeilV535

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    I only use Mobil1 0W-40 have run it in all my cars some for mega miles, Only Oil i have used where I can thrash car from cold without worrying about the engine.
  7. NeilV535

    New plates

    Just fitted my new plates who else also fit small number plates.
  8. NeilV535

    Updating Nav Software and get...

    formatted USB stick using Rufus downloaded file to PC unzipped file on PC copied contents of USB disk folder to USb stick only files visible were files from downloaded Zip also one hidden folder for system information inserted into usb slot and started car took about 40 minutes all in
  9. NeilV535

    Updating Nav Software and get...

    car: f11 2015 535i maps: Europe Route 2018-1 Site: NAVupdates.co.uk File structure similar
  10. NeilV535

    Updating Nav Software and get...

    using usb socket in arm rest
  11. Message appears after update starts? "Navigation data in vehicle is incomplete/manipulated. Please have the system checked by Service." Any ideas or solutions?
  12. NeilV535

    Roof Bars F11

    My Sport came with the brushed silver roof bars, anyone know where I can get a set of Black ones?
  13. NeilV535

    F11 535i

    New Nokian Weatherproofs being fitted tomorrow, windows tinted next weekend, Badge removed, Black grilles fitted.
  14. NeilV535

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    Nokian's have recently been approved for use on BMW's, Mine are being fitted tomorrow.