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  1. Mindcheck

    [E39] aux fan always spinning

    The temp is normal, 88C~ on operating for a while, what other options? the fan doesn't spin ant full speed.
  2. Mindcheck

    [E39] aux fan always spinning

    Yes, it's a 3 wire fan, what temp is normal and what temp will start the fan to spin? Diagnostic's doesn't show any fault's
  3. Mindcheck

    [E39] aux fan always spinning

    Hello, to my knowledge auxiliary fan should turn on when the A/C is on, but in my case, whenever i turn the ignition on, the fan starts spinning at ~40-50%(a/c isn't on), does anyone know what causes him to spin, and how can i fix it(i tryied pluging in other aux fan, and the other one spinned too) Car is : 2000 3.0d E39