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  1. CFD

    Adblue refill

    Yeah I'm with you on it being a bit of a con - all you're doing is moving the pollution away from the car further down the transport line to the production/transit of the 10L adblue containers. Sorry just realised i've not contributed at all here and just sound negative! Interesting to see the figures of how much mileage people get for their AdBlue. My F32 420 doesn't have adblue at all
  2. Legend. Would be much appreciated. I'm not that bothered about the auto dipping/full beams, though I agree it's a nice thing to have - I have to convince someone it's worth £1400 (or whatever the icons cost)
  3. A mate of mine has the Matrix LED adaptive setup on his merc, and it does the same thing. Difficult to describe but it draws a box around oncoming traffic & cars you are following - really decent. Good to hear you believe the standard LED's are okay. Does anyone have any photos from the front of the standard LED's at nighttime? If it's anything like the LED's in the 3, they don't look very good at all?
  4. Another 4er - Hi! I have to keep costs under control a bit, so adding a few packs is probably not realistic of me. Looks like a decent list though. I have had a concern that the standard LED lights are not upto scratch - my 4er has the xenons with the old angel eyes which look great and work really well. I'll consider trying to squeeze the adaptives in. Lots of people have said the ICONS are worth going for. Thank you both for your insight
  5. They really seem to be doing some crazy things with the options. Adding the HUD should not remove anything from the behaviour of the rest of the system. How silly. I've seen the hud in the last gen model and whilst it was 'cool' and quite useful, for me it's not essential. My F32 doesn't have speed limit display, but i'm not sure which pack/option that comes with on the G30/1 to be honest, and don't really want to get it coded on.
  6. CFD

    New Software Updates

    I was just reading in my options thread this is linked to the comfort seats? Do you have comfort seats out of curiosity? Obviously it shouldn't be associated with that, but wonder if they cocked up the programming somehow?
  7. Cheers for the input, ACC and lumbar support both seem sensible. I drive a F32 at the moment and the mirrors dip in reverse, and are anti dazzle across the board. Why do BMW go backwards on these things?! Ontop of that, why would it be linked to comfort seats? I'm sure there is some Bavarian sense there somewhere. I was thinking about the Sophisto Grey (Whatever that colour name is).
  8. Company car, so it's for BIK purposes more than anything else. Given the choice I'd go for a 530d, but it's a LOT more expensive. Oh and thanks for your input. ACC seems popular
  9. Like a few others on here, i'm jumping on the 530e bandwagon soon. I'm planning the following options: - Split folding rear seats (Cannot understand why these are not standard) - M Sport because I dislike the SE look (Sorry SE owners!) - Electric front seats with memory - Folding mirrors with anti dazzle - Sun Protection Glass - HK stereo I do ~25-30k miles per year, so want to make sure I don't miss anything obvious! I'm coming from a 4er, which is basically the same spec options wise. What might I be missing? Does anyone regret not adding anything to their build? Cheers chaps.