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  1. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Hah! Seems I also incorrectly took NW UK to mean NW England! Yeah I'm in the north west of england too. Further north than you mind you!
  2. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    I'll go count mine now in the F32.... PS. you are NW UK - where abouts?! Me too.
  3. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    I'm just relieved you took my last post in jest as intended I agree in that the passenger side mirror is rarely / shouldn't be an issue anyway. It'll annoy me from a completeness point of view more than anything else - plus my outgoing F32 has this feature!
  4. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Same applies to your cost cutting stance too
  5. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Found a link from the bimmerpost forums to the alleged EU legislation responsible but fucked if I'm reading it. Can't imagine why all other manufacturers do the same thing both in the EU and the states though unless there is a good reason for it? I originally heard it was legislation on here when someone mentioned not dazzling cyclists??
  6. CFD

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Standard on my outgoing F32, too. and all 3 of my mirrors dim on that car! (yes yes, i know - it's a legislation problem!) But in fairness, my C class required an option for folding seats too.
  7. CFD

    530e in the snow/ winter tyres

    +1 to this topic. Interested in hearing how well it holds out in the snow considering my initial reaction to this, as the first RWD car i'll own, is if it's a decent amount of snow i'll stay home or take the other car?!
  8. I was about to reply to 1stBimmer saying something similar. Surely eco pro favours coasting instead of regen and depending on the drive could actually be less efficient from a range perspective? Sounds counter-intuitive mind you.
  9. CFD

    530e Performance without electric

    For me it's absolutely a BIK machine. Given the choice I'd go for a 530d in a heartbeat.
  10. The old 'Connected' app used to do this to me all the time. The calendar functions are garbage.
  11. CFD

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Let us know how you get on? Interesting to know if they will explain to another group.
  12. Cheers chaps. Good to know.
  13. Does this function start the engine by the way? My 4 series has a really poor 'ventilate' function via the app, but it doesn't start the engine - just basically circulates air around a bit. Hoping the 5er is better?
  14. CFD

    Latest recall

    I had the coolant dropping like crazy for no reason on my 420. Had that sorted and then 4 weeks later my inlet manifold failed so i was missing 60 horses in power. Seems I dodged a bullet?! This happened over August/September
  15. CFD

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Doesn't matter if they all like this in my opinion - would drive me crazy! Has to be fixed. God I hope mine doesn't rattle!