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  1. CFD

    Real world mpg and range

    Impressive. Most I've done so far in mine is 72mpg across a 60 ish mile trip.
  2. CFD

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    +1 to this. Coming from a 4 series, the standard seats in the 5 m sport are really good
  3. Hi Chaps, Took delivery later than expected as I wasn't around for the duration of Christmas. V. happy so far - will try and get some pics uploaded when I have chance. One thing I have noticed is the new car smell is particularly strong to a point where I can almost taste it - Sounds crazy or not? Has anyone else noticed this? It's almost as if the leather is still curing or something crazy. The test drive I had for 48 hours was the same. Tell me I'm not crazy?! Stuck with the standard LED lights due to budget but absolutely not disappointed - they look decent enough, as someone who has come from a F32 with the Xenons. Only driven 50 miles so far, not really put my foot down at all Glad to finally be in a 5er!
  4. CFD

    New G30 Alloys and Tyres for sale

    Funny how it's clickable in your quote but not in OP's post!
  5. #FirstWorldProblems How is it?
  6. My old A4 with the electric handbrake worked for handbrake turns, but you had to hold it. tested it once out of curiosity. If you pulled it and released it disengaged itself - but holding it worked fine!
  7. CFD

    Too many thieves about !!

    I saw this as part of the 8 series video in the dealership the other day - but I can see that being bypassed at some point too, depending exactly how that interface works. Ultimately increased vulnerability is the price you pay for convenience. Having said that, switching the key off after a few minutes makes total sense. Good on them for at least trying to mitigate it, I guess? Didn't go for comfort access on mine as whilst it's a nice feature, pressing a button on something in my pocket is a hardship I can live with
  8. CFD

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Most SD card problems stem from fake cards. Scammers sell the '64gb' cards, but they are actually as little as 512MB - but windows and all devices will see them as 64GB. h2testw will write to each part of the sd card repeatedly - to ensure that it can actually hold 64GB as advertised. No matter where you source your card from, run h2testw on it in order to check it is actually what you paid for. Do this within 14 days and you're onto a winner, if it's faulty send it back. Even Amazon get fake stock and they are pretty hard to tell apart - no fakes can pass the h2testw testing so far as I know. Other than that, reliability of SD cards should be pretty good these days.
  9. CFD

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    Like this?
  10. CFD

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I use an Anker Roav - the 1080p one. Served me well so far. Before that I had a Transcend DrivePro but the SD card reader in that stopped working. The Roav hasn't missed a beat so far. Only single channel but still has crash/parking features as you would expect.
  11. CFD

    Best use for menu shortcuts?

    I have one of mine set for home, one for work, one for the airport to the south, one for the airport to the west and one for my nearest train station. Habit now when I get in the car to push one of those buttons as needed
  12. CFD

    530D - Buyers Regret

    530e is comparable to ONE REALLY LOW TAX BILL. HMRC hate him for this one simple trick! ?!
  13. CFD

    Frozen wing mirrors

    Sad to hear about this when my outgoing car doesn't do this would be interest to know if it's possible to mitigate with spraying something on occasionally during winter??
  14. CFD

    Driving experiences, etc

    I've done a couple. Highly recommended. First time I went round silverstone in a GTR. Fastest car I drove before that was a lowly 140bhp diesel. Was a very stark difference. Should have picked something slower to enjoy it more. But now I'd absolutely go in an M5!
  15. CFD

    Car theft trends

    .......thief scumbags head?