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  1. Anybody changed a rocker cover gasket on a 2008 2.0d is it a easy job or a job that needs to be put into a garage Thanks in advance
  2. Mikey2018

    Sump Plug & Washer

    Help please guys could any of you tell me what sump plug & washer im supposed to have on my E60 2.0d. The garage that serviced my car has fitted a copper washer i seem to have a oil leak coming from the sump area Thanks in advance
  3. Mikey2018

    Help Please

    Thanks for that it’s been up on a ramp in the local garage they said it was the sump plug washer leaking they replaced it with a new copper washer & new sump plug but it’s still leaking from where I don’t know
  4. Mikey2018

    Help Please

    There's patches on the road it doesnt happen all the time
  5. Mikey2018

    Help Please

    2008 177bhp
  6. Mikey2018

    Help Please

    Are there any common oil leaks on a E60 2Ltr D i have got one on mine but cant find it Thanks in advance
  7. Mikey2018

    Sat nav disc

    Sorry its a 2008 E60
  8. Mikey2018

    Sat nav disc

    Anybody got a genuine business sat nav disc for sale cheap if possible. Thanks in advance
  9. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    thats good to know i have been looking for staggered ones
  10. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    yes pal thats where i bought it from
  11. Mikey2018

    New to BMW

    Thanks Loadmaster
  12. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    Thanks Duncan i have decided against them im looking for staggered mv2 or spiders
  13. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    lol pmsl thats not my garden that was the pic i was sent when i bought it
  14. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    i got 17" on it at the moment i seen these cheap not far from where i live. Heres a pic of my car
  15. Mikey2018

    5 series wheels

    Thanks for that d_a_n my model is the E60