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    Cycling, Bass Guitar, Real Ale.


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    Current: Audi A6 3.0TDi 320 Avant. Next: G31...

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  1. Campagnolo

    Real world mpg and range

    bet it looks nicer though...
  2. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    Thanks - Mobilejo the silicon case looks a better deal than the Montblanc one...
  3. Campagnolo

    Specification Question

    Build Week 50 doesn't seem to be getting any nearer. But it does mean I still have the opportunity to faff around with the specification. At the moment, I've added Z0J - the Tech Pack - on the basis that I wanted the HUD and the enhanced bluetooth / wireless charging / wifi hotspot. Tech Pack costs £25 more than the sum of those parts, and brings with it the Gesture Control and Display Key. I was looking at that £25 as an option premium - I might be the first person ever to get on with GC. And the DK I suspect will be a bit marmite. But if I don't like either of them, it's about six pints of beer foregone. In the context of the overall cost of the vehicle, that's not a big issue. But the news - which I'm checking with the dealer - that the DK now only comes with one normal key has made me wonder. My wife will need a key. So one of us might end up stranded with the DK - or I end up spending £300 on another conventional key. What do you reckon? Ditch the tech pack in favour of the options I definitely want and spend the £25 saved on beer, or give the GC and DK a go?
  4. Campagnolo

    Winter Wheels Today

    Interesting, thank you.
  5. Campagnolo

    Delivery Leadtime

    Order placed on 26/10 - G31 540Xi with various options. Indicated delivery of early January, so 11 weeks. Which is a bit quicker than I'd feared, but still is going to feel like a long wait!
  6. Campagnolo

    Google maps finally

    I look forward to experimenting with this - order should go in tonight. I found the BMW Nav on my 2011 530d was uncannily accurate in its predictions. I’ve found the same with the Audi Nav in the A6. Other than in Germany. Where it assumed I was going to drive like a local would and I lost time hand over fist. I did try keeping up with its expectations, but self preservation kicked in...
  7. Campagnolo

    Specification Advice

    Thank you. CB does look great in the showroom...
  8. Campagnolo

    Specification Advice

    I think Ivory White. Black would be too dark. Cognac might be OK but I'd want to see it in the flesh beforehand, and none of my local dealers have it in stock. The rhombicle / ivory white looked OK, but I fancy something with more contrast. You can spend hours on this stuff...
  9. Campagnolo

    Specification Advice

    Trying to finalise the spec. G31 540Xi MSport. Carbon Black. Ivory White. But then it needs interior trim that contrasts with the leather more than the rhombicle standard trim. So: Piano Black or Fineline Cove? Probably not the most important question you'll be faced with today, but I'd be interested in views.
  10. Campagnolo

    Adblue refill

    Try piss in the water and see if it works... perhaps it depends what you've been drinking. M-Sport diesels may need a trace of Jaegermeister in the AdBlue...
  11. Campagnolo

    G31 Manual pdf

    Looking on the BMW website, it looks as if you can download the manual for the car once you've taken delivery. I'd quite like to pore over it while figuring out which options to specify. Googling hasn't found me a source. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Campagnolo

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    I'm coming to the end of my lease on an A6 Avant Bi-turbo. Beautifully put together, and very quick in a straight line. But I haven't grown attached to it as I did with the 530d Touring that preceded it. So it's a G31 for me next...
  13. Campagnolo

    HK Bass

    Have a look on the forum for Sound on Sound magazine. Someone there will have a speaker test file - an MP3 of a series of tones, rising progressively up from way sub-bass to dog-bothering high. When they're working on the acoustics of recording studios they use that sort of thing to find resonances in the room's frequency response. If you got hold of such a file and played it through the HK (with the EQ set flat) it'd help you prove what the problem was.