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  1. Hello Lee, welcome aboard. I'm not an expert but what jumps out at me is your temps pre-dpf do not look normal. I would focus on that, as I can't imagine how any engine could have exhaust temps so low. Faulty temp sensor? Keliuss
  2. keliuss

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    When that happens, apparently it's more than likely your glow plug controller is at fault. Keliuss
  3. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Much appreciated Misterbish. Pretty much confirms it works as I suspected, and I could live with it and my existing glitch. Just need to convince the wife that this is an urgent, must-have, totally necessary, life or death requirement now. Wish me luck Keliuss
  4. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Just wondering if anyone with one of these units would do me a favour and tell me what way their 1 to 8 programmable buttons work now while booted up in Android mode. I'm assuming this unit works in parallel with the Idrive and it's just showing a different display (Android) on screen, i.e. the Idrive is still active as normal but is just not displayed. I'm also assuming that if for example buttons 1-7 were programmed to radio stations and button 8 to Aux input you could still toggle between those stations (1-7) and back to Aux without leaving the Android screen. Confirmation of this would be very encouraging towards getting one myself due to my software glitch (Idrive always starts up in FM mode, refuses to start up in Aux mode) Keliuss
  5. keliuss

    Reccomendations for OBD/Coding kit

    I've got ISTA-D which is the successor to DIS. It is quite a big software suite. These are basically what the mechanics have at a BMW dealer. I've not got my head around ISTA yet as only used it once or twice. INPA is a small and quick way to read fault codes. I've not been able to get it to give me error code descriptions in English for my N47 engine but the code itself and a bit of googling gets the job done. I also have a cheap bluetooth ebay dongle that I use with Torque but it's worse than useless for error codes and sometimes misleading. INPA is the way to go for reliable error code reading. Maybe I'll look into carista. I don't like the Carly subscription model. Keliuss
  6. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Oh how I want it to be so easy Change Aktiv to Nicht Aktiv somewhere please please please. It seems to be a fairly obscure glitch as I've not found much info on it via google. One chap in the US seems to have had it and was told to get his CCC updated. He was within warranty I think. There was no follow-up on whether it was fixed or not. I've read elsewhere that to update CCC (via OBD connector) takes 10-16hrs so it's usually an overnight job. And yes Blobby, I imagine I wouldn't be charged for the entire hours. The problem has probably been there since day one and original owner never noticed/bothered about it. I only have it 6 months.
  7. keliuss

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Ah yes, the memories come flooding back. The location of the connector is a pig to get to under the inlet manifold. I was in and out of there so many times I considered making up an extension cable for the sensor. Just remember that the leak could be tiny/unnoticeable 90% of the time. I think the root of my issue was not using a torque wrench on the thermostat housing bolts and probably over-tightened/warped it. I reckon in my case, the odd drop would fall on the cable, roll down and soak into the sensor. keliuss
  8. keliuss

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    I replaced this sensor about 3 or 4 times (if I remember correctly) within 6 months on my old E39. I always went with cheap parts, approx. €30-€40 a pop. The original, and the cheapo versions failed due to a very small leak in the thermostat housing above it. So just make sure this is not the root of your problem here. Most of the time I would not notice any leak there due to it evaporating with engine heat but there was definitely evidence of coolant having gotten into the resin sealed sensor body. Once I finally took care of the leak the short life span of crank sensors suddenly stopped being a problem. Keliuss
  9. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Any idea what "unit" to replace? The radio or screen or both? None of them are cheap and no guarantee of fixing the problem.
  10. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Yeah, it could well completely rectify/bypass my problem, but seeing as my Idrive refuses to start up in Aux mode it might well leave me needing to go back into Idrive mode each time to switch it over to Aux. This would obviously be a PITA and probably render it uselessly inconvenient. Time to get familiar with a dealer I think (I've always been allergic to them)
  11. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Hmmm, well that's definitely food for thought. Hard to know what the outcome would be if I installed one of these as it would be using the Aux input. With my current setup I use a bluetooth amplifier via the Aux input. My routine is to get in, start the car, have my ears blasted off by the radio, either turn it down or switch to Aux (mapped to button 8). I think my "reverts to FM" problem can be fixed with a software upgrade of CCC, but that in itself is a main dealer job (10hr+ hooked up to ISTA-p and a power source as far as I know) so I can hear the cash register from here lol.
  12. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I've been following this thread with great interest. I've got a crappy CCC/Mask 6.5" screen, so no Navi, and no Bluetooth either. I think I'd be very interested in one of these type units but I have a big stumbling block: When I use the (factory fitted) Aux input it has the well documented low volume issue compared to FM or CD. This is not the major problem. The real problem is that my Idrive always reverts to FM after each use of the car. So every time I get into the car I'm blasted by the FM radio up way too high. Try as I might, I never remember to lower the volume getting out.
  13. keliuss

    Glow plug fault

    That statement isn't necessarily correct. Apparently in the early stages of DPF introduction to vehicles , the software was configured so that any DDE module errors would prevent DPF regens. This was seen as a flaw and rectified in later models. I do not know what constitutes "early" or "later", but my E60 manufactured in Oct 2007 was doing regens regularly with 2 of 4 glow plugs failed. keliuss
  14. keliuss

    Which glow plugs for N47?

    Thank you all for the replies. Only got around to changing them this week and can confirm they are the longer 134mm type for my N47 engine. I got pretty lucky with with one of them where I found the threads damaged on removal, but luckily no trace of any aluminium threads from the block. New one went in (a bit stiffly, but) ok. In hindsight, I would be very very reluctant to attempt to remove glow plugs ever again due to the risks involved. If one seizes and you snap it off you could just leave it in situ without major issues but if you strip the threads in the block it suddenly becomes a major job to remedy. I had 2 of my 4 GPs failed with error codes in ISTA-D, and my advice to anyone else in a similar situation would be to leave well alone unless you live in a climate of severe cold winters and are actually having cold-start issues. Keliuss
  15. keliuss

    Which glow plugs for N47?

    Thanks dj. Googling it from here does give plenty of hits, mostly ebay or without any dimension details, but only one google return (onlinecarparts co uk) which I seem to have missed earlier seems to give dimensions as the 134mm type. Confusingly that same site also has an offering for the same part number as the 106mm type, but mostly they are the longer type. Mostly my confusion stems from ALL online sites which allow you to input car make, model, year etc. will offer you the seemingly wrong, short type glow plug. Including the site I named above. Perhaps I should have more confidence in Realoem com Keliuss