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  1. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Haven't noticed any issues. I think I read some people get interference from LED headlight bulbs (in general), not specific to these units. Might be a starting point for you. I have LED's for reference. Keliuss
  2. keliuss

    Nighteye led fitment

    A recent discussion here
  3. keliuss

    What size swirl flap blanks

    Yeah, think I left the long rod in place when I did the M47 on my wife's E46. Removed the shafts for each flap and tapped threads in the resulting holes that were filled with metric screws stud-locked in place. So no "blanks" used. Keliuss
  4. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Mine does it if left for 20 minutes. I've no battery issues that I know of. I'm unlikely to get to the bottom of it now since I installed the Android unit because.....When I start up now it has reverted to the radio again but after the the new head unit boots up it magically switches it to Aux. So for me the problem has been effectively solved (probably inadvertently). Before the new unit it did not switch automatically if I input a source/cable to Aux. I don't know/care how it now works perfect but I'm happy. If you're still on the fence about the new units I do recommend one. Keliuss
  5. keliuss

    Warning messages

    I don't know why I didn't say that in my post. It is exactly what I was thinking/implying
  6. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I took a punt on one of these for about £10/€12 from eBay. It's an "air-mouse". Works surprisingly well, plug n' play straight out of the box, no setup at all. Seems to be aimed at android TV boxes but works across a few platforms. Has home, back and settings buttons for android. I think the keyboard will be the most useful.
  7. keliuss

    Warning messages

    It doesn't get much more generic than that. Both could be caused by a wide range of issues. Needs to have codes read to narrow things down, but it may still be quite a large target to shoot at even with the codes. Also, it may be possible to clear errors and think they are gone after a test drive. Only for them to pop back up a few miles later (after you bought it). Keliuss
  8. keliuss

    2009 E61 530D unusual DPF problems

    Well it's in Dublin so I'm pretty sure you'll find someone nearer. AFAIK he just deals in DPFs already removed from cars, that are sent in from garages. The process was explained to me (albeit 2nd hand) a couple of years ago and I was driving a petrol E39 and a pre-DPF era diesel E46 at the time, so was only paying so much attention. TBH, it did sound a bit more involved than jet washers, drain pipes and a huff & a puff on the end of it
  9. keliuss

    Service time....what oil?

    This was discussed recently, perceived wisdom seems to be go with thicker oil as car ages. Conclusion from below thread: Inconclusive . Lots of opinions though.
  10. keliuss

    2009 E61 530D unusual DPF problems

    @GoNz0, a friend of a friend went into business recently specifically cleaning DPF's for the motor trade. I haven't seen it but his business is built around a small van sized piece of equipment imported from Italy at a price of approx. €50k. I think I read you cleaned yours with a power washer and chemicals (might have been someone else though). Anyway, my point is if you buy a backup maybe consider having it cleaned professionally as I can't imagine anything you could DIY would compare to whatever it is the Italian equipment does. Keliuss
  11. keliuss

    2009 E61 530D unusual DPF problems

    While not agreeing or disagreeing with other comments, looking at your graphs, the regen status "yo-yos" from on to off every 20 seconds exactly. This can't be right. It's supposed to come on and stay on for 10-15 mins until complete. I would be looking at the software (mapping) side of things as the root of that particular symptom. Keliuss
  12. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Thanks @Misterbish I did find that thread on xda a couple of days ago. While it started out specifically for the Android 4.4.4 units it looks to have it morphed into a "one for all" thread over time and there is plenty of links for the later 7.1 units also, albeit buried in all the drivel. There is also a decent Spanish BMW forum thread for our units also here with links to software if needed. One thing I learned from the xda thread regards Bluetooth. Here's a quote from that thread: Also, and this might help others like @Deviant. It is not very obvious but any app you install can be mapped to the steering wheel "Voice Control" button. By default it is mapped to Sygic but can be changed by going to Settings-Navigation and and choosing a different app. Keliuss
  13. keliuss

    Painting Interior Trim

    This was my first ever attempt at wrapping. The plasti-dip trims around the buttons were looking a little tatty when I bought the car last year. Removed the trim pieces and removed the buttons. I think this was a technically difficult piece to do for a first attempt due to the small button cutouts, but the vinyl is extremely malleable and forgiving once heated. The results look like it came like that out of the factory. It's a high wear area and has not shown any signs it (wear) at all. I didn't even bother to remove the tatty plasti-dip beforehand. Now my car looks like no other out there
  14. keliuss

    Painting Interior Trim

    Vinyl wrap is super easy to DIY. Scissors and hairdryer only tools required. Utility knife optional. Google some videos. Keliuss
  15. keliuss

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Yeah the default player is pretty basic but I'm not sure the steering wheel buttons will work with other apps if you can change it. If you've tried other apps and the buttons work let us know which apps please. @Misterbish mentioned that he mapped the speak button to Torque instead of default nav app. I'd like to know how.........