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  1. So would I every time the mokka is apparently very heavy on juice for what it is
  2. Hopefully you’ll get a van same as me I love it
  3.  I got a transit van as no cars available till Tuesday afternoon,too late for me Im happy with the transit lol
  4. I dropped my car off on Monday and they said that if the part had failed we’re looking at probably 3 weeks for the backlog of parts i drive a car transporter and as it so happened I was there today delivering cars i got talking to a valeter and then to one of the mechanics there they said that they have 60 cars in the compound waiting for parts and currently the wait is roughly 6-7weeks!!!!!!
  5. I booked mine in 5 weeks ago which considered they know its a problem you’re going to think they may of ordered one in........nope they said this morning they had cars there that had been waiting 3 weeks for parts so mine is in
  6. Tjsbeemer

    Inner Headlights

    I thought the switch at 11 o clock is auto lights you need the button on the end of the indicator stalk for adaptive lighting correct me if I’m wrong.
  7. Tjsbeemer

    Can i get my halo's to be used as DRL's?

    Mine got coded a few months back to just come on their own standard on the f10 drl is headlights
  8. Tjsbeemer

    F10 520d 2010 Won't Start

    I had my chain replaced about a month ago cost was £850 a place called auto solutions in East Kilbride obviously depending where you are based totally transformed my car mine was rattling and I caught it early