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  1. Otto

    Hit n Run

    Absolute sickener mate hope you get it sorted
  2. Otto

    Front suspension.

    Thanks for advice/pointers car at the moment has improved for having track rod end and discs done but still feels a little unsettled at times and just not as smooth and taut as I would like. I have read many posts on this topic and plan to use lemforder parts as a matter of course, the suggested garage by Grapefruit is local enough to me consider as they sound as they have a good knowledge of BMW set up as a matter of interest my car also pulls slightly to the left as well a 4 wheel alignment did not solve this but they also could not detect any faults with front suspension. Thanks
  3. Otto

    Front suspension.

    Thanks for the information great guide Andrew now to find a suitable Indy to do work and save up would like to get it right because I like the car on going issues of this type did for my beloved e 39 530d just could never cure that roaming shimmy.
  4. Otto

    Front suspension.

    Apologies everyone another old topic so.... My car has done 105 000 miles I was getting a bit of vibration on moderate braking and overall a feeling of coming and going shimmy vibration through the car on and off at various speeds and just some feelings of the front wheels being unbalanced felt through pedals and seat of pants. The tyres are new and decent spec, wheels have been balanced and 4 wheel aligned, but nil improvement. Examination by mechanic revealed play in one track rod end and slight warp in front discs so replaced, no does not shake on braking but overall drive still does not feel right/nice. I raised the possibility of the lower control arms but mechanic was sure that these were okay as was all other ball joints bushings etc. He does not seem to think remaining shimmy vibration is out of the ordinary but does not feel right to me! any ideas anyone or anyone recommend specialist for these cars in North West he is a good mechanic but says he has never had to replace control arms on e60 so wondered if he was missing something? Thanks
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and found a solution.I have a 525d Lci that has only a single CD player but aux in via the connections in center console. I therefore planned to use the USB socket to play MP3 's but when connecting my Sony Walkman it sounded really poor in comparison to other sources ie: radio/ cd, really flat like and not worth listening too. Has anyone else found this could it be the way the MP3 files have been recorded although they sound fine when played through headphones? If I cannot solve this has anyone fitted the 6 changer (I have preparation) in glove box I would need someone to code it for me but I have not been able to find anyone to do it I live in North west Many Thanks
  6. Otto

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Checked today nice and dry thank goodness.
  7. Otto

    Garage Sought

    No one any ideas then? a decent mechanic they have used specially for suspension refreshment on E 61 ? Any pointers gratefully received.....
  8. Otto

    Garage Sought

    Linwar as you say ain't got the time for "modern car" although okay in their way, specifically looking to have someone check over the suspension.
  9. Otto

    Garage Sought

    Hi all, Apologies for posting here if in the wrong place as I am a new member.I live in Southport Merseyside and wondered if anyone could recommend a decent garage to take my e 61 within a reasonable radius of were I live. I wish to have some work done on my car specifically regarding refreshing the front suspension but having have spent £ 100's on my much loved e 39 without solving a similar issue was hoping for a more BMW focused/ suspension expert?