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  1. Biggbn

    Hi, new e39 owner

    Yup, scorching day, lots of traffic, my car will have to cover 600-800 miles a week a few weeks of the month and shows every sign of being capable. Still not sure whether to do the gearbox flush although common sense errs on side of yup, do it. I notice a place in Glasgow gets good reviews on here and does job at a good set price.
  2. Biggbn

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Trip to Edinburgh and back, cruise on, slow cruise, 39mpg door to door over 130 miles.
  3. Biggbn

    Peaceful protest.

    Regardless where the story appeared, the act appealed to me. I think I would have been tempted to have a firm and Frank exchange of views with the cowards had I been a customer in the shop, but then I would be the bad guy....
  4. Biggbn

    Peaceful protest.

    Nice way to come back from shop being vandalised...does assume the perpetrators can read though! Just thought it showed a nice sense of humour. Ukip members sent 'mind-broadening' reading after bookshop attack https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/aug/09/ukip-members-bookshop-attack-bookmarks?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  5. Biggbn

    Hi, new e39 owner

    Big car covered Dundee to Edinburgh including traffic today, door to door 40.9 mpg on computer, so even give or take a few mpg, result. Nb. I am NOT a fast driver which helps immesureably no doubt!
  6. Biggbn

    Pick 5 cars from these countries.

    I love the hy van, big Citroen fan. My first car was a hand me down dyane in pi$$ yella, family ran 2cvs for years and my third car was a £120 series 1 cx2400 gti, which was like a spaceship in comparison to friends mk1 fiestas and the like. Highest mileage car i owned was a 2.5tdi xm estate with 330k miles which kinda refutes the French unreliability clause...BUT...my cx and subsequent brace of bx tzd validated the unreliability clause time and again so, on balance..... ...bedt Citroen quote was from my team Saab mechanic (Saab's and Volvo's being my first loves) who commented that Citroen's engineering ideas were second to none, it's just a shame they chose to make their cars from liquoroce, milk bottle tops and string.....
  7. Biggbn

    Pick 5 cars from these countries.

    288gto is brilliant shout, oft forgotten and surely one of the prettiest homologation Ferraris?
  8. Biggbn

    E39 530d review from 10years ago

    I used to write wee reviews of the cars I owned, therapy!!
  9. Dug this up from last time I owned an e39 this car can be summed up in two words...casually competent. it treats your requests for anything with an unflusterred, unhurried air of copetence, it doesnt feel like its trying, it doesnt feel like it needs to ask for help, it just gets on with it. this bmw sits on its lower, stiffer m-tech suspension and 18in alloys looking every inch the thugish bad boys toy. it has that drug dealer chic look about it, the kind of car someone who looks like me...big and 'orrible...should be driving in a guy ritchie film. four bull necked yobs in a lowered 5 series on big wheels always look like they are up to something naughty. whereas if i drive it myself, well, butter wouldnt melt...the e39 5 series is a much prettier, much more cohesive design than the bangle 5 series to my eyes. its got spot on proportions, looks aggresive yet not overly so, classy yet a wee bit threatning. i like the cars looks. it can appear sublte, almost anonymous, then you notice the slightly deeper front and rear valences, the tiny bootlid spoiler, the bad boy wheels and you think, yup, this car oozes an inimitable disreputeable class... it reminds me of the guy in the pub who doesnt LOOK handy, doesnt make a show of how big and strong he is, but ya dont wanna pick a fight with him..just in case....its that underlying threat of clinical, casual competence that scares ya!! inside, the sport model has the m-tech kick plates, multi function steering wheel..(no, it doesnt make you a cup of tea, and yup, i hate that phrase too, but thats what its called, right??), aluminium inserts, not wood, lovely m-tech gear stick and the cloth/alcantara sports seats. the seats are firm, and hold you well..if you cant get comfy in here, you are a physical freak, no question. the bmw majors on what all bmws seem to, the driving environment. its spot on. a gorgeous cabin, lovely to sit in, everything is lovely to use, the dash is ergonomically perfect and it feels special, sporty and, hell, expensive. schmoozing around the town of a saturday night, bathed in the orangey glow from the dash lights, its a nice place to sit. catch sight of yourself reflected in a shop window and you think, jeez, whats he up to??....then you realise its you, and realise that its none of your business what your up to!! the car is a peach to drive. its got a firm, no nonsense ride, just like a proper geezers firm, no nonsense handshake. the big 3 litre blown six pot is smooth, powerful and sooo torquey it punches hard when you drop the hammer. this old 'diesel tractor' will go past 140mph on the speedo and catch a few petrol drivers off guard with its mid range urge. the engine is smooth too, sure it has a low redline, but it spins right round quickly and smoothly and rarely, if ever, do you feel shortchanged by it. the cars steering, body control and grip, are, it has to be said, something special. this big old lump shrinks around you when you punt it hard along a road you know. it becomes a three series size sports saloon, tight, precise and biddable, powering out of corners with a loveable free reving gruffness, hunkering down into the road and slingshotting down the next straight. its been a revalation to me to drive this car, the first car iv driven that appears unhampered by the addition of a diesel engine. its well balanced, quick, stops and steers ell and is huge fun when you want it to be. lord knows what the newer bmw 335 twin turbo diesels and the like must be like to drive. the car is a bit of a contradiction at times..its a diesel, but its got all the sports kit, its understated, a q car, but it looks powerful, it has prescence. it oozes class, it feels beautifully wrought, yet it has that underlying image of sawn offs and bank jobs, as all 'pre loved' bmws seem to aquire with age..its the kind of car that your mates say as they see you pull up 'jeez mate, ya cant hide money, eh??'...then they think, 'jeez, wonder where he GOT the money for it'.... so, the 530d..its like an ex fighter, a big bruiser...but not one of those bashed up ex pugs, this is a guy who invested his earnings in property, a guy who can get by, doesnt need your handouts, he is eloquent, self sufficient and lets be honest here, you need him much more than he's ever gonna need you. nice to be around, confidence inspiring but a little bit dangerous. muscular and athletic, but in a nice suit and with a degree in accountancy to soften the inevitable blow...if you ask him to do something, you KNOW he's gonna do it, you KNOW he aint gonna cut corners, you KNOW there isnt gonna be any mess and you KNOW he aint gonna shout about it...cos he doesnt have to..the flip side is you KNOW he aint gonna be cheap, and you KNOW lots of other people use him too....but what price peace of mind?..the 5 series is the default choice in its market sector for a reason. its crushingly, casually competent...sure, you MIGHT whisper its a wee bit boring...but you might get your face smashed in if it heard ya...and no one would ever know....sssshhhhh...
  10. Biggbn

    Not new, but now back in a 5 again...

    Lovely man, enjoy
  11. Biggbn

    525i auto, manual mode

    Mine were all 450, two 599 and two 699, One of which was a genuine last of the line brabus which was an absolute hoot. Not fast in any way shape or form, back breaking ride, but just huge FUN
  12. Britain Allard j2 50s Bentley continental lightweight Original range rover Bristol 501 J Jaguar xk150 coupe France 2cv van ripple bonnet Delahaye by figoni et falashi Citroen sm Bugatti type 57 Atlantic Ds decapotable by chapron Italy Alfa disco volante Maserati bora Pagani zonda f roadster Ferrari Daytona Lancia aureliab20gt Germany Bmw 507 Mercedes 540k coupe Porsche 356 Mercedes 300 gull wing Mercedes s class 6.3 from 60s Japan Honda nsx type r Nissan gtr Toyota gt2000 Lexus lfa Subaru svx twin turbo America Auburn boat tail speedster Duesenberg walker coupe from 30s Mercer raceabout/speedster Tucker V16 Cadillac from 30s And wee cheat... Rest of worldTatra t87 Pegaso supercar from 50s Spain Volvo pv544 Saab 92 Tatra 603 Obviously these choices may change tomorrow, or in five minutes.... Any suggestions
  13. Biggbn

    To me, to you

    One lonely man onstage repeating the plaintif cry, to me, to me, to me for an eternity...its a modern day sisyphean myth in the making....
  14. Biggbn

    525i auto, manual mode

    Thanks man.
  15. Biggbn

    525i auto, manual mode

    Hi guys, maybe typical new guy question but...does using the manual mode have any detrimental effect on gearbox longevity. I have owned several smart cars, don't laugh, and always drove them in manual mode. I am aware that the e39 autobox can be a problem and mine seems silly smooth, I don't wanna do ANYTHING to jeopardize this. Loving the big car, but have noticed it will happily sit in a higher gear at lower revs round town when I use manual, which gives better mpg!