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  1. kaney1980

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    I wouldn’t pay for CarPlay again. Causes too many conflict issues with connectivity and my phone/other apps.
  2. kaney1980

    Speed Limit Display?

    I’m interested in meeting up to do the coding but only if considerably less than £300 and depending where/when. It should be standard when you have Nav & Icon lights! Can’t understand why BMW don’t think it’s useful to have on cars without driver aids (as Waze do). Our car is April 2017 with Technology & Lighting packs so assume it will work.
  3. kaney1980

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    What’s the pano roof problem? I’ve had the chrome inserts wrapped in black vinyl on my last two 5-Series so I never minded it being there as a different feature.
  4. kaney1980

    Boot mat recommendation?

    I paid £30 for one for our G31 on eBay and it is a perfect fit. Glad I didn’t waste £100+ on the genuine mat
  5. kaney1980

    Windows dropped overnight?

    I had a similar problem with my G31, but it was the panoramic sunroof tilting open overnight. I thought I was going mad, but I carefully put the keys in the faraday pouches and double checked everything was closed before going to bed each night. Hey presto; same issue a couple more random times. Took the car back to BMW and the sunroof was throwing up errors; they re-flashed the whole system (took about 4 hours) and it seems fine since.
  6. kaney1980

    Carplay or iDrive USB for Spotify

    I disabled CarPlay too. Aside from the fact the sound quality was poor in comparison to iDrive via USB, it wouldn’t allow me to sync with my Thinkware F800 dash cam over WiFi.
  7. kaney1980

    Gesture Control Volume Sensitivity

    I can’t help other than to say I turned gesture control off for similar reasons and whatever way I tend to rest my hand on the centre console would trigger skipping to the next station/song. Might be worth asking BMW to flash the settings?
  8. kaney1980

    Real world mpg and range

    Some of you might have seen my introduction post where I’ve said how disappointed I am in our Apr ‘17 G31 520d compared to our Dec ‘14 F10 530d. At motorway speeds (average 61mph) it has only returned 43mpg on a round trip to Birmingham with the family on board. In comparison our 530 saloon managed 45mpg on two separate return trips to Ireland, arguably at higher average speed and with a heavier load. Not impressed. The new car is currently on 6k miles so people may say it needs to loosen up, but our last car was similarly low mileage per annum (about 8k) and didn’t need to loosen up at all to return a better mpg in the two and a half years we owned it.
  9. kaney1980

    New G31 520d MSport owner

    My wife doesn’t like the mumsy look of an estate but I think it’s cool. I do admit though that I did prefer the previous car as a looker. Looked and felt muscular whereas the new shape looks long and lean. Will do do with the technical queries. Thanks.
  10. kaney1980

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Here’s my old Ford. Currently have this, a Mk3 Focus RS and a MS-RT Transit Connect. Fair to say I like Fords!!
  11. kaney1980

    New G31 520d MSport owner

    Hi all, Based in West London. Owned 4 BMWs now over the last 6-7 years. Previous to the current car we had a Dec ‘14 F10 530d MSport in Alpine White, which was lovely with all gloss black trims and “Plus” spec, but I had enough of it after two years when we couldn’t get rid of a vibration running through the car at motorway speeds. We tried EVERYTHING! However it was a lovely drivetrain with a super seating position. We traded this for an Apr ‘17 G31 520d MSport, again in Alpine White and with gloss black trim and loads of goodies. Partly went for a 520 this time for better fuel economy and partly because we couldn’t stretch to a 530 in this spec. How wrong was I about the fuel economy. It’s worse at motorway speeds, only returning 43mpg on a round trip to Birmingham with the family on board. Our 530 saloon managed 45mpg on a return trip to Ireland in comparison. Not impressed. PS: car is currently on 6k miles but our last car was similarly low mileage per annum and didn’t need to loosen up to get better mpg. I’ve joined this forum to research the above mpg anomaly and also if anyone has had issues with a randomly-opening panoramic roof (in the middle of the night), random phone/Apple CarPlay connection issues and if there’s any way to get the seat to lower even further - feels like being perched on top of the seat like my Focus RS! Old F10 and new G31 photos attached. Gary