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  1. Mr H

    Too many thieves about !!

    ....... using them as the filling for the potholes would be better
  2. Mr H

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    The rate at which some on here claim to clean their cars means 2 litres should last several lifetimes even at increased dose rate
  3. Mr H

    Time to Change the Company Car

    My reasoning for speccing de-badge as well; also easier to keep clean (I know that isn't a popular thought with some on here ) ......................
  4. Mr H

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Near Side Rear?
  5. Ray Absolutely clear - many thanks. Don't be sorry about ABBA I'm sure they will appear on mine as well Did you download to the HDD from your USB?
  6. Ray I'm about to change from a SD card based system to the (BMW) USB. Currently I have Folders by Artist with Albums then Tracks: is this the format you used successfully? Cheers!
  7. Sorry. Just to be clear I got extra discount (£3.5k) off price of car by signing up to HP which I intend foreclosing within the 14 days grace period................. Agreed PCP, HP or cash is horses for courses .................
  8. Nope, at the moment the extra discount is available on HP as well - I signed up to one mid-January ..................
  9. Currently, BMW are offering same "contribution" if you take out HP rather than a PCP .......................
  10. Our experience with a PCP was that the GFV is anything but Guaranteed! Despite doing less than half the original agreed mileage there was still a short fall when it came to trading in against a new replacement. Never again!
  11. I also tried a new A6 Avant. Nice to drive but not as nice as the G31; discounts not as good (£4£ for similar specs about the same before discount) and the new Audi Touch Screen only MMI would have driven me mad! Oh and an RS4; very nice but not big enough for all the family's junk when we go on holiday
  12. Mr H

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    Cheers. I did look but given that I only want to make/receive calls from my trusty old iPhone 4S it really didn't seem worth the £475
  13. Mr H

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    My dealer is quoting £599! I've now got a quote from a detailer (using Max Protect UNC-R) for £450 so I've a feeling BMW will not be getting my business in that respect
  14. Mr H

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Anyone here used the BMW Protect X? I'm still considering whether or not to bother and could use some useful feedback