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  1. Binary11

    winter wheels on Steering lock fault

    This is also interesting.
  2. Binary11

    winter wheels on Steering lock fault

    I think its more a Active steering issue. the steering seems lighter than normal too, but that could just be different tyres and wheels. So far ive found this Ive tried the reset but to no avail so ive ordered some fluid as it does seem a little low. https://5series.net/forums/e60-discussion-2/active-steering-won't-reset-118520/
  3. Binary11

    Well its goodbye E60 hello F10

    Wow that looks gorgeous.
  4. Binary11

    xenon headlights not very bright

    These are OEM form amazon I recently replaced mine with these as I had one go. https://www.amazon.co.uk/XENARC-BREAKER-UNLIMITED-discharge-66140XNB-HCB/dp/B01MTQVFD9/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1543416632&sr=1-2&keywords=OSRAM+XENARC+NIGHT+BREAKER+UNLIMITED+D1S+HID+Xenon+discharge+bulb
  5. Hi Just had a set of 17s SE wheels fitted at my local Tyre place with my winter setup on, in lieu of the M sport 18s. got back in car and I have the following fault. "steering lock leave engine running" I had a few faults so cleared them in Icarly but still shows up on dash. Now I know ive seen something about this somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot seem to find it. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    ah ok thanks for that, its always good to know I am not the only one.
  7. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    so battery fitted only problem is Icarly does not have the option of a 100ah battery. 90 or 110ah ...im suprised tbh. so ive had to set it at 90ah
  8. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Just for info I ordered this one https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/exide/ea1000/ Thanks for your help every one.
  9. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Ok so I have done the repair but to no avail as when I unlocked the car the battery charger went to 25% again and as I did it direct to the battery I think thats the end of the battery. Interestingly though still no issue starting the car. Shows that the IBS is a great bit of kit as I would never of known until we had a cold day and I went out to start the car. So batteries then. Im going to go for an AGM, so far I've looked at OEM,Bosch and Varta ranging for £150-£250 ouch
  10. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Great video. looks like the battery from that except I have no issues starting. Will try a repair of the battery via noco smart charger first and if still an issue I will have to invest in either a new battery or some more equipment.
  11. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Ok so I connected the smart charger yesterday afternoon and it read 25% at first then within 5 mins went upto 50% when I went back a few hours later it was fully charged. I left it connected over night and most of today as it just keeps it fully topped up without over charging. Unlocked the car and lifted the hood to find the charger had suddenly dropped to 25%..... now i I cannot see how that is possibly as that's a lot of power to use. I also doubt it's a charger issue. However as I charged it from under the hood I'm guessing that ibs controls this so I think this is faulty somehow. When I get home after work I was thinking about connecting directly to the battery in he boot. Question is would I need to disconnect the battery? also interested to hear any other ideas. Charger is a noco g3500uk (I think that's right)
  12. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    No fault with IBS showing in icarly. however icarly struggles to read info on battery. Oh ok that makes sense. I also read on other sites about different switches causing a drain. I did look but imo I dont think I have a drain and I had the battery checked and thats fine just needs a charge so my next step is a smart charger and see if that helps any. I will report back after I have had chance to charge the battery. 1 question though. Can I charge from the post under the bonnet or do I have to charge at the battery?
  13. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Still having this issue although not all the time. so while driving today I had icarly set some parameters ref battery battery voltage 14.13v from AD converter 14.13v DF-monitor for battery charge level 31.25% so voltage seems fine to me. Question is whats a DF and surely this cannot be correct as 31.25% would not of got the car started. ideas?
  14. Binary11

    Possible battery/electrical issue

    These are the only faults showing up in icarly