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  1. Tenorsax

    what lowering springs

    I'm considering dropping my se 30mm all round. Been quoted £336 all in.... Springs... Fitting... and wheel alignment. Does that sound about right.... Also someone suggested 2000plate saloon has electronic self leveling....?????
  2. Tenorsax


    Hi... Recently ordered H&R lowering springs to fit E39 523 saloon. Drop is 30mm front and 30 rear. Had a call from supplier asking if I am sure I had ordered the correct set up, as they felt my vehicle has a self adjusting mechanism at the rear. I'm confused. I was under the impression only touring had self leveling suspension. Please someone tell me that I can!! just change springs old for new without concern for leveling issues. I thought just a straight swap over.. I'm confused.... Help.... Please...
  3. Tenorsax


    Thanks again for some good advice..
  4. Tenorsax


    Thanks... Real good advice. If I did go with just uprated springs... What drop would you recommend... 20 - 30 - 35 - 40mm.....not sure.
  5. Tenorsax


    Hi... Bmw e39 523 se.. Standard apart from 18"style 32 alloy wheels. Want to lower vehicle... What's recommended drop without causing any issues. Was thinking 35mm-40mm. Is vehicle dropped the same amount at back and front. Really appreciate the help...