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  1. TheBalance

    Newbie intro

    Just took a look at coding, still have a warranty so I might just ask the dealer if they can set eco Pro as default, will help control the wife's heavy foot having been driving her shogun.
  2. TheBalance

    Newbie intro

    Yes auto, have decided I am too old to have to move the gear stick for myself. How does one access coding, I presume I need to hook a laptop up? It does seem an oversight not to be able to set the default and only this morning I found a colleague has just switched from a 2 series bmw to a Jag XE, same age as my beamer and he does have a default capability. Also of interest do people have folding mirrors? Mine fold on a button, as per the manual, but also on the key fob (hold lock same as closing the windows), the manual doesn't mention it and happened into the dealer yesterday and they told me i don't have that feature as bmw dropped it due to burning out motors and we're disbelieving until I showed them.
  3. TheBalance

    Newbie intro

    Tow bar man came and fitted the tow bar on Monday. it is indeed a Westfalia fitting and he has done what looks like a good job - he started by going over the parts of the car he would touch in detail to make sure I was aware of any bumps / scratches - there aren't many but he found a couple of tiny ones I hadn't noticed and that was after new car fanatic level of cleaning and polishing had occurred. Everything put back properly and no dramas. I'll tell you in 5 years if I am pleased with the work but the early view is I'm happy. If anyone is looking for a tow bar man (apparently he does parking sensors & other electrical work too) in the Kent area (he came to Tunbridge Wells and is based out of Bexley Heath) then automobile_services@yahoo.co.uk. 2 weeks on and still loving the car, fuel economy is creeping towards ok (comparing to my 2.0d Mondeo), today averaged around 45mpg, overall on the half tank it is 42 so far, most of the time I just drop it into Eco Pro as ideal for my commute which has 22 miles of 40+ mph (+ a lot on one stretch in Sport ) and 2 miles of stop start hell.
  4. TheBalance

    Newbie intro

    Definitely detachable, I believe it is indeed Westfailia, seeing the man in a few days to check.
  5. TheBalance

    Newbie intro

    Hi, Just upgraded from a 2010 Mondeo which has done me good service but had a massive outage (3 weeks and Ford couldn't find the answer for it to one day just work which is more worrying than any other answer) and a growing number of bits needing replacement to a 2015 plate 530d SE. 4 days in and still in new toy mode, fuel economy to be determined and my only real concern as it stands but it is great to drive and certainly quick (so my 12 year old son is enjoying it too). Tow bar on order to handle the boot size downgrade .