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  1. Trust me, theyre not perfect up close and personal!! The best method is to sand it down then buff them and they look perfect! also best to apply a wax on them every month. Is the CCV going to cost a heafty amount? Kind of getting to the point whether I think it would not be worth doing it...
  2. The one thing I really dont want it to be is the Piston Rings fingers crossed...
  3. I performed the oil filler cap procedure when it first started having problems as I though it was the CCV, and there is no suction or any difficulty removing the cap. Also the engine sounds the same with our without the cap.
  4. My BMW E60 530i AUTO with the M54b30 has been experiencing some problems recently, Revs fluctuate and car bogs and hesitates between 1500rpm-3000rpm, and it only does this in 3rd and 4th gear. (runs fine when cold, only starts to do this 10 mins into warming up) For the past 3 weeks, a white cloud of smoke has been bellowing out the exhaust when you let off the accelerator from driving hard , and it also smokes on inclines and declines. (also had blue and black smoke when revved hard at stand still, but stopped doing that now) oil smells like its mixing with fuel, and a liquid of some sort is coming out the tailpipe. (Also a strong smell of fuel) But car isnt loosing/burning coolant? The car is almost on 172,000 miles, but I thought these last longer! I hope that it isn’t the end of the line for this car, as she has aged very well for being 14 years old, and the 3.0 straight 6 is one of the Supposed to be one of BMW’s most reliable units. Any suggestions on whats going on will be very appreciated…