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  1. domin8or

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Start of the first decent wash of the year
  2. domin8or

    Auxiliary water pump not working.

    Ok, 3 years is long enough to wait for an answer, any takers ?
  3. domin8or

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Right so ICV buzzing/vibrating slightly on position 2 on ignition without engine running, removed elec plug to ICV noise stopped, started car,running rough and ECL light came on, switched ignition off,re connected elec plug, buzz back EML light went out when started again,idle back to normal. Still waiting on O ring for DISA valve to get it out the way for better access(and will check condition & clean while there), but obviously an ICV issue of some sort, I assume it might be doing something as idle back to normal when connected but car still down on power at bottom end. I shall continue to investigate and report back as I hate unfinished post's.
  4. domin8or

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Just solved it, its the Idle control valve, buzzing, swine to get out & clean
  5. domin8or

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Had another look & listen today, think noise actually under inlet manifold as when DISA unplugged noise still there, very weird
  6. domin8or

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Have been reading up on the DISA and the flap & pin issues, I don't appear to have the rattle, however will remove & get new 'O' ring to re-fit. The buzzing by It's nature is I suspect more electrical/solenoid perhaps, and noise is there when engine off.
  7. domin8or

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    E39 pre-facelift 520i 150hp model .....When ignition on DISA is buzzing, doing this without engine actually running, not sure if doing when running as harder to hear. Engine feels down on power at low end so suspect DISA possibly stuck and not doing as it should, ok up the rev range. Also came up with P0340 & P1397 codes with my small code reader tonight, but wondered if DISA fault might be affecting other codes and should I attend to DISA 1st ? Any advice would be great,thanks. Calum
  8. domin8or

    A few pics of my other cars

    Obviously confusing me with someone that gives a toss
  9. domin8or

    A few pics of my other cars

    Omg, who annoyed you Butler, what a sad existence you have I shall pray for you .
  10. domin8or

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Be VERY careful with the straps , they can do loads of damage to paintwork if it's blowing a bit. I had a tarpaulin type cover on my kit car which had elasticated straps,paintwork suffered badly, now have a Noah car cover (actually for a Mazda2 but not a bad fit, soft cover, no straps other than the one that goes under the car, perfect.
  11. domin8or

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Shock & Unlock from Halfrauds of all places, never had a rusty bolt or fixing it hasn't shifted
  12. domin8or

    Stealth Parrot install

    Only if you have the button on wheel, which I don't
  13. domin8or

    Stealth Parrot install

    Can't reach it while driving if in glovebox ................. Bit of a downside for the operating of the kit
  14. domin8or

    Lacquering Inner Rear Door Cards

    Paint them with PVA adhesive, that's what we do in the kit car world when making door cards from scratch from MDF
  15. So BSW are the only people on the planet that know the characteristics and exact specifications of std BMW E39 speakers to be able to offer speakers of a good quality without either a head change or fitting an amp ? I notice you mentioned in your reply Dennis , that previously other manufacturers had made better speakers, do you know the spec they made them to ? Surely a quality manufacturers low RMS high db over 90 component set up must be better than std, although I do appreciate sound is very personal,so my idea may differ from others. My previous E46 330D SE 01 model's std, system was way better than the E39, while I appreciate it had underseat sub speakers as std. I shall continue to research this and shall report back my findings,thanks