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  1. Half my speakers are well by there best so want to change them, not wanting Audiophile lol, just half decent straight replacements as very OCD about keeping things OEM. Think I am correct in saying rears and front doors are the same (saloon model) ? There appears to be millions of options 4 ohms .. 5.25" size .. Speaker removed std. one has 40w stamped on it, any idea if that's max or RMS . I am not upgrading std Business headunit, just want replacements with possibly something giving a bit clearer sound, thanks.
  2. domin8or

    Stealth Parrot install

    Like I said I like OEM , and a double din is certainly not OEM, plus I've had several Parrot kits and All have worked fine, including this model. I like to keep the heritage in older cars and add modern necessities in a stealth manner so I have the practicality to use car as a daily,each to their own.
  3. domin8or

    Stealth Parrot install

    Wanted car to stay OEM, but need Bluetooth for phone, solution: What parrot kit ? This one :
  4. domin8or

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Refurb of Calipers before refurbed wheels go back on. Before : During : After, pad clips still to go on,painted them black,but need calipers dry before fitting :
  5. domin8or

    E39 performance air filter

    Ok, so full mod done, as I had a dodgy intake pipe to change anyway. So I ordered a new intake pipe (before I read you can get one without the connection for the resonator, however at least I can change back if required), Next was to find something to blank the resonator connection,so into the shed I went, and found an old bearing end cap, perfect, so a wee coat of paint & a jubilee clip and we're sorted. Fitted this onto intake pipe,using a wee bit of waterproof grease to help with fitting as was nice & snug (45mm internal size). Job done,fitted back in car,can hear a bit more induction noise,will know better when car all done & ready for use as my daily.
  6. domin8or

    e39 530d problem with pow

    "stupidly i made some doughnuts in parking lot with like only 8 liters of fuel in tank" Think you've answered your own question.
  7. domin8or

    Winter tyres on 16" alloys

    Looking to get a set of Winter tyres for my 16" turbines, can you run 215 55 16 tyres on these anyone use that size ? Thanks
  8. domin8or

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    Well fingers crossed, I've deleted the fault code,light out and staying out after several starts,maybe someone just farting about and set off a code,time will tell,thanks
  9. domin8or

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    Are you not better putting another proper sensor in, they're only about £20 for a tested used one on eBay?
  10. domin8or

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    Could be,I just bought car. Came up with part 6900727 and fault code SS040245. Fault code appears to relate to passenger seat sensor where part is Airbag module, more homework. If anyone needs a spare indicator BC stalk, I'm your man ;-(
  11. domin8or

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    Just found a link on Bimmerforums, fuse 40 in glovebox, new fuse in OBD working,and a bonus Airbag light !!! Put my wee scanner on it, might be passenger seat sensor,off to check codes
  12. domin8or

    E39 pre facelift 520i SE On Board Computer ?

    Ok, so I've changed the stalk (while changing my wheel), still only got temp ?
  13. domin8or

    E39 performance air filter

    Airbox mod started
  14. domin8or

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Lightened it
  15. Can you give me a link please ? Or tell me how to find your projects ?