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  1. Has anyone fitted LED replacement H7 bulbs to their F10? I know that I should have bought a car with HID's ! Thanks Doug.
  2. packers1712

    520d tyres

    I think I might just stick with run flats and accept they're a little more expensive with the knowledge that in the event of a puncture I can probably get home! Thanks for all your replies!
  3. packers1712

    520d tyres

    Has anyone replaced run flat tyres with standard tyres and if so do you carry any form of "puncture fix" kit?
  4. packers1712

    connecting iphone

    Thanks chaps, I can bluetooth music from the phone to the car is that not classed as streaming? Sorry excuse my ignorance!
  5. packers1712

    connecting iphone

    Hi,I'm new to this forum and trying to find out if i can screen share my iphone maps or google maps with my F10 2012 520d for sat nav as it wasn't factory fitted with it from new? Many thanks in advance. Doug.