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  1. Dickchy

    Intensive washer piping

    Great, just the info I need. Many thanks Richard
  2. Dickchy

    Intensive washer piping

    Thanks for the super quick responses. I don’t have a Halfrauds near me (I am outside mainland UK) but will follow the aquarium air line link. Any idea what size I need?
  3. Dickchy

    Intensive washer piping

    I am changing the pump on my E39 intensive washer reservoir as it is leaking. The hose going to it is brittle and keeps breaking. I thought may be some sort of silicon hose over the top of the old one might work. But what size and where can I get this. Alternatively where do I get just a length of hose? I don’t want to buy the entire washer hose harness which is all I can find on E Bay. Thanks.