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    E60/61 iDrive repair recommendations

    Thanks Tuvoc. Yes, it looks like the one in Brum is a good one and the guy's been very helpful on the phone - it's just a bit of a drive! (especially with no radio)
  2. Hi all, absolute noob here, two days into ownership of a 2005 525i Touring, bought with an known iDrive issue. Most of the time it doesn't work, and just tries again and again to boot: the BMW text logo, on and off, with some funky graphics errors (vertical and horizontal lines). It worked for half an hour, and everything seemed to be as it should. I've seen the second hand units on eBay, but they're still quite pricey for a unit that might still go bad any day. In any case it seems the problems can be down to a number of components so I think a full diagnostic of the iDrive system and connected modules would be a good idea. I've found a couple of places that will do all the diagnostics and fit reconditioned CCCs with warranty, but one is in Birmingham, and the other is £600 (mid-Kent). I know it's not a cheap fix but I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get it done for a better price, or can simply recommend someone good. I live between Bromley and Dartford. Any recommendations for iDrive/electrical specialists in this area? Cheers! Jon