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  1. Artie86

    Rear Window Anti Trap

    That's great. I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help fella.
  2. Artie86

    Rear Window Anti Trap

    Dont suppose you happen to know which colour wires relate to power and ground on the motor unit?
  3. Artie86

    Rear Window Anti Trap

    I can't tell pal as I had to make it safe / watertight for overnight so I unscrewed the motor from the mechanism, moved the window to the closed position and reattached the motor. All I can say is there was not even a click from the motor when trying to operate. Nothing. All 3 other windows operate perfectly....
  4. Artie86

    Rear Window Anti Trap

    Hi Guys Newbie here but could really do with your assistance. I have bought a 2006 e60 525d M sport. I bought it with a window anti trap function error, the motor would not function at all and was stuck closed. I have today replaced the motor and assembly for a second hand unit, but the issue is still the same only the window is now stuck open! Anti Trap failure still comes up on the dash and there is no movement at all from the motor. Where do I go from here? I don't want to have my car stuck overnight with the window open! Thanks in advance