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  1. BFleming

    F11 8 speed Gearbox oil change

    An oil change is maintenance. Presumably a full strip down will be fault-related, and a lot more expensive than an oil change?
  2. BFleming

    520d, 528, 530d honest appraisal

    Yes, it can be coded out so the default position is 'off'.
  3. BFleming

    Help with Dash Cam hard wire needed

    The lighter socket doesn't stay powered infinitely long - it powers on when you unlock the car, and powers off a while after re-locking. My camera is plugged into the hidden 12V socket under the glovebox (both my BMW's have the extended 12V socket pack) and I have no issues with battery drain - even for a couple of weeks at a time. Just make sure the screen times out, as the bulk of power goes in lighting that up - and I've read that you're legally not allowed to have a screen displaying video whilst driving (even if it's showing the road ahead). Would have to be a pretty pedantic copper to tug you for that one though.
  4. BFleming

    520d, 528, 530d honest appraisal

    The 523i and 528i of that generation are generally sweet. However I have a friend with a F11 523i and it drinks oil heavily. Much like my old 330i (M54) did. A litre every 500 or 1000 miles. Also this engine is very difficult to tume (remap), so my remapper tells me. The timing chain issue affects about 1% of N47's, but that 1% gives bad press. There are plenty of people willing to put the boot in, at every opportunity, but with no direct experience. It's just what they think they know. The reality is there are hundreds of thousands of people with this engine in their BMW or Mini in the UK with no running problems. The diesel hate is politically driven, depending on who's paying for the research. The government told us to buy them, now it's telling us not to. If you cared about the health of the planet I suppose you'd just buy a bike & not actually own a car. The motor industry has at least made some effort to clean up its act (cats & DPFs now mandatory); large industry / power generation clean up is lagging some way behind.
  5. BFleming

    F11 8 speed Gearbox oil change

    The transmission fluid and sump are expensive, but there's places that'll do it from between £250-£300 all in using ZF parts. They generally list on Ebay. I'm a competent DIYer, but for that price I'd let someone else do it.
  6. BFleming

    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    Good write up. For what it's worth I never disconnect the battery for airbag removal, nor do I wait any time whatsoever - and I've never had an airbag deploy or give a fault. Personally I reckon there is zero risk as it's a safety critical system - they're designed to deploy in a set way only, not by spurious static / residual current / urban myths. Also definitively putting it up there - if you are replacing a steering wheel with any other wheel there is no coding required. The airbags in our part of the world (Europe) are all the same technology (whether they are single stage or dual stage, I can't remember). Coding only comes into it when you want to add paddles - and there's enough write-ups on that subject. Lastly, any dealer of any marque (not just BMW) will tell you retrofits can't be done, mostly as it's not their domain - they perceive it as risky and leaves them liable to damages claims - which is why they always say No. Luckily there are plenty of people out there who 1) have experience and know better and 2) feel comfortable with the risk as it's highly likely they won't bugger anything up!
  7. BFleming

    A few months in - ownership thoughts

    The B47 is only 2 litre, but I assume it was an X1 18d that was tested. A friend's F10 LCI with the B47 engine left me thinking that BMW had done little in refinement terms over my old E90 with the N47 engine. Both cars were manual, and the gearstick visibly shook on idle on both cars. My own F11 is also the N47, but because it's an auto feels much more refined. Probably placebo.
  8. BFleming

    top up coolant or change?

    Here we go again. Chains snapping affects about 1% of N47 engines, but 100% of the people it happens to are rightly pissed off, and come on these forums to vent. I don't vent as I'm one of the 'fortunate' 99%. But you partly make your own luck with frequent oil changes - something a first company car owner couldn't have cared less about. There is no current recall for N47 EGR, and I imagine the vast majority of them will be out of warranty by now too (apart from the owner-revered BMW AUC cars or those with extended warranty (would anyone bother with a 520d?)). So whilst EGRs may be a perceived issue, it's not one BMW acknowledges.
  9. BFleming

    'Replace Battery' warning

    Or Carly. Or buy a new battery & register that. Plenty of options.
  10. BFleming

    Wheels and Tyres for Winter in F10

    I'd personally recommend the 17in option. The 'sticking with the size it came from the factory on' is bad advice - stick with the sizes listed on the tyre pressure sticker, as those sizes are specific to your car. Winter tyres perform best in the highest profile size possible, so as long as 225/55-17 is listed, you're good to go. Regarding 225/55-17's, they are also a typical van-sized tyre, so make sure the ones you buy are car tyres. It might like an obvious statement, but you never know! So stick to the minimum speed & weight ratings suitable for your car - which again are all on the tyre pressure sticker.
  11. I'd say you have a leak. I would hope it's not an airbag since you replaced those in February, but it does sound like it if one side is sitting low / the compressor is kicking in.
  12. BFleming

    Front seats

    I'd say you can rule out the tensioner, as you transferred it yourself from your old seats. I'm surprised at an airbag fault, as in general they're either deployed - or they're not. I stated previously that lumbar support is not a codable entry, and I stick by that - mostly as you've had it coded & it doesn't work. The VO contains non codable things too, like sports suspension. I'll have another look at the wiring diagrams tomorrow & see what I can make of it. I'm struggling a little to make sense of the F10 wiring diagrams compared to (say) the E90. But I'll get there. I spent tonight under the fusebox of a Porsche 944 - the F10 has got to be easier!!!
  13. BFleming

    ACS conversion

    The ACS kit is a hard thing to 'value' on a secondhand car, as such the new price is irrelevant. Certainly not worth £3k extra. Unless it's being sold by a BMW specialist, a dealer won't have allowed any extra value for 'aftermarket parts', even overpriced ones from ACS. Secondhand though those wheels are worth about £1500; the suspension also has a value, but it depends on whether it's springs & struts - or just springs. If it has adaptive struts, it'll just be ACS springs - as made by Eibach, so maybe £150. The exhaust is near worthless as you'll struggle to find another 550i owner who wants it.
  14. BFleming

    Picked up my 520d Luxury

    Mine has the Eco mode activated as default (coded as such); the lethargy doesn't bother me as when you slam your foot to the floor it gets the message pretty quickly. I've had mine remapped though, so it's not lacking in horses. If I want to change to Comfort/+ or Sport/+ it's a conscious decision to do so. Eco mode does me the vast majority of the time. Digital speedometer can be coded in easily; I have it, but never use it. It's a bit small, and the traditional speedometer is legible & accurate enough.