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  1. BFleming

    S1CDA Brake energy regeneration

    All the braking force is transferred to the calipers (well as efficiently as any car); the alternator kicks in under engine braking to charge the battery; otherwise that energy would be lost in solely braking the car. It's not something you'd even notice when driving. It's pretty low tech compared to proper regenerative braking systems, but it's part of the efficient dynamics thing.
  2. BFleming

    F11 525d DDE Error Code 0x260100

    Done that, cleared everything & started afresh & this is the only recurring one. It looks like the temp sensor near the EGR on the inlet manifold, so I'll replace it in a couple of weeks (away with work currently).
  3. So my newly acquired 525d (2.0, 2013) is showing one error code, which I've read using INPA and Ediabas. The Ediabas code reads 0x260100 - Exhaust Temperature Sensor after EGR Cooler, Signal intermittent or short circuit to Plus (P040D). Looking at RealOEM I can see 3 exhaust gas temperature sensors, one near/on the mainfold (?) one on top of the DPF & one lower down. This is the DPF on RealOEM: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=XB32-EUR-02-2013-F11-BMW-525d&diagId=13_1494 So parts 10, 13 and 14 are temperature sensors, with part 14 being the one furthest upstream. What are people's thoughts? Many thanks.
  4. BFleming

    New F11 owner

    I had forgotten you could do that. I'll recode tomorrow & see how I fare. Thanks for the pics on 18's @E39mad that looks great. Something to aspire to for sure. More mods to come I think. Paddle shifts on the M Sport steering wheel,dash cam... well that'll do for starters. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. BFleming

    New F11 owner

    Evening all! I picked up a new (well, new to me) F11 over the weekend. It's a 525d finished in Tiefseeblau Metallic with Oyster leather. It's a 2013 model (Feb 2013 build) so the 2.0 lump and 218bhp (or so). Nice spec too: auto, pan roof, comfort seats & adaptive suspension. It's a superb drive, and takes some getting used to after my last car (E90 320d ed). So far it's had a clean, service and a small play with Carly (digital speedometer, start in ed mode and stop the passenger mirror dipping in reverse!). I also got my INPA working for the F-models. I've only been reading on there so far. I also have eSys from my wife's F20 should I need it for any coding that Carly doesn't do. The other thing I did was update the BMW connectivity software, and also put the latest maps on the nav, as it was running 2013 maps. I'm not sure what my plans are for it (other than driving it of course). Some bigger wheels, probably 18's. I won't be lowering it. Maybe a reverse camera. But certainly a remap - I think I can get 270bhp then, which would be nice! I want to get the transmission fluid changed too; there seem to be a lot of people doing it for £250 or so (or I could spend that on the materials myself, so I might as well let someone else do it). Nice to have found this forum, it seems a bit more lively than some of the others! Some pictures.