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  1. I don't have comfort access, i.e. I have to push a button on the remote to unlock my cars. I've seen some of the news articles on people getting access with the reading device at the front door etc, but as I don't have comfort access, is this a risk for me? Of course the traditional car thief can still get into a car easily enough, and probably start it using the above mentioned device, but should I be concerned about where I leave my keys from a signal point of view? My friend & current fellow F11 owner had the steering wheel stolen from his E90 a couple of years ago. It was on his drive, and he heard nothing. He unlocked the car in the morning, his son got in & said 'where's the steering wheel?'. There it was... gone. On a final note, 20 years ago I had a newish E36 Compact, and drove from my home in Germany to a mate's place in Antwerp. He lived in a rough-ish area, so when I parked up I put a StopLock on, just like this one: As soon as I locked it I realised the key for it was a few hundredmiles away. It took 5 mins to remove with kitchen implements. Not difficult at all.
  2. I could do that! It won't be for a few weeks though for various reasons. Work sending me to Vegas mostly.
  3. Gotcha, just undo the 2 bolts to the strut turret, then swing it out of the way.
  4. Thanks for that. It does list the preliminary task as 'Remove upper wishbone from swivel bearing' which I called the upper collar, so I guess that answers that. It's not easy, that's for sure!
  5. I had a look at lowering the front of my F11 last night, and as I have the Electronic Damping Control shock absorbers, they're quite a bit more bulky than the standard shocks lower down. The normal way of removing F10/F11 shocks would be... - Remove drop link nut - Remove lower nut & bolt - Remove 3x upper strut mounting bolts - Pry the whole hub downwards, allowing the 'fork' at the bottom of the strut to be removed over the transverse arm & backwards out of the car With the EDC shocks, there is only one electrical connector which is quickly removed. However as the strut contains the bulky EDC gubbins on the side of it, it fouls the vertical hub arm when you try to press down on the hub to remove the strut - meaning you can't push down on the hub sufficiently to remove the strut. Do I need to remove the upper collar arm to remove the strut properly?
  6. True, but your local SIXT car hire may well have a few of them. Hertz actually bought some aswell.
  7. BFleming

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Same, I hope they resolve it rapido. On a side note, the bumper beam in the F10 really is puny isn't it? When you originally said the towbar saved a lot of further damage I thought 'nah, the beam might be a little stronger, but not loads' - but it really is hugely stronger. I've done towbars on a Passat B6 and Seat Altea XL (2 of those) and the bumper beams are impressively stong on either of those. I wonder why BMW skimped so much here
  8. BFleming

    Insurance on 520d

    I'm not sure why you're asking on here. If comparethemarket has quoted you that wedge, you'll struggle to get cheaper. I'm sure you've asked your current insurer?
  9. BFleming

    Front seats

    Yes, you'll swap yours over. There is only one type on the LCI's (which is different to the pre-facelifts by the way). The electrical connectors all combine in the same multiplug under the seat, but you just separate them out, unbolt the seatbelt buckle, put yours in & reassemble the plug. Easier than it sounds!
  10. BFleming

    F11 525d DDE Error Code 0x260100

    The only diagnostics I've done is using Ediabas to read codes. No other diagnostics though. NewTIS gives some info about reading resistance levels, and I suppose now I'm into reading them for all the temperature sensors, not just the one I've changed.
  11. BFleming


    But at what stage do people stop referring to it as an Approved Used Car? Is it when they drive it off the forecourt as no-one cares after that? Personally the oxymoron isn't lost on me when people state they bought an AUC, paying a hefty premium for same, yet complain desperately when they get an extended warranty renewal notice, or the massive bills out of warranty.
  12. BFleming

    F11 Tyre pressures with 275/35/19 at the rear

    If you have another look at your tyre pressure sticker, you'll see that the 19in tyres (245/40-19) are listed in the same box. So I'd take those same pressures, 2.1 Bar Front, 2.6 Bar Rear (31 PSI Front, 38 PSI Rear). The point load from the caravan shouldn't be that great, but personally I'd be going with the increased pressures in that scenario (2.9F, 3.4R). Note this is 42PSI Front, 49PSI Rear.
  13. BFleming

    F11 525d DDE Error Code 0x260100

    I replaced part 14 above, but sadly the code still remains. Part 10 next? The one on the top of the DPF?
  14. BFleming

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    In my opinion it's a very comfortable ride in Comfort, but it doesn't wallow. Sport tightens things up, but won't rattle your filling from your teeth. I'm on 18's by the way (245/45-18), which also assist the comfort factor. As do the Comfort seats.
  15. BFleming

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    Yup, it's on the list.