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  1. Dakota

    USB map update?

    So hit a dead end, downloaded the map but have repeatedly failed to get it to unzip to my USB key. Crashes out at various stages. Key is formatted to ExFat on Mac which is the same as Fat32 I believe.
  2. Dakota

    Shaken not stirred.

    Update on this. I removed the shroud, took out the air filter then removed the air filter housing. It us held on by two push down tabs in the front, and two slide in slots on the back. The slots at the bulkhead had some vertical play so the whole housing could move up and down by about 5mm. I packed the slots with those adhesive pads used for the feet of chairs so now the housing is much more secure. Still no V12 but much better.
  3. Dakota

    USB map update?

    Feb 2014 LCI. I rarely use the nav, maybe just leave it be?
  4. Dakota

    USB map update?

    Thanks lads, on Mac so will try tonight. Did I hear the latest version of maps was crashing everyone's Nav?
  5. Dakota

    USB map update?

    I see my car seems to be able to update to the latest maps, any idea how you do this?
  6. Dakota

    Headlight dance?

    Loving my Xenon's after years of lousy headlights. Amazed at how bad the lights are on a lot of modern cars.
  7. Dakota

    Headlight dance?

    Thanks lads.
  8. Dakota

    Headlight dance?

    Anyone else's headlights do this little dip and rise on start up? VID_20181017_174249.mp4
  9. Brave person to get that done.
  10. Dakota

    self righting wheel centre caps

    These are going to be so stolen!
  11. Dakota

    Coded NBT, over written by BMW?

    No software update but a new headunit was fitted.
  12. Dakota

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    At this stage would you not tell them to remove it and fit a Witter manual removable and be done with it? Seems the have no clue what they are doing.
  13. Dakota

    Retrofit split/folding rear seat F10

    Wouldn't buy a car without them. 6 months in and have yet to use them!
  14. Dakota

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Where are you guys buying these ex cop cars, and are they very cheap or something?
  15. Dakota

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Looks amazing! Now that it is sprayed does it feel painted or is it still like leather to the touch? Would be interested to see how it holds up.