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  1. Dakota

    Faulty infotainment system

    Mine was doing the same, also 2014, BMW replaced it as it was under warranty. Really not sure if there is anything you can do. Must be lots of units available at breakers, but it will need to be coded to your car.
  2. I meant leave the handbrake off if possible, not 'P' of course. During winter there is every chance your disks will have surface corrosion after three weeks, except for where the pads are in contact with the disc. When then drive the car you get a horrible clonking from the brakes for the first while due to the uneven rusting of the disc. May not do any harm but sounds grim enough for me to leave the handbrake off (assuming it is safe to do so.)
  3. Dakota

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Highest water mark yet!
  4. Can we expect a recall for these fob batteries that are failing 4 years into normal use?
  5. Dakota

    Fuel filter intervals?

    Thanks folks, car is going in next month, will request that it is changed.
  6. Coming to the end of my service pack, was wondering what the intervals are for the diesel fuel filter as I don't think it is ever be changed.
  7. This begs the question: What is the procedure if you return to your car and the battery is dead and you can't open it with the remote? Is it the same as this G30 video?
  8. F11? Profile picture shows an F10. Confused.com.
  9. Sounds like a cracked spring, not uncommon. If you have a good look in there you may be able to see it.
  10. I'd leave the handbrake off and in the car P if possible. I also leave all the cubbies open and sunvisors down so any opportune scrote can see you've emptied it.
  11. Dakota

    Wynns formula gold

    Just did, could be all in the head but engine felt smoother, idling better, less noisy under acceleration. I was super impressed.
  12. Dakota

    Service Warning

    What are you going to do when it's pads and discs time? Indie, main dealer?
  13. Bought some Wynne's Formula Gold having read some people noticed improvements in smoothness and running characteristics. Halfway through a full tank but I have to say the idling seems smoother, S/S transition seems less vibey and the engine just seems sweeter. I expected it to be snake oil but am delighted with results so far.