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  1. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Ha ha! I must try that, video to follow over the weekend.
  2. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Not sure if I'm still welcome here, but just got new front pads and disks fitted on the Skoda, total cost €180. Some things I miss about the BMW, others not so much!
  3. Dakota

    Output shaft seals fone

    That looks a lot worse than misting. I flagged the same issue with when my car went in, and they replaced the output shaft seal which was failing.
  4. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    So do I! But two silver Superbs would have just made us those 'weird neighbours'.
  5. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    His and hers.
  6. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    0-60 much the same, BMW had better in gear acceleration. For my kind of driving though no meaningful difference. This was never about performance though, but refinement. That is day and night. The video from the dealer was telling. Full tour of the car, inside and out, utter silence, when he opened the door the rev counter was at 800 rpm.
  7. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    No crazy opening, just s very large, single piece hatch into a cavernous boot. That old arrangement was a bit OTT.
  8. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Petrol Andy, I'm done with diesel! As smooth as a 6 cylinder BMW, though without the creamy noise.
  9. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Fixed that.
  10. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Collected the new car. Very, very happy. I'll be murdered here but in ways that matter to me it is so much better than the BMW. Namely refinement. The engine is EV quiet. Kept forgetting to change up a gear as you can't hear the engine! Loads more space, feels solid as a rock. Don't know how Skoda do it.
  11. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    I have a VW Up until I get the replacement. What a hoot to drive, forgotten how much fun small cars can be. Lovely and quiet at tick over.
  12. Dakota

    Farewell and thanks

    Thanks folks. Just to be clear my issue was never with power or performance. The car was plenty quick for me and having tested both 520 and 518, it was only at motorway speeds that the power deficit was felt. My main issue was the N47 (I found the B47 the same) racket and refinment at slow speeds. It just drove me crazy, everything about the car shouts premium and refinement, until you tickle the throttle. I couldn't live with it. At speed it was lovely and smooth, the issue was getting there. This was obviously made worse having come from a very refined petrol. I'm getting a Skoda Superb III, the same as my wifes. 150bhp 1.4ts ACT. It is a phenomenal engine. Fast, frugal and SO much more refined than the BMW (almost silent at idle), more spacious and far cheaper to maintain. A bit more road noise at speed, but very little in it really. Obviously the BMW interior, which I always loved, is in a different league. For anyone who scoffs at this move, you haven't driven the Skoda :-).
  13. Sold the F10 today. We never really clicked I'm afraid. Coming from a smooth petrol, and after two e34s years ago I had hoped for more. No premium car should sound like that, the engine grated every time I touched the throttle at slow speeds. She was a sublime cruiser once up to speed, but getting there hurt. The ride was a disappointment too. Never plush, it fidgeted. The e34 rode better. Blame big wheels I suppose. The grommit was sorted, I had two doors painted and €2000 worth of warranty work with months of taking they keys. That did it for me, I didn't like the car enough to endure costly servicing with age. Of course there was lots to like, the interior is one of the best, and to my eyes it is a beautiful, classic BMW design. With a different engine, and deeper pockets I may have felt different. As a life long BMW fan it saddens me to say I won't miss it. To everyone here, a big thank you. Some brilliant advice and support. These cars need a good community, and this is one the best. Collecting new car on Friday. Off the Skoda forum with me.
  14. Dakota

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Most sealents are TPMS safe. Just check on the can.
  15. Dakota

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Tie your wrench to the bonnet strut with some string, no fear of dropping it into the engine bay! The job is not as hard as you may imagine. I've done two and if you take your time you will be fine.