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  1. Dakota

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Thanks for all the advice, pretty sure when these RFs are worn out I'll try the normal tyres, better ride and a good deal cheaper.
  2. Dakota

    Door lock pin rattle - solved

    Ok, so that was an easy fix. Removed the door pin surround, they pop off easy enough with a trim tool, easier from.the outside of the car with the window down. Placed few small adhesive pads on the inside of it and popped it back on. Tested the bass, rattle 100% gone. Was so easy I did the passenger door as well. Happy days, I had actually turned the bass to me minimum to stop it before. Back to enjoying the music. Hope this helps.
  3. Dakota

    Door lock pin rattle - solved

    Bummer. Do you know if the small plastic surround around the door pin pops off easy enough?
  4. So the door lock pin rattles away in my ear when ever the music is load. Guess I'll need to pop a bit of felt or insulation tape around it to dampen if down. Does anyone know if they unscrew, or does the door card need to come off to access them? First world problems I know!
  5. Dakota

    DIY Service

    BMW may argue that as part of the their maintenance schedule is a vehicle health check, and during that process they may have found the corrosion earlier. And that an Indy may not have, resulting in the problem being worse by the time you make your claim. It's a good 'out' for them. Having said that I have yet to hear of one case where the corrosion was highlighted by anyone other than an owner.
  6. Dakota

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Cheers Oilburner, did you notice any improvement in the ride or noise with the non RF's? Are the benefits worth the potential for grief should you puncture?
  7. Dakota

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Just had an interim oil change, will get it done at least once a year. Towbar is a Witter, totally invisible when the swan neck is removed. Very easy on and off. I only use it for a bike so will never need the electrics, but they wired it all up no problem.
  8. Dakota

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Ha ha, here you go.
  9. I've been watching these for years, waiting for a good LCI Luxury model to come within reach. Finally went for it a few weeks back and found a AUC low mileage 2014 Luxury with a few options I really wanted (ambient lighting and folding seats). Naturally wanted a 520D but was happy to settle for a 518d having driven a few and found it quick enough for my style of driving. Things I like: Looking at the car! Such a handsome thing, and the Space Grey and additional chrome of the Luxury look very smart. Love the 454 wheels, not hard to clean either. Being an AUC the car looks like new, interior is near mint. Alloys where refurbed prior to purchase. Oyster interior is lovely and light, feels very special. The whole interior is really beautifully designed, such a return to form after the E60. Super quiet at cruising. Torque and acceleration, nice and effortless. Comfort. 2 year warranty and one more service under the service plan. Metallic exhaust rattle at idle – Flex pipe on cat has been mentioned? Things I don't like: Diesel. Jesus. After years of petrol I'm struggling with the noise. Lovely at cruise, but getting there and in traffic, sounds very agricultura (N47)l. In my previous car you sometimes could not tell if Stop Start had shut the engine down or not, not any more! I have the door rust issue on 2 doors. Very annoyed that having sought out a car that was in superb condition and paintwork free, the side of the car is probably going to be painted. And it is never like new. Infotainment – I use Andoid so music streaming is poorly integrated, so I now have a iPod which is better. Still very clunky next to my wifes 2016 Superb. Ride is a bit disappointing, my 1995 E34 was better. (E34 also wins the 'door thunk' test!) Jiggles along at slower speeds, you feel every road imperfection. May switch from run flats when the time comes in the help that brings an improvement. Economy is meant to be better than my previous car, 6.3l v 7.3l, yet I seem to be at the pumps more frequently. Need to rack it more accurately. Things I have done: Fitted removable tow bar New seat base on drivers seat, previous bolster was worn. Polished Fineline Anthracite trim to remove scratches Other than that it is happy days. Its a fantastic car that I look forward to getting into each morning. Long may that continue.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before! When my RF's need replacing I plan to go for normal tyres. I assume I then need a puncture repair kit/sealant and air pump? If the tyre is goosed then what, I assume breakdown cover will tow you to a tyre centre? Can I replace them by axle (2 at a time) rather than all 4 at once? Does the tyre pressure monitoring system work with non run flats? Do I need to inform the insurance company when they ask "has the car been modified in any way?" Many thanks.
  11. Dakota

    F10 door speaker upgrade

    Thanks Dave, no tweeters, guess that should be on the list too.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded the speakers in their F10? Pretty underwhelmed with the stock sound system, my 2011 Passat was far superior. Is it a big job to upgrade the front door speakers and any recommendations for what speakers should I look at? Would they be plug and play or would the door card have to be modified, I really would not want to mess with the door trim. Many thanks.
  13. 5000km away from its next service got a quick oil change and free wipers under the BMW First programme. Not bad for €140!
  14. Cheers Dave, I foolishly believed a specific cable from BMW would work. Anyway, progress at last.
  15. Joy, just ditched the y-cable and used an ordinary Apple cable, and we have a connection! Album art and forward and backward tracks, I presume that is it, no library or anything? Next step is to now see can I get the car coded for EBT.