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  1. Dakota

    Self ignition

    Saw a F11 at a breakers with the exact same fire damage, was wondering what may have caused it.
  2. Dakota

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I enjoy those factory videos, the logistics are mind bending, G30s and G11s on the same line. Nice to see one with a more detailed explanation of what is going on. How can the whole front bumper light assembly attached in seconds, yet changing a bulb on them is a drawn out nightmare? Shmee can be irritating but there is no doubt his level of knowledge is remarkable.
  3. Dakota

    Offside rear shock absorber

    Me too, seems to be a bit of a weak point. A bit concerning as you can be sure it will break again once outside warranty.
  4. Dakota

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Just watched a video on the construction of the G30. Check out this screen shot!
  5. In Ireland we have a thing called BMW First, for €4.99 a month you get various perks, one of them being free bulb replacement!
  6. Dakota

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    Can't speak as to reliability, but every road test ever espouses the virtue of VDC over the rather underwhelming standard set up. I am just a few months into F10 ownership and expected better ride comfort (standard suspension on 18's). You feel nearly every road imperfection. I'm hoping some if this is down to the Runflats which I'll probably ditch when worn. So given the choice, and VDC is quite rare, I would definitely give it serious consideration if you prioritise ride comfort. Can you test both?
  7. Dakota

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    I thought most foams are now water soluble so can be cleaned out no problem?
  8. Dakota

    Review - Dr Colour Chip

    Bought one these kits to deal with a few stone chips (F10 Space Grey). I've never really got good results with other touch up kits, hard to avoid the blob factor. Really very impressed, it leaves an almost invisible fix flush with the paintwork. I did one light 2cm scratch that a brush would never have been able fix and it is 80% better. Very easy to apply too. I'll never go back to a brush. Didn't take photos but there are a couple more to do so will post up pictures.
  9. Interesting, look forward to ditching my run flats too. What's your puncture strategy, do you have sealent and a compressor?
  10. Dakota

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Cheers Sam, sound quality is so much better now, very happy with the results. I listen to music a lot when driving so this upgrade was very easy to justify. Also feels good to DIY.
  11. Dakota

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Just finished the Eton upgrade. Went ok thanks to Sam's advice and the YouTube research. A couple of tips. Ensure windows are down before you start, they will need to be for the tweeters. Have a chair so you can work sitting down. The door card is on your lap so ensure all your tools are with reach. Have a magnetic tool handy to retrieve any fallen bolts! Tweeters are awkward, I found fixing the three tabs first, then coming outside the car to ensure the seal sits in the tweeter slot then pushing upward to engage the outside tabs worked best. First tweeter was 10 minutes of fiddling. Second one was 1 minute. For this I rested the door card on the ground while working. I had one FFS moment. The drivers side handle trim was really tough to remove. Eventually I applied too much force and it came off breaking the bottom tab slot on the door card. Turns out there are tabs top AND bottom on the trim, I thought it was just on top, so in pushing the trim downward I snapped the lower slot on the door. No way to fix that as it is part of a complex moulding. Luckily there are still two other tabs (top and side of trim) and it sits back perfectly, albeit not so tight obviously. First impressions are much better clarity and sound quality. Look forward to testing it at volume later.
  12. Dakota

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Sam, with the two terminals on the Eton speakers does it matter which you use for the tweeter and which you use for the speaker. Either or?
  13. Or because you will be standing at the pump while I have another 300 miles before I have to stop. Just looking at you car history, I LOL'd when I saw the switch from the Mini to the 3.0 Senator!
  14. Yikes. Next time I'm moaning about my grumbly diesel the 20mpg better consumption I'm getting will provide some succour!