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  1. KN54ALE

    F11 winter tyres

    I’ve got an F11 530d M Sport and just bought a spare set of genuine BMW 17” alloys. The wheels are currently on my car while the original wheels get refurbished and powder coated. The spare wheels could could do with new tyres and I’m considering using them with winter tyres. What are are people’s thoughts on which winter tyres I should get. The tyre size is 225-55 R17. Should I be looking to fit run flats or normal tyres, and do I need to stick with the higher Speed and load rating I’ve currently got on the car? my current wheelers are the upgraded 19” rims and I’ve only ever managed to find one tyre which is available in the correct size, run flat, speed and extra load rating for the estate car b
  2. Any hints or suggestions on the best way to jack the vehicle up to remove wheels. The car car doesn’t come with a jack and the specific jacking points look like they are designed for a specific jack shine makes it difficult to position my trolly jack. Any suggestions woyld be much appriciated as I’ve got the rear bump stops to replace and want the car to be securely supported.
  3. KN54ALE

    Rear shock replacement

    Looks fairly simple to do. Just noticed my rear bump stops need replacing. Is it necessary to replace the bolts when they are removed or is this just good practice? Want to make sure I’ve got all the bits before starting the job.
  4. KN54ALE

    Alloy wheel fittment

    I’m looking to buy a spare set of alloy wheels for my F11 530d M Sport Iv been offered a set of genuine BMW 17” rims which have come off a 2012 F10 520d. BMW part no 6780720 is there any way of checking for certain these are the correct fittment and will fit my car? inthink they are probably off the SE model and just want to be sure there are no differences between the SE and the M Sport or the 520d and the 530d the main reason for the wheel escape is to allow me to get mine refurbished, but I’m then looking to have them with a set of winter tyres on.
  5. KN54ALE

    Price for F11 front caliber dust boot

    Thanks for the price, could you let me know if this price is for just one caliper seal set, or for a pair? also is it possible to buy just the dust cover/boot or does it only come as a complete kit?
  6. KN54ALE

    Price for F11 front caliber dust boot

    Sorry, details below Reg – KN54 ALE (originally YC61 UHJ) Chassis No – DV63000 Year – 2011 Model – 530d M Sport
  7. Could you provide me with a price to supply a pair of rubber dust boots for the front calipers on my 2011 F11 530D. I'm not sure of the part number but I've attached a photo of the part I require. Could you also provide me with a price for a full caliper seal kit, incase I have to remove the piston to replace the seal.
  8. If I had used a screwdriver to help remove the calliper I would have blamed it on myself, but at the time I noticed it there had been no screwdrivers or tools any where near the seal.
  9. I replaced the front pads last night on my F11 530d, everything went well and managed to reset the computer without any issues, however on one of the calipers, I noticed that there is a small split/cut in the piston dust boot. As it was late evening I have just fitted the new pads for now, and as the piston is pushed well in now the seal is well compressed, but I'd like to know how easy it is to replace this dust boot. Is it possible to do this without having to strip and rebuild the caliper by just removing the caliper, exposing more of the piston and replacing the boot, or does it require the piston to be removed?
  10. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    Is it possible to try and put together a list of dealers who seem to accept this is a known problem, and ones who try to push it back as not a warrenty claim? also of the people who have had the repairs done have any of you been told that you would be expected to pay for replacement door/window trims as it’s not possible to get them off without braking them and BMW warrenty wouldn’t cover them. Id also be interested to hear if anyone has had problems with the claim due to other damage on the doors or car well away from the corrosion. I’ve got a couple of stone chips and light scratches on the lower doors and I was told if the warrenty claim was accepted I’d be expected to pay for these to be repaired as they would need to be done at the same time, and again BMW warrenty would not cover any extra repairs. It seems they want cars to be presented in a pristine condition with no evidence if wear and tear but also never had any paintwork done in the past. Whi buys a 5 series to store in a garage for 12 years and not use it??
  11. Well I’ve ordered the parts from Cotswold BMW and saved £20 compared to my local dealer. Mum hoping to get away with just changing the pads but before I do them can anyone let me k ow what the minimum disk thickness is and what they are when new?
  12. Could you let me have a price for a set of front pads and wear sensor for an F11 530d touring. Reg KN54 ALE. If you need any more details of the vehicle then let me know. Could you also provide a price for discs although I’m hoping these will not need replacing.
  13. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    I can’t fault the car. Had it nearly 6 years now and has been virtually faultless. Its had the coolant leak with the EGR cooler just after the warrenty expired which seems to be another known BMW defect they tried to deny. Other than that and now the corrosion on all 4 doors it’s needed very little service or repair work.
  14. KN54ALE

    Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Can you give me a price for a set of front pads and sensor for my 2011 530d touring. Reg KN54 ALE. Also am I likely to need anything else to do the job or is this everything?
  15. Front brake pads are about due for replacement and I’m considering doing them myself. I always used to do maintenance myself but not done a lot since having the BMW. Where is the best place to get genuine BMW parts from and what else do I need is it just the pads and wear sensor ( not changed pads with a wear sensor before) ive had a quick search and looks like resetting the service indicator should be fairly straight forward but just want to know if I’m going to have any other surprises or if it’s a fairly straightforward job.