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  1. KN54ALE

    F11 rear suspension airbag repkacement

    Doesn’t sound too bad then. I’ll keep an eye on them and may try doing them myself if and when required
  2. Just had my MOT and passed but got an advisory on one of the rear susspension airbags being frayed. It’s not leaking and is functioning correctly but it sounds like it’s going to need replacing something in the future. Is this a difficult DIY job and if not what’s involved and is there any specialist tooling required? whats the cost of the parts are there any other parts it’s worth considering doing at the same time? I’m assuming if one is showing signed of wear the other will be similar so worth replacing as a pair.
  3. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    Today my opinion of the dealer went from low to rock bottom. The opening comment from the dealer principal was “I understand there is a problem with your 7 year old vehicle” the age of the vehicle is irrelevant. If you want to advertise a 12 year warranty then stand by it. The design/manufacturing of these vehicles are flawed. Your not doing me any favours and there’s certainly no good will. When end I suggested to the service manager it’s not my choice to have the vehicle in their Bodyshop his respond was ‘well don’t bother them’ I’ve learnt to understand when he’s going to come out with another lie or excuse because his lips start moving. Also he is still insistent that the repair bulletin which has been shared on this fourum is not applicable to this issue. It’s an out of date document for the USA market and the repair BMW approved is a local repair to the corner of each door. Im not going to name and Shame yet in the hope that they come to their senses but will be naming shortly if they don’t change there attitude.
  4. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    My saga with getting my vehicle repaired his on. After trying thier hardest to persuade me agains progressing the claim, it went to BMW and got approval without problem for the repairs to be carried out. Been today day to get in booked in and have been told that as of Monday this week they have introduced a charge of £20 a day if I want a loan car while they carry out the repairs. This resulted in a meeting with the dealer principal who refused to budge on the loan car cost and tried to explain that due to my car being nearly 7 years old the warrenty repair was only being offered as a good Will gesture.
  5. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    My dealer tried their hardest to persuade me not to progress the claim to BMW by suggesting paint thickness issues and telling me it would just get rejected. I pushed them to submit the claim and it was approved within days. The service manager wasn’t very helpful throughout the process trying to tell me the whole car must have had paint work done due to paint thickness inconsistencies and also trying to tell me the claim wouldn’t be accepted due tostine chips on other areas of the car. MY experience of the main dealer has been poor right from buying the car, from the first service and throughout this claim. My opinion is they only seem interested in dealing with company car drivers who don’t pay the bills but if the dealer says work needs doing it is not questioned and is just booked in to have the work done. I’ve spoken to BMW UK sustainer services this afternoon. Initially the conversation wasn’t going very well and I was advised that all warrenty matters were dealt with directly by the dealership. Eventualy when I mentioned making a complaint they spoke to the service nanager at the dealer I’ve been dealing with and the story has not changed. Dealer has claimed i was I was told that if there was any damage to the seals prior to the repairs then the warrenty would not cover them, but if they were damaged during the repair then they would be replaced as part of the warranty work. just as I expected it should be. I’m not expecting anything for nothing or any improvements to the car I think the dealer we’re just trying it on.
  6. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    Any experience of using Soper Lincoln for repairs? Or my next alternative is Sytner Nottingham although this isn't as convenient? I am assuming that as the claim have been approved by BMW then I am not forced to use the dealer who submitted the claim to carry out the repairs? regards Kneale
  7. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    I know the BMW bulletin states that the doors should be removed for the repairs to happen, does anyone know if this is always the case, or is it down to the bodyshop to make the decision? My warranty has been approved and the car is going in shortly, but from speaking to the dealership they do not do the repairs in house and send to the nearest BMW approved body shop. I'm just trying to find out if its likely the doors will be coming off. When the dealer was initially trying to put me off pushing for a warranty claim, they tired to tell me both the front and back wings would require some paintwork in order match the new paint on the doors.
  8. KN54ALE

    F10 door corrosion

    Just had confirmation from the dealers that my warranty claim for corrosion on all 4 doors has been approved by BMW. I need to get it booked in, however at the moment the dealer is still insisting that to do the repairs all of the door sal/trims need to be removed and will likely be damaged and not fit properly when they come to refit them. They at are telling me that BMW warranty won’t cover replacing them and they will just refit the damaged parts unless I pay to buy new ones. What are others experiences on this? My view is there is nothing wrong wrong with the trims at the moment. The only reason they need to be removed is to enable the manufacturer to carry out warranty repairs on a known manufacturing defect on the vehicle and therefor it is unreasonable to expect me to cover the cost of replacement if required.
  9. KN54ALE

    F11 winter tyres

    I’ve got an F11 530d M Sport and just bought a spare set of genuine BMW 17” alloys. The wheels are currently on my car while the original wheels get refurbished and powder coated. The spare wheels could could do with new tyres and I’m considering using them with winter tyres. What are are people’s thoughts on which winter tyres I should get. The tyre size is 225-55 R17. Should I be looking to fit run flats or normal tyres, and do I need to stick with the higher Speed and load rating I’ve currently got on the car? my current wheelers are the upgraded 19” rims and I’ve only ever managed to find one tyre which is available in the correct size, run flat, speed and extra load rating for the estate car b
  10. Any hints or suggestions on the best way to jack the vehicle up to remove wheels. The car car doesn’t come with a jack and the specific jacking points look like they are designed for a specific jack shine makes it difficult to position my trolly jack. Any suggestions woyld be much appriciated as I’ve got the rear bump stops to replace and want the car to be securely supported.
  11. KN54ALE

    Rear shock replacement

    Looks fairly simple to do. Just noticed my rear bump stops need replacing. Is it necessary to replace the bolts when they are removed or is this just good practice? Want to make sure I’ve got all the bits before starting the job.
  12. KN54ALE

    Alloy wheel fittment

    I’m looking to buy a spare set of alloy wheels for my F11 530d M Sport Iv been offered a set of genuine BMW 17” rims which have come off a 2012 F10 520d. BMW part no 6780720 is there any way of checking for certain these are the correct fittment and will fit my car? inthink they are probably off the SE model and just want to be sure there are no differences between the SE and the M Sport or the 520d and the 530d the main reason for the wheel escape is to allow me to get mine refurbished, but I’m then looking to have them with a set of winter tyres on.
  13. KN54ALE

    Price for F11 front caliber dust boot

    Thanks for the price, could you let me know if this price is for just one caliper seal set, or for a pair? also is it possible to buy just the dust cover/boot or does it only come as a complete kit?
  14. KN54ALE

    Price for F11 front caliber dust boot

    Sorry, details below Reg – KN54 ALE (originally YC61 UHJ) Chassis No – DV63000 Year – 2011 Model – 530d M Sport
  15. Could you provide me with a price to supply a pair of rubber dust boots for the front calipers on my 2011 F11 530D. I'm not sure of the part number but I've attached a photo of the part I require. Could you also provide me with a price for a full caliper seal kit, incase I have to remove the piston to replace the seal.