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  1. San75

    Glow plugs, when do they operate?

    No OBD2 errors. Mine has never delayed before starting. Perhaps its because mine is a 2006 plate that has older software.
  2. Replaced the front shocks today. Found one of the pistons would not rise when pushed in and the other took a few minutes to rise. The new shocks rise within 10 seconds. Drives much better. Real test would be on a bumpy road. The first one took 3.5hrs to replace. The second one only took 1hr as i just disconnected the tie rod, pulled the strut down and out, compressed the spring while the shock was out, and replaced it. Just an update. The car still drifts left anf right over bumps. The rear shocks are also gone.
  3. San75

    Glow plugs, when do they operate?

    I have tried both ways. The glow plugs light only comes on the second start. I have even waited 2 minutes before starting to let everything wake up in ingition stage 2.
  4. Just to let you guys know it's been a few weeks and the front shock have failed. They bounce all over the place, make the car drift left or right and make knocking sounds. I have 2 new BOGE sports shocks waiting to be installed once the weather gets abit warmer. Let you know how it goes soon.
  5. San75

    Glow plugs, when do they operate?

    Car gets used everyday. I'm not sure what you mean prime the ignition. Do you mean wait until the fuel pump has started to work for a few seconds?
  6. San75

    Glow plugs, when do they operate?

    The glow plug indicator only appears for a split second since i've had the car for over 10 years, and always on the second start.
  7. This week we had low tempertures. My 530d did not start first time. Both the glow plugs and controller were replaced last year and have no errors. The glow plug indicator only flashed on the second start just for a split second before the engine fired up. Should the glow plug indicator appear on the dash before the actually engine fires? I have tried once before switching on the igination, waiting 30 seconds and starting. The same thing happens, glow plug sign on appears and the engine starts on the second attempt. Mine is a 2006 plate, could it be a out dated software?
  8. San75

    Judder when braking!!

    Go my discs from Mister-Auto. They were on offer around £20 each at the time (Eurobrakes).
  9. San75

    Judder when braking!!

    I think skimming won't help as the warp on the discs appear when they get hot. I tested my discs using a dial gauge and found there was very little play when cold. Once they heated after driving around and testing again the play was even more. I spent £20 on a new disc and the problem went away. Try sticking the disc in an oven at a high temperature for about an hour and let it cool naturally to see if the warp disappears.
  10. Top mounts where changed also. The drivers side had about 10mm play.
  11. San75

    Judder when braking!!

    Hi Chris60. I too had your issue. Believe me it took me over 2 years to resolve. New pads, 3 new sets of discs, pins, springs, rebuilding the callipers, bleeding, balancing etc. Would be ok for a few weeks after changing the parts and slowly the shudder came back. Finally I replaced the discs, fitted brembo pads and stopped my heavy braking. Perfect since. I had a bad habit of accelerating too fast and then hard braking. I sometimes could smell the pads burning. When parking up this caused the area where the pads sat to remain extremely hot while the rest of the disc cooled. I believe this changed the properties of the disc’s metal in this area by cooling slowly. When the discs heat up again that area of the disc would warp the disc.
  12. Not Yet. The car seems to be making clonkings sound at the front at slow speeds. I am going to order new front shock and replace them in the new year. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. I already did that. I put my hand on the brace while turning the wheel to check it. The noise seems somewhere lower down.
  14. The rear seems to be good. 1-2mm more play than the front. Recently a slight knocking noise has appeared when first moving off or turning the wheel sharply on the front and very low speeds. Feels like it is from the driver’s side shock. Also occasionally the car pulls to one side. 95% of the time the car drives ok. It must be either the shafts that go deep into the front shocks or a faulty steering rack. Would a faulty steering rack cause stability issues when going over bumps? And how would one test the steering rack?
  15. Yes it's a manual. Will check the switch if it keeps happening.