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  1. San75

    '05 525d No Power

    Can you post the readings of the DPF now that the car is running ok? The back pressure seemed very high. I had to flush some water into the DPF and took it for a long run to get my back pressure to 38mb. Mine wont regenerate due to the main themostat not working.
  2. San75

    M57TU2 running problems (SOLVED)

    can it be changed without taking off the intake manifold?
  3. Yes it was registered when replaced. I can live with IBS error for now. Anyway i reconnected the MAF, pulled out the EGR vacuum hose while had the engine running and blocked it. I could hear something buzzing when i put the end onto my tongue to test the vacuum. Is this normal? The car runs perfectly now! The intake temp has also corrected itself. I can only assume the EGR is coking the engine. Any ideas?
  4. San75

    113 grams of Ash

    I put 2 bottles of engine degreaser through the oxygen sensor hole and left it overnight. The following day put about 5 litres of clean water down it and started the car. If shot out the exhaust and the heat steam cleaned the crap out. Regenerated soon after. It's been fine for over 7 years until now. It's not regenerating due to other issues, Coolant temp, MAF etc.
  5. Disconnected the IBS and it started first time. Had same problem of slowing down and blowing white smoke. Removed the MAF connector and ran perfect for 20 miles. Replaced the intake sensor and it still stays at -40. Any ideas someone?
  6. San75

    520d M47 help

    My intake temp is also -40. The resistance of the sensor seems ok and there is a 5v supply with a signal. I have replaced the MAF. I tried plugging in my old MAF and the temp did not change. I can only assume the sensor is reporting its lowest range, in other words no signal is going back the ECU. I ordered a new sensor, will find out tomorrow.
  7. I have a 2006 E60 530d. The glow plug controller has been dead for a while and the car slowed down to a halt while driving over a week ago. It appeared the DPF was clogged. I replaced the glow plug controller, checked each glow plug, cleaned the EGR and throttle, replaced the seals on the exhaust manifold etc. It started okay but would slow down again and stop. I flushed some cleaning fluid into the DPF and managed to take it for a 20 mile drive with a forced reg. It did not regen and came up with a MAF error, DPF error etc. I replaced the MAF. Still did not regen and has the same slow down issue. Disconnected the MAF and drove it back home. I adapted the new MAF still the same. I noticed the air intake temp was -50. That was odd as the temp was in the 20's outside. Checked the air intake sensor resistance that was good and has its 5v supply. Reset all errors. Still the same. Air intake temp -40 now. Plugged in the old MAF, temp still the same. The day after the car would crank but not start. Tried this a few times and then the battery went dead with the battery sign. Came up with loads of error. Charged the battery, reset the codes and it still does not start but cranks over. 2 errors are present now, 4A63 and A559. Something to do with the battery and EWS. The battery is only a year old. ISTA says no EWS4 found. Cannot sync the CAW/EWS to the DME due to this error. Any ideas? Am i correct thinking that if it was EWS/CAS sync issue it would not crank over? and the reason it's not staring it due to the -40 intake temp.