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  1. Been messing with DIS today to check for any error codes or rather any new error codes as i've had the 6 glow plug errors for a while now which I assume is the controller that has gone, but there are a couple of other codes if anyone could offer any advice or help on, FFFF - Communication Fault - No idea what this is. A3B1 - Instrument Cluster (Turn indicator lamp cycle) - All indicators work so not sure what this is ? 9C54 - AUC Sensor - Think this is to do with the air re-circulation coming on when Climate control is in auto ? Will it have any noticeable effect on the climate control if I dont replace the sensor ? 9C55 - Fogging Sensor - I believe is a sensor behind the rear view mirror stuck onto the windscreen. Onto the DPF, I cant get the backpressure test to work on DIS I get an error saying no test schedule, so I had to do it using the Control Unit Functions. Looking online the Backpressure at Idle (1.9Mbar) and at 2000 rpm ( 15.9Mbar) looks good, (although I forgot to do the cut off speed) and looking at the miles since last regen 9728m (6 miles) which would explain the low back pressure I guess but its the last regen but one thats confused me as that was 8204m which seems the car is doing way to many regens is this figure normal or something that I need to look into ? Sorry for all the questions but any help would be great
  2. kemp599

    DPF Questions

    it was, it didnt click until after id posted the photo on here that it would help to have the engine running to measure the back pressure call it a stupid moment I cant get the dpf backpressure test to work though just keep coming up with the error no test for this schedule.
  3. kemp599

    DPF Questions

    The backpressure figure was a cold engine after having it running and getting hot the figure dropped. I have found the backpressure test in function selection > Diesel Electronics > Particulate Filter however when i highlight it and select test schedule it brings up an error message saying there is no test for this selection, anyone have any ideas ? cheers
  4. kemp599

    DPF Questions

    Ive recently got inpa and dis installed from cable shack, after having the main and egr thermostat replaced I wanted to check for any error codes. I have never used it before so still figuring things out, inpa brought up all 6 glow plug errors 4212-4262 and 480a for the dpf, i cleared them all and only the 6 glow plug errors have returned, the dpf code hasnt come back. I guess its the controller that is faulty rather than all 6 plugs have gone ? I used dis to check the dpf last regen miles which shows 29440m which i make to be around 18 miles do the photos look right ? it suggests the car is still doing a regen of the dpf even with no working glow plugs, I checked the exhaust back pressure which shows 8192.0 mbar which sounds completely wrong but I could not figure out how to do the back pressure test on idle and at certain revs if someone could tell me how to do this so i can check the dpf properly thanks.
  5. kemp599

    Labour charges ?

    I’ve recently bought a replacement main and egr thermostat for my 635d, I was intending to replace myself but being able to find time to replace them has meant the parts sitting in the box for a month now and I’m getting worried about the dpf etc, So was wondering what I should expect to pay a bmw specialist to fit the main and egr thermostats ? Thanks
  6. kemp599

    BMW E63 Parts

    Hi could you give me prices for the following please for a BMW 635d VIN CZ43710 Thermostat & EGR Thermostat, Wiper Relay 2 x Clips 07147132720 (for bottom of radio cover) 3 x Clips 51717048316 (for trim piece above rear lights) 1 x Clip that holds the centre dash vents grill in place (can't find part on realoem) Thank you